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***May Twenty Third Two Thousand and Five***

Just a quick note to say I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just moving from San Francisco to
Oakland.  Even though it is a small distance, It's a big pain in the ass.

Also, in a couple of days my good friend Ray is going to be intown for a couple of weeks, I expect
copious skateboarding and rabble rousing to occur.


I know this disc has been talked up all across this land, but I just wanted to note my love of Konono
No. 1.  I'm not any sort of world music fan, but these African musical geniuses and their homemade
electrified likembes are downright mesmerizing.  Here are a couple of tracks by them -
Lufuala Ndonga
Kule Kule

That new Gorillaz track is some catchy shit - between the video and the iPod commercials, you can't
escape it and I actually don't mind.  
Feel Good Inc

You know, I generally don't like Le Tigre but based solely on the fact that one of my very  favorite
skaters, Rick McCrank, used this song for his part, the power of suggestion automatically makes
me like the song.  Of course, it could just be a good song and I'm overthinking things.

***May Ninth Two Thousand and Five***

Monkey pictures coming soon, as well as photos of Big Business and Saviours from the Hemlock
a week ago.  In the meantime, these are some of the very first photos I posted when I was first trying
to figure out how to do this site, and I really like these photos, so I figured it was time they got listed
all legitimate like.  They are from a trip to NYC, last spring I think, a real boy's night out (or in this
case, a boy's long weekend out).  I think I saw the sun come up three nights, er, mornings in a row.
The look on some of our faces tells this pretty well.

This is Ray, the man we were visiting.  Been one of my best friends since 10th grade or so when we
met skating.  Speaking of which, I have some skate photos of him I need to get off my ass and post.
The second photo of him pretty well describes the state of all of us after three straight days of skating,
rocking out, and sleeping very little on the floor of his apartment.  I needed a vacation from this vacation.

This is Todd, a friend and roommate from college who lives just a couple of blocks away (until I move
to Oakland in a week at least).  He's been featured on this here thing before.  

This is Adam B, another college pal.  He has a fine dog, a st. bernard named Tonka.  I think he's
off hiking some Pacific Coast trail or something right now, he's always up to something like that.  I
especially like the first photo, I think this was when he was doing his impression of a holy idol.

This is also Adam P, but not from college...well not my college.  He was in grad school at NYU for phil-
osophy with Ray.  Apparently he is some sort of genius in this field, but it all sounds like Greek to me.  
This dude is a lot of fun, especially to skate with.  The crazy girl on his lap is Europa, who I don't know
at all but she was around a lot that weekend.

This is Drew, being shown for the thousandth time on here.  What can I say, he always seems to find
the front of my camera.  

Finally, these are of Jason on the left and Wes on the right.  I've known Jason since 1st grade or so,
he's in NYC becoming a lawyer I think.  We were never super close but he is one of Ray's best friends.
Wes is a friend from college, and the only actual New Yorker of the bunch, a real character.


Something I've really been enjoying lately is the work of Chris Leo, Ted's lesser known brother but the
one I've always found more enjoyable (additionally, they also had a brother Danny in another great band
from the mid-90s called Native Nod).  He doesn't get the hype his sibling does, but his work with The
and The Van Pelt was some of the best angular rock of the nineties.  His unique vocal style is
one of my favorites in the business.  Here are a couple tracks from these two bands.  I haven't heard of
anything new by the guy until I did a little google sleuthing, and it looks like he has a new act together
called Vague Angels and has written a book.  

The Van Pelt - We Are The Heathens; The Good, The Bad & The Blind
The Lapse - Basilico Basilica; The A, B, C, And D's Of Fascism

Additionally, I came across a CD in the dollar bin of Amoeba over the weekend that is pretty fucking
impressive - band called Dumbwaiters, from Florida I think.  They are channeling Eno and Neu! and
Can in a big way, but unlike the 1000+ bands this description might apply to they are actually doing a
good job of it.  Their MP3 page has a few tracks for download, I highly recommend.

***May First Two Thousand and Five***

Just a few random pics from around the world, straight location-ish...

Starting here at home - I hadn't been to the Palace of Fine Arts until I had some North Carolina crew
out on a visit.  What better time to play tourist on the local spots yourself, as when you got other folks
to show them to?

The first couple of pics here are from my move out here driving across the country - the first would be
Arches National Park in Utah, one of the most amazing places I've ever seen with my own eyes.  The
second was taken somewhere a few miles shy of Amarillo, Texas - supposedly the largest cross in
the northern hemisphere?  I ain't no giant cross expert, so I guess I'll have to take their word for it.  The
next two pics were from my first trip to Europe - Paris in particular - the first being the Eiffel Tower and
the following from the modern art museum whose name escapes me.  An finally, the last photo is from
the homestate of North Carolina, in Wrightsville Beach.

My good pal Jake Rash claims he's going to start writing some nonsense for me to post here, and here
is the first taste:

Movie Review - Sin City - 10 out of 10
You would have to have a serious case of gravy leg to not like this movie.  This movie is hotter than a
Rockwell painting of Conway Twitty tickling Ronnie Milsap’s taint.

Show Review - Summer Set - 10 out of 10
Seriously, only fans of Andrew John Ridgely would like these guys.

More to come from this guy later, including some serious dialogue about professional wrestling.

My good pal Ray gave me this Screaming Urge disc, good poppy punk from 80-81.  The disc
as a whole isn't necessarily amazing, but there are plenty of choice are three of
Homework - this song will instantly be stuck in your head.
We Are Mono - not many of their songs sound like this, with the clear Devo influence and all that.
Hemophilia/Noise - part catchy pop punk, part freak out.

Also, although I don't have the full lengthI can only speak highly of The Hold Steady.  You remember
Lifter Puller?  Well , it's some of those guys, or at least the singer because that voice is unmistakable.
I was a big fan of Lifter Puller, and The Hold Steady are the natural extension of those jams.  I'll post
some lifter puller later, but you can download a few tracks of The Hold Steady over at ther label
French Kiss Records (the label that Les Savy Fav owns and puts their stuff out on, and nearly every-
thing on the label is great).

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