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***March Twenty Ninth Two Thousand and Six***

The Riff Randells

I'm not going to lie, I don't know jack shit about this band except they were fairly entertaining when they
opened for King Khan & BBQ late last year.  Actually, I guess they opened for Harold Ray: Live in Concert,
as they were the headliners, but whatever.  Shit, I even thought they were a local band but I guess they are
Canucks.  Um, just go to their myspace page and listen to some tracks...the Lethal Lipgloss one is pretty
damn catchy.

And for no real reason, here's a pinhole shot of a Mankind toy holding a llama eraser.  So, yeah.


Girl Group Sounds - Lost & Found - Best of Disc 2...

Dolly Parton - Don't Drop Out.  I know, who would have thought Dolly and her boobs would have been a part of
        this box set, but early in her career she dabbled in pop music before she hit the big time in Nashville.  It only
        takes one listen to this track to realize she was talented enough to have conquered this world if she ever had
        the desire to.
Mary Wells - Bye Bye Baby.  Mary had no shortage of hits, but this was the first - and as far as I'm concerned, the
        best.  Not only that, she wrote this song herself, an extremely rare accomplishment in those days.  
P.P. Arnold - The First Cut Is The Deepest.  About a million people have covered this Cat Steven's-penned track,
        but P.P. was the first and the best.  Mick Jagger was an early force in her career, urging her to record music with
        the Stone's manager that would later be released on his label.  She also spent some time as a backup singer for
        Ike & Tina Turner, had a role on Knot's Landing, and most importantly, was seriously hott.
The Shangri-Las - The Train From Kansas City.  Color me retarded, but for the longest time I thought this was a
        Superchunk song - it's featured on an early singles compilation of theirs, and I never bothered to read the liner
        notes (the same thing applies to the Sebadoh songs they cover on there, but I figured that one out a little earlier).  
The Tammys - Egyptian Shumba.  I'm pretty sure I've actually posted this here before, but you can't get enough of
        of a good thing and this is friggin' fantastic.  Such a catchy song, constantly stuck in my head.  

***March Twelfth Two Thousand and Six***

Here's a digital pic from a recent show by The Pets...go listen to their musics and if yer local, check them
out live, they put on a nice Buzzcocks-ish good time.

Black Ghost
Here's a few pics of the new version of Black Ghost, from the same show as the Replicator snaps below.  
Try to imagine Nirvana's "Bleach" album run through a metal filter, and that is the ballpark these guys are
in.  A good time for sure, if you like your rock music...rockin'.


Also: updates to the greatest section on the entire website - photos of my cat, Mouse.


I recently got this fantastic box set from Rhino, pictured above - it's "Girl Group Sounds - Lost & Found": 4 CDs,
120 songs, with a thick informative booklet and it comes in a fake hat box.  So what better time for a mix?  I'm
picking my 5 favorite songs from each disc, so 20 songs in total, that will make up a "best of this box set" mix.
Here are the five choices from the first disc...

Bessie Banks - Go Now.  This is easily one of my favorite songs from this era.  It was rerecorded by the Moody
        Blues only months after Bessie's version came out, and theirs skyrocketed up the charts, somewhat obscuring
        the greatness of the original.  But time has been good to this song and I'd venture to guess that you now hear
        Bessie's version more often than any of the subsequent covers.
Brenda Lee - Is It True.  Known mostly for her country output, this British-produced track was one of Brenda's
        few forays into pop music and features the one and only Jimmy Page on guitar.  Songs like this makes me
        wish she had concentrated a little harder on this type of music, as it is very strong.
Irma Thomas - Break-A-Way.  This track was a B-side to the hit "Wish Someone Would Care", and is a bit of a
        digression from her usual stable of love ballads, but easily one of my favorites from the New Orleans star.  
The Fabulettes - Try The Worryin' Way.  A fabulous track that was new to my ears - this south Florida group
        based a song around the premise that dating bad boys is great, because you spend so much time worrying
        about what they are up to when you aren't with them that you'll worry the pounds right off your frame.  You
        might be miserable, but at least you'll be skinny.
The Velvelettes - Needle In A Haystack.  Labelmates with both the Vandellas and the Supremes on a Motown
        subsidiary, this ladies kinda fell to the wayside of popularity until this track apparently made a resurgence
        from the northern soul scene in England.  It's a damn catchy track.

***March First Two Thousand and Six***

I have this thing about taking photos while I'm driving my car...I dunno what I find so fascinating about the outcome.

Maybe it's the inherent motion in the photos, or that you can still recognize the objects despite the focus
problems?  Maybe.  Or maybe I'm just an easy-to-please moron.  Anyways...


I've seen these local lads play about a thousand times, but I finally took a couple of pictures.  Got them put
on CD so I wouldn't have to deal with my wonky scanner, so now you only have to deal with the photos being
crappy.  The last three shots I was experimenting sans flash, hence the darkness and grainyness.  

There's a ton of tracks to download over on their website so I won't bother uploading any myself, and they
always put on an entertaining show if you ever get a chance to see them.


Hot Rocks:::

I'm not feelin' real descriptive-y right now, so you'll have to pardon my brevity...

Aesop Rock - Dryspell.  Tasty hip-hop...this guy is solid every release.  
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire.  A glam-rock classic from Eno's first album...I'm always getting this stuck in my head.
Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business.  Been really digging the Chuck Berry lately.  So simple and good.
The Clientele - Since K Got Over Me.  This Brits sound like they are genuinely from a different era.  Very timeless.
Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'.  Probably the best song on one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time.


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