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***November Thirtieth Two Thousand and Twelve***

Tis the season...time to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. 

Instantly Grammable.

Burt after a stick.  Cary, NC. 

Fall leaves.  Raleigh, NC. 

River walk.  Marion, NC. 


In good skateboarding video news: The legendary Brian Lotti made a short skate video of different people bombing
the longest hill ever.  Any Lotti footage is a good thing to watch.  And just for good measure, here's his part from "Now
N' Later" as well. 

I truly don't know if there are many subjects I find more fascinating than insane asylums from the first half of the last cen-
tury.  Here is an article about the suitcase contents of some of the patients of a hospital in New York state.  Scratches
both a voyeuristic itch and a historic one as well.

Say, you been looking for a seventies B-movie that glorifies all that is great about both big rig trucking and running a
hooker business out of a bunch of customized vans?  Well you've come to the right place - for your viewing pleasure,
here is the link to "CB Hustlers" in all it's uncut glory. 

Most of the work this month all went down in the photo journal: six different pages documenting our recent trip to the
Yucatan portion of Mexico.

Music reviews this month are quite sparse, I'm blaming the holidays and going on vacation


The Afghan Whigs
The Cat's Cradle

I guess it is possible to both love and hate a band's live show at the same time.  The Afghan Whigs came equipped
with a crazy light show...unfortunately, it was one most likely optimized for a much larger venue than the Cat's Cradle. 
They forgot that part of seeing live music is actually being able to see the band, as there were no lights directed at the
front of the band - I couldn't see Greg Dulli's face for more than a couple of songs all night.  But what was even worse
was that they had some crazy spotlights mounted to the top of the stage shining out in the crowd blinding many of us. 
These lights might have worked on a much taller stage, but in this venue it was a goddamn mess. 

So I was irritated at the start of the show as conditions were less than optimal and, at least by my purchase history, this
was a damn expensive ticket.  But even if I couldn't see Dulli & company, they sounded so so SO good...just really fan-
tastic.  And the set list was beyond reproach - they opened with "Crime Scene" and just went nuts from there, hitting
pretty much every highlight I'd ever want to hear in their two hour set..."What Jail Is Like," "I'm Her Slave," "Gentleman,"
"My Enemy," "Debonair," "Somethin' Hot"...basically, every song they performed was a hit.  As far as the night's cover
songs go, they played a verse of the Emotions' "Best of My Love" before leading into one of their own tracks, and I was
told they played a Weeknd cover but I don't know shit about that band so I had to take my friend's word...I just knew it
wasn't a Whigs song (unless it was something new they had written). 

Despite the price and dumb lights I don't regret going to this show, as the Afghan Whigs will always be one of my very
favorite bands.  Just hopefully if they ever come back they either play a larger venue or alter that goddamn light show. 

(old-ass photo of the band scavenged online)


Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Cat's Cradle

Finally getting to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a show that had been a long time coming.  And while the
2002 version of me would have been ready to sacrifice his first born child at the chance to see this band, even the
decade older version of me was pretty excited.  The band was eight members deep, and had configured themselves
into a very tight horseshoe in the middle of the stage.  I only mention this since I was standing on the side, and it gave
their performance a very closed-off look.  Perhaps this was intentional, fitting in with their sound, but it made taking
photos a little tougher.  But you know what made it even tougher than that?  That the band was playing entirely in the
dark outside of a couple of projection screens behind them.  And the projections themselves were often dark.  But it
all worked well with their post-apocalyptic orchestral post-rock, the dark mood fitting well with their dark sounds. 
They played about five songs over the span of their two-hour set, and as great as it sounded their music doesn't ex-
actly invite folks to move around.  I hate to be that old man, but I would have killed for this show to be seated.  The
Carolina Theatre would have been a perfect venue, though i guess if you had enough folding chairs the Cradle would
have still been fine as well. 

My pointless jibber jabber aside, both my inner still-young self and my older crotchety shell was glad to finally see this
band of Canucks perform their great, moving orchestral jams.  Another check of the bucket list.


with Negative Approach & Double Negative

It was to be a night of high class living - champagne, caviar, and old man hardcore.  Outside of listening to some Gorilla
Biscuits twenty years ago I'm not usually a hardcore kind of guy, but OFF! is the sort of band to get you out of the house. 

Local lads Double Negative opened the show.  The place wasn't even close to full yet, but once the band started the
moshing and general carry on was already ferocious.  It was pretty clear that getting half-decent photos of the band was
not going to be easy with one eye on the crowd, my body braced for impact, and random people flying off the stage in
my direction.  The band rocked it out for about twenty minutes, which is apparently a long show for them.  Like other
times I've seen DN I dug it, but I'm not educated enough in this genre to make comparisons or really say why. 

The middle slot was for hardcore legends Negative Approach.  They are one of those bands I've known about forever,
but never spent much time listening to.  Turns out they are from Detroit, a couple of the members look like homeless
train hopping hobos, and they put on a great show - probably the best of the night.  It was one song right after the other,
most of which were no more than a minute long.  The moshing was at it's most furious during this set, with the crowd
barely able to take a breath before needing to slam into someone else.  According to a kid standing next to me, they
played every song they had recorded and I doubt the set was even 30 minutes long...gotta love hardcore bands. 

I only give NA the nod for set of the night because Keith Morris of OFF! kept stopping every few songs to give some
rambling diatribe about one topic or another.  I even agreed with much of what he said, but it was pointless and out of
place at a hardcore show.  Not out of place message-wise, but it just killed the flow.  Other than that this "supergroup,"
to use a tired term, was gangbusters.  If I squinted really hard and pretended I was listening to completely different
songs, I could pretend I was seeing the Circle Jerks in 1980 (half of this band was in that band, for those not aware). 
I quite like the OFF! record, and live was just as good as the wax, diatribes aside. 

The whole night was very interesting.  The age mix was lots of young kids and lots of guys in their late thirties or older,
and not a lot in between.  I'd guess the guy-girl ratio was at least 30:1, at least up front where I was standing while try-
ing to take pictures.  And speaking of taking pictures, I might have been the only person dumb enough to try it with
people flying at me both on the ground and from the sky...the photos certainly suffered for it.  Luckily, my enjoyment at
a show is not dependent on whether or not I manage to get a successful photo. 


"What did you expect? 'Welcome, sonny'? 'Make yourself at home'? 'Marry my daughter'? You've got to remember that
these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons."

Belle & Sebastian - Come On Sister.  Their more recent material may not be on the same level as their first couple
of records, but Stuart Murdoch still knows a pop song.
Bonus: Write About Love

A few selections from the blues compilation "I Woke Up One Morning In May."  "Keep It Clean" is one of my all-time
favorite blues songs. 
Charlie McCoy - Keep It Clean
Henry Spaulding - Cairo Blues
Little Hat Jones - Bye Bye Baby Blues

Kurt Vile - Freeway.  I have nothing of interest to say about Kurt Vile other than I like his music.  Yeah!
Bonus: Good Lookin' Out

Perfume Genius - Hood.  "Put Your Back N 2 It" is one of my very favorite records of the year.  Top 5 probably. 
Bonus: No Tear
Bonus: Take Me Home

The Velvet Underground - Heroin.  Busting out some classics...songs everyone knows but they got a lot of play on
my recent vacation. 
Bonus: I'll Be Your Mirror

Ugly Casanova - Barnacles.  Not a classic on the level of VU, but a personal classic; and possibly the greatest thing
Isaac Brock has ever done, and that is coming from a big Modest Mouse fan. 
Bonus: Things I Don't Remember


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