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***March Fifteenth Two Thousand and Five***

I meant to post these forever ago, for some reason I thought I already had since they are
some of my favorites I've taken.  I doubt this has little to do with the artistic quality of the
pictures as much as it has to do with my fascination with the prison system.



In other news...I'm off to Singapore and Bali in a few days and won't be back until the 27th.
Will hopefully have some pictures when I return worthy of posting.

Final part of the Chelsea mix...
16.  Frausdots - Fashion Death Trends...another Brent Rademaker band (also known for his 
        work with The Tyde, Beachwood Sparks, etc), this time with a bent towards 80's synth
        rock-type stuff.  
17.  Elefant - Misfit...Somehow these guys always get overlooked out of that New York Scene;
        nothing groundbreaking but plenty catchy, no reason they shouldn't be just as popular as
        The Strokes or whoever else has gotten hyped over the last few years.
18.  The Thrills - Faded Beauty Queens...I'm positive I've written about/posted these guys in the
        past, so let's keep it short and sweet: Irish dudes playing California pop, and doing it well.
        I really love both of their albums a lot.
19.  The Czars - Killjoy...Baroque pop out of Denver that I have also posted in the past.  This 
        band was probably my very favorite find of 2003, and i still listen to the album this is from
        "The Ugly People vs. The Beautiful People" all of the time.
20.  White Hassle - Life Is Still Sweet...I don't really know dick about these guys other than they've
        recieved a bit of hype lately, and if the rest of their material is as catchy as this song it will
        have been completely deserved.

***March Ninth Two Thousand and Five***

Miscellaneous Band Pics...

Jim Yoshii Pile Up - first pics were taken with my pinhole camera at this outdoor thingy
I helped put on a couple of years ago I think?  The last pic was from the Great American
Music Hall, they were opening for The Wrens I believe.

Charmless - these pics are from that same outdoor show from the photos above, only
these are obviously not with the pinhole.  If they were that would be one badass pinhole.

U.S. Christmas - this is my doofus friend's band from back home, but they're pretty good
regardless of the fact that he's in the band.  These pics are crappy but they were already
scanned so what the hell.

Barr - this guy opened for The Evens a couple of weeks ago.  I wouldn't even know how to
begin explaining it.  I found his site once but it was useless.
Double Dynamite - these guys were a cover band featuring Ira from Yo La Tengo, they played
a bunch of ELO songs at Merge Fest back last summer.  This is half a half-frame shot.   Apol-
ogies for the crappy scan, I'm still trying to figure this new machine out.  It's driving me crazy.

Also:  I'm going to soon configure up a quick-n-easy index page for the photos to make finding
stuff posted in the past easy to find.  Soon, hopefully.  

Part three of the Chelsea mix...
11.  Low - California...Fantastic song off of their new album out on Sub Pop.  One of the best Low
        songs to come out in quite some time.
12.  British Sea Power - Fear of Drowning...It took me a while to finally get their album, but I've
        been listening to it pretty regularly since.  Their show last year during Noise Pop with Kaito
        was probably the best of the whole event.
13.  Stiv Bators - Make Up Your Mind...A man of two great musical minds: first, creating some of
        the best punk music of all tine with the Dead Boys, and then following that up with a solo career
        full of fantastic power-pop.
14.  The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed...Canadian supergroup, yadda yadda yadda,
        you already know the story.  Bottom line, their music is so damn catchy.
15.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control...I had this record forever and slept on it, but it turns out i really like
        it.  Especially the final four songs, it's as strong an album ending that's happened in quite some

***March First Two Thousand and Five***

Random Pictures...

Mission Street via the half-frame camera.

I found this roll of film with some pics already taken on it; I had no idea what they were,
figured I'd finish the roll off and find out.  turns out they were from the end of our trip to
Portugal in the fall of 2003.  It was a great trip.  These are from the coastal town Lagos.

When I was last in Nevada City I noticed this old hippy bus parked off in the woods and
decided I would take some photos of it.  Wish I'd had color film in at the time, but shit
happens or something like that.  Place didn't look like it had been habitated in a while.

Part Two of the Chelsea Mix...
6.    The Walkmen - The Rat...Who knew the remain of Johnathan Fire Eater would turn 
        out this great?  Their album "Bows + Arrows" that came out last year made many
        "best of" lists, including mine.
7.    Andrew Vincent & the Pirates - Bahamas...I don't know crap about this band but I
        came across this song randomly on the internets and it is catchy beyond belief.  They
        have a number of MP3s available on their website.
8.    The Decemberists - Apology Song...According to the singer of this song, Colin Meloy,
        this track chronicles a true story of his.  Listen to the lyrics, it's pretty funny stuff.
9.     Iron & Wine - Each Coming Night...One of my favorite voices in music these days.
        Any and all of his recorded material is highly recommended, and the live shows as well.
10.  The Arcade Fire - Une Annee Sans Lumiere...I really don't see any need to say
        any more about this band.

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