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***September Twenty Seventh Two Thousand and Five***

I've been thinking a lot about the show "BJ & the Bear" lately, and found this cartoon somewhere out there
in the ether.  When are they going to release this show on DVD anyways?  Sounds like some DVD man-
ufacturers need to get their priorities straight.

Some new pics...

Took these late at night at Pac Bell or whatever the baseball park is called in SF.  I'm pretty stoked on them,
more so than I have any pictures of mine in a while.  

This is The Makes Nice, and this was their first show at the Fabric House.  Interestingly enough, the photos
are crappy enough that you would think it was a first for me too, but for documentation's sake I decided to
put them up.  The two on either end are of the drummer Jack, also in Harold Ray: Live in Concert.  The
middle photo is Aaron, bassist and vocals and also in The Mothballs.  This photo actually came out really
great I think, but sadly I caught the guy at an awkward moment.  Not pictured is Josh, guitarist and vocals and
formerly of The Fucking Champs.  Even though it was their first outing they ruled like none other, and are
instant favorites.  Next time hopefully I can even get some decent photos.  


Updated the photo archives, Mouse page, and pretty much everything else up there.


Let's Make a Punk Mix! part one...
Headache City - Kneejerk Reaction.  Newerish punk from Chicago - some heavy synth lead action but the
    music isn't new wave at all.  Featuring a member or members of the Motards.
The Maids - Back to Bataan.  Got this off of Killed by Death #7, which means this is a pretty obscure track I
    guess.  The Maids existed for a short time in the 70's right next door to me in Berkeley, and self-released
    this track in 77 I think.  It will get stuck in your head all day after you listen to it.  An interesting article on the
    band here.
Plastichke - ca Gaze Pour Moi.  A punk classic that has been recorded a zillion times and a number of diff-
    erent languages.  Another catchy mother of a song - I guess you'd call it a cover of the Plastic Bertrand track,
    but that was kinda a cover of the Elton Motello song "Jet Boy/Jet Girl" which I think I posted on here ages
    ago.  Or maybe not, sometimes my brain doesn't work so well.
Les Spurts - Je Suis Fiere De Mon Grand Pere. I can't really find much on this group, other than the assump-
    tion that they are french.  Damn good song though.
Satan's Rats - Louise.  Kinda unknown British group with a heavy pop lean, from the hot era of 77-79.  Prob-
    ably my favorite of all of these tracks, I really need to pick up that reissue of their material put out this year.  

***September Tenth Two Thousand and Five***

It recently dawned upon me, a little nugget of knowledge to live your life by...
        "...the more translucent the doughnut bag, the better the doughnut."

Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave (with a little help from Pat)

I was certain I had posted these photos before, but I guess not...these are from a few years back at an outdoor
show I put together with Josh from the Shimmer Kids (who now go by Society of Rockets).  I got Zach from
Rogue Wave to play a few songs between the full bands, and it was brilliant.  This was before they hit it off big
and got signed to SubPop and all that, but it was pretty obvious right away that they were going to be something

Dare Diablo

Saw these New York City cats recently here in Oakland, they kinda play a brand of prog-rock/math-rock that's
decent sometimes but can get old.  Extremely gifted musicians, but only moderately exciting.  


Sum Sawngs:
This dude Jeff (the boyfriend of Meg just so you know) - he's good people and makes a damn fine mix.  Earlier
in the year he gave me a couple of mixes, then I lost them in a stack of CDs I needed to give to a friend and
luckily I spotted them before I sent them to that friend, but none of that really matters.  What really matters is both
mixes are fantastic, so I decided to upload a few of my favorite tracks from one of them for folks to enjoy here.  

Amos Wilburn Jr - Gloria.  I'm not totally sure this is the right name, as my search on the dude came up empty.  
    Either way, it's a great bluesy song.
Roxy Music - Virginia Plain.  Classic glam rock group that everyone already knows and of their
    best tracks.
The Bobbyteens - Secret Date.  Long gone but well loved Bay Area female garage rock group.  I don't know
    how much I would actually listen to an entire album by them, but this track works great in a mix.
The Honeys - The One You Can't Have.  Classic California girl-group with that great 60's sound.  I really need
    to check out more from these ladies.

***September First Two Thousand and Five***

Here at Dog in a Sweater Industries, September is known as "National Weightlifting Month."  To celebrate,
here are some mediocre photos:

Random buildings - from left to right - Wilmington NC, NYC, SF, Emeryville CA, and SF.  The last shot was
taken with the pinhole in case you care.  

In other non-news, I'm getting back two rolls of film in a couple of days but trying something new - since my
scans are so crappy, I'm having these pics burned onto CD by Photoworks.  Hopefully the quality of the photos
posted here will vastly improve.  If not in skill level, at least in clarity.

Also!  New photos on the Mouse page as well as a new older entry in the Photo Journal.


wax tracks...
Constantines - Soon Enough.  On their last album, the fifth track "Young Lions" was not only the best song
    on the album but possibly my favorite song of the entire year.  Well it's a new year, and a new album by these
    Canucks, and yet again they give us a fifth song that may end up being my favorite song of the year.  Their
    impending show in a couple of months with the Hold Steady has me wet with anticipation.

Jonathan Fire*Eater - When Prince Was a Kid.  A vastly underappreciated band, even by me...most of this
    group went on to form the Walkmen, but not before they put out a number of great songs as Jonathan Fire*
    Eater.  This track was on a mix a friend made, and from their first single.

Palaxy Tracks - Lamplighter.  Although this song isn't the best example, everytime I listen to any of Palaxy
    Tracks output it always makes me think of the Czars, and that is high praise in my book.  Their new album
    "Twelve Rooms" is a great listen from start to finish.

Sweet - All You'll Ever Get From Me.  This was Sweet before they found that definitive sound that brought
    them their great hits like "Fox on the Run" and "Ballroom Blitz" and all that; and while their early recordings
    aren't quite as good, there's still some gems in there such as this track.  


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