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***November Twenty Seventh Two Thousand and Four***

Portugal Pics
It was a year ago that Chelsea and I spent our Thanksgiving in Portugal.  It was a pretty amazing
trip...the countryside was beautiful, the people were nice, and the cities were great.  Along with the
Basque region of Spain, it was easily my favorite part of Europe.  I could honestly imagine living

Here's a few pics...


Lisbon is an unbelievable city.  It's actually pretty similar to SF, in that it was built on a very hilly
piece of land.  They have a number of interesting street cars, funiculars, and stair wells that
connect all the different parts of town.  The city was a great mix of new and old and extremely
easy to navigate and get around.  Also, they have one of the coolest aquariums I've ever seen.

The first couple are just random pics...I liked the clouds in the second one.  The third pic is of
the main train station in Lisbon, which looks like most Euro train stations and are always photo-
genic.  The fourth pic is an interior shot of one of Lisbon's streetcars, which were awesome.  And
lastly, the final pic is that of some strange grafitti/art object we randomly came across on a wall.


Sintra was a short train ride from Lisbon, an easy day trip.  Historically, this was the getaway
area for the citizens of Lisbon, especially the royalty.  If this town was anymore picturesque it
would have exploded.

The first two pics were part of the ruins of an old Moorish castle that had been built in the 8th
century I believe...they loomed on the hill above the town and are easily one of the coolest things
I have ever seen.  The third pic is a shot of the Sintra Palace and surrounding neighborhood -
this housed the royal family for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Those two weird cones that
are sticking up above the palace are the chimneys for the kitchen.  The fourth pic is of just a
random house in the town, pretty indicitive of the style of the country as a whole.  The final pic
is of some typical Portugese tile work - the country is covered in beautiful, colorful handmade
tiles, some reflecting Moorish-influenced designs and others as murals.  

***November Eighteenth Two Thousand and Four***

Five Awesome Cover Songs

I love the cover song.  And nothing says "good cover song" like a photo of a dog with a lamp-
shade on it's head.  Here are five tracks that have really been buttering my toast lately...

B Fleischmann and Ms. John Soda - Here She Comes
I've never even been a huge fan of Slowdive, but I'll be damned if this cover isn't just awesome.  

Superdrag - Radio
One of my very favorite bands covering one of my very favorite songs by one of my other very
favorite bands, Teenage Fanclub.  That, my friends, is how you spell "awesomeness".

Blur - Oliver's Army
This cover has quite the punch to it, dare I say it is...sassy?  Elvis Costello would be proud.  I think.

The Constantines - Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
The Constantines are easily one of my very favorite bands going right now, and I can't think of a
better choice to try and tackle a Talking Heads song.

Self - What a Fool Believes
Let me go on record as saying I really, really don't care for the Doobie Brothers.  But this cover is
so rad it almost makes me want to listen to them.

***November Sixteenth Two Thousand and Four***

Here is a random assortment of band photos, none are very good but what are ya gonna do?

Fin Fang Foom

I took this photo FOREVER ago at the Cat's Cradle back in NC.  These guys were friends of mine,
I would often skate with them at our makeshift park and it was always a blast.  Really nice lads one
and all.  Guitarist Mike Triplett hit a patch of bad luck and got really sick, but it sounds as if things
are back on the mend.  I'm pretty sure you can download some of their music either on their personal
or that of their label, Lovitt.

The Obsoletes

These guys were a power-pop outfit with a slight garage/punk edge I saw open for The Functional
Blackouts at Thee Parkside over the summer.  I wasn't blown away, but they were pretty fun.  
Download some songs at their website.

The Rum Diary

Great group of local lads who reside in the North Bay.  Yes, there is something other than bad bar
blues or nu-metal bands that come from the north.  I wasn't overly excited about them the first few times
I heard their cds or saw them play, but they grew on me like a virus and now I can't get enough (especially
live).  I've always had trouble explaining their sound...lots of keyboards, sometimes two drummers,
a little shoegazey...good stuff no matter how you spell it out.  There might be music to download on their
website, but I didn't see it right off the bat.  Check around on their labels' websites, bound to be something

US Maple

Saw these lads this summer, and I don't even know where to begin in describing what I saw and heard.
They bend sound in the strangest and most unusual ways, my feeble mind doesn't have the faculties to
put it into writing.  I wish I could point you in the direction of somewhere on the net to listen, but they are
one of those bands that sadly neglects this area of marketing.  They are likely the most original band I
have ever witnessed or heard.

Lower Forty-Eight

Pinhole camera!  Sure, you only know this is Lower Forty-Eight because I tell you so, but I have no
reason to lie.  These were taken at the second Noise Rock picnic if I'm not mistaken.  These guys are
probably the best hard rock band in San Francisco, and that's quite a feat given the competition.  I
eagerly anticipate their next record coming out.  They have a number of sound samples from past
releases over on their website.

***November Seventh Two Thousand and Four***

I was just in Alameda this weekend skateboarding at their janky (but generally fun) skatepark,
which reminded me that I had taken some photos there not long after I moved here that I wanted
to post.  I've meant to go back and take photos forever, there's so much there...but I have a ten-
dency to just go and skate and forget about it.  Someday I suppose.  I really like all three of these
a lot though.

And here's some more pics of friends...
These are good friends from college, Jake & Lauren Rash.  With their really
                               irritating yappy dog that hates me.  Two of the funniest and best people that I've
                               ever known.
This is a photo of Lauren at their wedding that I took with my sx70 polaroid.  I really
                         don't like weddings very much at all, but theirs was pretty fun.  it helps when both folks
                         getting married are good friends.  It also helps when an Elvis impersonator shows up
                         to the surprise of the audience, performs a few songs, then leaves.  Good times.
And it also helps when other good friends are there.  This is Adam and Todd, also two
                         good friends from college.  Adam (on the left) ended up in Burlington, Vermont working
                         for Burton Snowboards and has the coolest dog in the world (photos to be posted later).  
                         Todd (on the right) was my college roommate for three years, and now lives a couple of
                         blocks from me.  Also taken with the sx70, I love that camera.  Plenty more of both of these
                         lads later.


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