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***March Thirty First Two Thousand and Seventeen***

I hope everyone is already working on the beach bods with global warming summer will be here before you know it!


Grams -

Rescued house wren.  Cary, NC.  

Tight crew.  Cary, NC.  

Blueberry face.  Cary, NC.


Vids -

Nike put out an all tranny part called Loud Pack featuring Grant Taylor, Ishod Wair, and Cory Kennedy - no one is
shocked that Grant absolutely destroys everything in sight, but the progress Ishod and CK1 have made killing parks
is quite impressive.  They may not be on Grant's level, but they can more than hold their own.  

To no one's surprise, Shane O'Neill went to Australia and in nine days filmed a new part full of tricks that very few
skateboarders in the world could do if given years to film.  People joke that he's a robot, but I'm not sure even a robot
could be programmed to skate as well as Shane does.  

You know a dude is good when a video for a wheel company is this fantastic, cause Spitfire isn't getting anywhere
close to the best material, that gets saved for the board and shoe companies.  Louie Lopez has always been amaz-
ing, but now that he's found his adult style he's become a real favorite of mine.  

No photo journal updates this month.  Been too busy not doing anything.  


With Dude York
The Pinhook

I knew absolutely nothing about opener Dude York before they took the stage.  First impression: trio, bass playing
gal who sings, guitar playing dude who also sings and was wearing a half shirt, and a young looking drummer who
added a little bit of backing vocals.  They said they were from Seattle and were quite gregarious, lots of chatting
among themselves and with the crowd - this band was very comfortable on stage, like a group of theater majors who
decided to play music instead.  They talked at one point about what is punk and whether or not they are a punk band,
and how that definition is so nebulous - which is certainly true.  For my money this is a pop band with a little bit of punk
scruffiness, but not truly punk...but honestly, that might describe a ton of the "best" punk bands over the years like the
Ramones or the Buzzcocks or a ton of others.  I wasn't totally blown away by Dude York, but they were entertaining
enough live and I wouldn't mind hearing their record(s) and see if that increases my interest.  Perhaps noteworthy is
that the dude singer winked at me while I was taking photos, marking the first time I've ever been winked at by a man
in a half shirt...or a full shirt for that matter.  Now that I think about it, no one ever winks at me regardless of sex or
shirtedness!  Speaking of firsts, on their last song the band took selfies as they were finishing their set, which I've
never seen before.  Kids these days, yaknowwhatI'msayin'? 

Paws was the reason I actually left the house, and I'm glad to report it was well worth the effort.  This trio from Glasgow,
Scotland do the whole melodic, buzzsaw punk thing as well as anybody...sort of like a British version of Terry Malts, if
I'm being honest (and I super duper love Terry Malts so that's meant as a compliment).  They put out a fantastic record
in 2014 called "Youth Culture Forever" that was one of my favorites of the year - they played a few songs off of that one
on this night, but I think most of their set focused on their new album "No Grace" which I don't know nearly as well (but I
loved what I heard).  There was a little bit of banter from the band while tuning, but mostly they just burned through their
songs one after another in a very aggressive, immediate way that befits their sound.  They finished their set with the
rhythm section playing in the crowd, though in a just world there would have been so many fans in the crowd that this
would not have been physically possible.  Hopefully the light attendance doesn't prevent Paws from returning to our
area, because I very much would love to see them again.

Side note number 1: This was my first time eating at the (somewhat) newly opened Pie Pushers just above the
Pinhook.  Just as tasty as the truck, and an awesome option to eat when going to a show.  Now if they could only get
Parlour to open a little scoop shop annex in there as well, I'd never have to leave that building. 

Side note number 2: They played Squeeze between the bands,  I always forget how good Squeeze was, criminally
underrated.  Now "Goodbye Girl" is going to be stuck in my head forever.


Natural Causes
With Bodykit and Patois Counselors
Local 506

This was a rare three band bill where not only did I see all three bands, I did so intentionally - not just because I was in
town in time to eat at Carrburritos.  

The only act of the three I hadn't seen before were openers Patois Counselors.  Part of me hopes they originally
wanted to call themselves Patio Counselors, but after finding there was a local landscaping company by that same
name they went with something slightly different.  A six piece from Charlotte with the rarely seen lead singer, they had
a nineties art punk vibe to them ala the Van Pelt or a number of other bands that put out records on Gern Blandsten
back then (speaking of which, if someone would go ahead and do a repress of the Van Pelt's "Sultans Of Sentiment"
that would be awesome).  I'm not sure what else to say about them, but I quite liked Patois Counselors and was men-
tally kicking myself for taking so long to finally see them.  Also, the bassist looked exactly like a young Joe Lally from
Fugazi, even down to how he played the bass.  Why I fixated on this and couldn't stop thinking about it, I have no idea. 

I was quite happy that the middle band is our very own local version of Meat Beat Manifesto, Bodykit.  Actually, they
don't sound that much alike, I just like any chance to say the name Meat Beat Manifesto.  The duo of Rich and Josh,
formerly of Whatever Brains, is much noiser, a punk version of electronic music or something to that effect.  I don't
know enough about this genre to have many comparisons, but they do occasionally remind me of Liars.  Like the last
couple of times I saw them, they played on the floor with no lights, which means I got no photos that were worth a shit. 
In my notes I wrote "Rich one shoe" and don't remember why, so let's just assume that Rich performed the whole set
with a show balanced on his head. 

The reason this bill existed was to celebrate the release of the second record by Natural Causes.  Like their first one,
it appears to be self-titled - that surely won't be confusing at all.  Apparently there was some delay in getting the
sleeves for their new albums before the gig, so either the band or their label Sorry State (or both) silk screened a
handful of "limited edition" covers so there would be copies available this night.  Extra bonus cool souvenirs for dumb
nerds like me!  In case you aren't familiar, Natural Causes are three-quarters of the great Last Year's Men, with a
couple of the guys playing different instruments and the results more in a synth punk direction, ala Jay Reatard's Lost
Sounds or maybe Magazine on occasion.  There's no bass, but the synths / keyboards more than fill in that low end. 
The set was short and to the point, just like most of their songs.  Local sax man about town Crowmeat Bob (of Enemy
Waves and many other things) joined them on their last song to close out the night's proceedings.  I'm not against more
horns in rock bands, if it's good enough for Huey Lewis it's good enough for me! 


"O-kay, who'd like a banger in the mouth?  Right, I forgot, here in the States, you call it a *sausage* in the mouth."

Mandolin Orange - Hey Stranger.  See, you know the mandolin is featured prominently in their music because they
put it right there in their title.  Then again, I'm not sure any of their songs are about oranges, so...
Take This Heart of Gold

Mike Krol - Neighborhood Watch.  Krol is like a pop punk Robert Pollard - if the song is longer than two minutes you
might need to trim some fat.  
This Is the News

Neil Young - See The Sky About To Rain.  a couple of tracks from his (probably) best album "On The Beach."  
Walk On

Oblivians - Clones.  I know it's probably illegal in certain circles to admit this, but I prefer the Reigning Sound to the
Oblivians.  Don't tell anyone.  

Pulp -
This Is Hardcore.  Their second best song after the classic "Common People."  Love the epic way it ends.
Help The Aged

Skylar Gudasz - I'll Be Your Man.  She's like a rad, modern version of Karen Carpenter.  I just wish she played more
shows locally since she lives here.  

Sylvan Esso - Coffee.  Speaking of locals, these are our biggest stars.  On paper I wouldn't expect this group to
appeal to me, but the songs are just so goddamn catchy you can't resist them.  
Hey Mami
Play It Right

Wilco - Cry All Day.  Wilco put out a new record.  It's fine.  As I said to someone recently, I like the current version of
Wilco, but I LOVED the Jay Bennett-era version of Wilco.  
Someone to Lose


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