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***May Thirty First Two Thousand and Fourteen***

Memorial day has passed so summer is here, time to strap your pizzas to your miniature
horses and head to the beach!



Chelsea & Burt.  Cary, NC.  

Grain.  Fuquay Varina, NC.  

Mouse sleeping.  Cary, NC.

Old house.  Between Benson & Coats, NC.


Got some medium format pics developed...these were taken at Leo Carillo State Park north of Malibu this
past christmas when we visited the wife's family in California. It was a beautiful 80 degrees on christmas day.  



A trio of superbly superb skate flicks:
 - Connor Kammerer from "Tengu: God of Mischief" - Dude has a weird name & video has a weird name but don't
    hold that against it - skating is beyond rad, great mix of tech and weird and raw street.
 - Mauro Caruso from "MỤRICA" - Dude just straight up kills the ancient town of Modica in Sicily.  No one is ever,
    ever, EVER allowed to complain about rough ground where they skate again.  
 - Mark Gonzales, re-edit of his part from 2001's "Reel to Reel."  Footage that is 13 years old and older, and it's as
    fresh and enjoyable as anything made today.  

In other video news: Wes Anderson made a short film/commercial for Prada called "Castello Cavalcanti" starring
Jason Schwartzman.  It feels very Wes Anderson, as expected.  

One photo journal entry this month - band photos of Perfect Pussy, Whatever Brains, Cheap Time, Last Year's Men,
and more.  

In the Music reviews, like a broken record still with the old seven inches.  New reviews include Stephen Malkmus,
Ernie Graham, the War on Drugs, and...shit, that might have been all the new music I reviewed.  So lazy.   


The Carvers
Satellite Bar and Lounge

The wife and I went to Wilmington for a little Memorial Day vacation and to visit my good pal Brian, and it just so
happened that a band featuring both one of Brian's bandmates and his former college roommate,
the Carvers, were
having a release party for their record.  Why not go see a little surf rock?  well, surf rock with a little vintage sixties
garage rock thrown in.  The band was a five piece, all wearing matching burgundy blazers, and rocked it out like the
house band of every Roger Corman sixties biker flick ever made.  It was a mix of originals and covers, from the Sonics
to Dick Dale to the Santo & Johnny classic "Sleep Walk."  The crowd was also as mixed as I've seen in some time -
from the usual young crowd to the middle age set like myself to older folks cutting a rug to the jams, pretty much every-
one was represented here.  Everyone seemed to have a good time, including myself...not bad for a free show on a


Brody Stevens
with Howard Kremer
Local 506

Weird comedy show was weird.  To be fair, I knew this would be the case going in. 

After a local opener, Howard Kremer was the first of the touring duo to take the stage.  It should be noted that the
whole reason I was even at this gig is because the wife is obsessed with his podcast "Who Charted," but even she
was wary about how odd this might be.  Howard isn't really a stand-up - he occasionally says funny things, but it's
awkward and not well formed at all like a typical comedian.  Still, I laughed more than I cringed so I count that as a

Brody Stevens - not even sure where to start with him.  First off, he is crazy.  And I don't mean in the joking way "oh
he's so crazy," no, he's actually been committed.  He's been well known in the LA comedy scene forever, does a ton
of audience warm up gigs for various shows, had a documentary show about him on Comedy Central, and is friends
with a ton of A-listers.  But none of this means I'm going to laugh seeing him live.  He started his set by DJing songs
from his iPod/iPhone/iWhatever and "pumping up" the crowd...and then he proceeded to tell jokes for over two hours. 
Well, not so much jokes as yell and do his crazy character and I think he did crowd work on three-quarters of the
audience.  I'm not actually sure how much over two hours because that is the mark we left the time Brody was
on stage using a pair of chairs like a drum kit.  Seeing him is like seeing a life coach tripping on mushrooms - lots of
laughs but I basically felt high after it was over.

(Photo not mine, found randomly online.  Brody did not perform comedy with a dog.)


with Loamlands
Haw River Ballroom

It's a bit of a drive to the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, certainly more so than most other venues.  But it's a
pleasant drive, and with my friend the Cook-Out tray there to accompany me, we made the trip in no time and got
there in time to see the last half of
Loamlands set.  They're almost a local all-star band, mainly consisting of a couple
of former Midtown Dickens members but from show to show includes any number of other recognizable musicians -
tonight in particular Matt from Portastatic and Bon Iver was handling the drums.  Despite the pedigree I'd not listened
to or seen the band before - turns out they play very pleasant folk pop with a slight country tinge.  Singer Kym Register
has a fantastic voice, one that could easily hold my attention all by itself, but the songs and musicianship seemed to
be top notch across the board.  It looks like they're finally releasing some recorded music this summer, and I'll be
gladly picking that up. 

Then it was time for my biannual Superchunk live show experience.  Even though I get to see them fairly often these
days, I'm as excited as a teenager each and every time.  I don't have any great insight or special things to say about
this show over the many others I've seen, but like always I feel the need to document it.  This was my second time
seeing the band without Laura Ballance on bass and with Jason Narducy as her replacement; he may not pogo as
much and I haven't had a crush on him my entire adult life, but he is a fair substitute. The attendance (or lack thereof)
was somewhat interesting - not that the place was empty or anything, but there was way less folks than I expected...
I guess it takes some serious motivation to get folks to drive all the way to Saxapahaw, and since it was only my
second time I can't argue with that.  Chunk put on a great show regardless, playing tons of songs I wanted to hear -
they leaned heavily on their newest record "I Hate Music" as well as "Indoor Living" which was just recently reissued. 
Of particular note was them performing "Under Our Feet," which according to Jim Wilbur was the first time they had
ever played it live.  There was also a cover of a song called "Can't Fool Me" by A Number of Things - I'd never heard
of this band but apparently Mac was briefly in the group in the eighties and the singer recently passed away.  Track
had a nice Black Flag vibe to it, I'd be curious to hear the original. Other than that, there were a few classics like
"Skip Steps 1 & 3," "For Tension," and "Driveway to Driveway" that I sang along to like a damn fool.  As always, it
was a grand ol' time, and I can't wait to see them again.  And again.  And again. 


Todd Barry

I saw Todd Barry again.  It was at Kings again.  I laughed my ass off again.

This gig was part of his final crowd work tour.  What does that mean?  Todd came out on stage without a set of pre-
pared jokes, and instead talked to the audience and riffed off of whatever direction they would send him in.  There
probably aren't a lot of comics who can do this as successfully as Barry, he's just so quick with the banter, and couple
that with his general personality that would have me laughing if he was reading the phonebook, and you've got a
successful show. 

There's really not much to say though, other than I laughed so much my face hurt.  He managed to make a bunch of
RTP tech nerds sound interesting.  A former NC State soccer coach was there and talked to Todd - he was a much
better sport about it than I would have expected, but then again this isn't a regular comedy show at a comedy club and
I'm guessing he knew Todd and what he was getting himself into.

(Photo not mine, found randomly online.)


"Ned, next time you have a brilliant idea, whisper it to me first. Otherwise I look sort of like a Day-Dream-Johnny, you

Best Coast - The Only Place.  I wanted to love the most recent Best Coast record, but I really only loved the first song.  
It's probably their best song ever though, so there's that.  

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I Gave You.  A track from his collaboration EP with Matt Sweeney.

Cheap Time - Country and City.  One of my favorite records so far this year; unfortunately it came out last year.  Garage
punk with a little glam flavor.
Bonus: Spark in the Chain.  

Fuzz - Raise.  One of my favorite records and live shows of last year, heavy but not metal; Groovy but not hippy.  
Bonus: Sleigh Ride.  

Hayden - Woody.  I go through phases with Hayden, and lately he has definitely been back in the play column lately.

Slayer - Angel Of Death.  I don't really need to talk about the greatness of these songs do I?
Bonus: Raining Blood.  

Yo La Tengo - Is That Enough.  A couple of tracks from the most recent YLT record.  They just keep chugging along.  
Not their best record but it's definitely in the plus column.  
Bonus: Ohm.  

Picked up a Grandaddy-curated mixtape at the thrift store, and these are some of the better songs from it.  I might have
already posted some or all of these at one point or another, but they're good enough to merit another look.  
Beulah - Burned By The Sun
Blonde Redhead - For The Damaged
Fruit Bats - The Little Acorn
Snow Patrol - Run


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