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***September Thirtieth Two Thousand and Four***

Earlier in the year - which would be spring of 2004 - I helped a good friend of mine out on a photoshoot with the band
Rogue Wave.  And by help out, I mean that I occasionally held something and often got in the way, but for some reason
he thought that since I knew the band a little bit I might be good to have along.  I busied myself taking a few candid
snaps with my old & trusty half-frame camera, and although they aren't anything great, I really enjoy them.  Plus when the
band gets uber-famous I can sell them and buy an island to retire on.  Get famous damn you!

But it is worth noting that it was getting these photos back that sorta got me motivated to take pics of bands at shows
again, which I hadn't done in ages...for some reason it dawned on me that the compact nature of my half-frame would
be great for taking along to shows, and so I did.  With mixed results, as you'll see in the future.  But on to the pics...

This is a shot of Drew shooting the band.  I've known this guy since I was a senior in high school I think, which seems
like forever ago...

And this is a few shots of the band...

***September Twenty Eighth Two Thousand and Four***

So...this is my first post on what will hopefully be many, unless of course I get really lazy which is entirely possible.
I'm going to slowly be adding photos I've taken over the years, in no particular order and for no particular reason.

These next few photos were taken in Las Vegas in February of 2003 I think.  I won some money playing roulette
and spent a ton of my time staring at the lions in the MGM display.  The lights in the old part of town are rad.

Vegas Casino 1 Vegas Casino 2 Vegas Casino 3 Vegas Casino 4