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***June Thirtieth Two Thousand and Fourteen***


As the kids say, "it's called fashion, look it up."



Pelicans.  Apex, NC.

Giant Leopard Moth.  Cary, NC.

Burt, distracted.  Cary, NC.  

Home Savings Bank - being restored.  Durham, NC.  


Additional pictures:
Some medium format snaps from our trip to Joshua Tree last December.  

See more of these photos in the Photo Journal section.  



Occasionally I make a mix for the wife as my way of cojoling her into listening to the music I love.  This is the most
recent one.  Some of these songs have probably already been posted here...who cares.

Really into this website called GooBing Detroit.  It tracks deterioration in the city based on street view photos from
google and bing - results that are both fascinating and depressing.

I'm not usually one to get jazzed about bike riding, but this is pretty great - Danny MacAskill does street trials (I think
that's what they call it) in the Argentinian town of Epecuen, which until recently had been underwater for thirty years.  

And this a short documentary called Pablo's Villa about that town and it's one remaining resident.  A good pair of
videos to watch back-to-back.

Two photo journal entries - the medium format photos from our trip to California last December, and some snaps
from a weekend trip to Cherokee.  

My lack of  Music reviews this month is to be fully blamed on how much time I've spent watching the World Cup, but I
did get around to listening to the new records by Wye Oak and Liars,  plus a few of the old seven inches.  


New Boss
Nice Price Books & Records

En route to go play old man basketball with some friends, I stopped off at Nice Price to take in some day rock and try
not to buy anything for once.  I can't overstate how much I like a daytime or even happy hour rock show, it is one of the
great joys in life.  I knew very little about who was playing and only had a few minutes to stop in, but it was free and who
cares, day rock!  I managed to see a short set by a band called
New Boss, which is apparently an offshoot of the
Charlottesville band Invisible Hand.  It was unclear if this is just a side project or if Invisible Hand is no more...hopefully
side piece status, because I dug the Hand.  The basics are: five piece band, female singer, excellent guitar playing. 
The guitar work especially reminded me of Pavement, and the overall vibe of the band was Teenbeat Records circa
1995.  But more than anything, and this didn't hit me until their last song, they reminded me of Television Personalities. 
Or rather Television Personalities with bitchin' guitar.  I'll gladly see these guys again, even at night!


Marc Maron
with Ryan Singer

I know Marc Maron is performing bits when he is onstage, he's been doing this comedy thing for a few decades now
after all.  But he's just so damn comfortable up there that it feels more like a conversation (and sometimes a rant) than
it feels like a comic performing a routine.  There were a few noteworthy bits about driving a car in LA turning into a
"hate pod" and how farting never stops being funny, but the best parts were his ruminating on Jesus / religion / Good
Friday (it was particularly topical given the date of the show) and taking questions from the audience.  One audience
member asked him about crossfit which set him off on a particularly funny rant if I remember correctly.  The man is
easily one of the best working comedians out there today, and I'll never not ever not miss him tell the jokes and the

His opener, Ryan Singer, was the exact opposite - his act was so perfect and well-rehearsed it felt more like a one
act play than it did comedy, not that I didn't laugh a lot.  He also opened the last time Marc came to town, so one would
assume they are friends and this is the usual Maron live show experience.  I enjoyed Singer so much I'd gladly go see
him on his on if he ever came back solo, the guy has a bright future.

(Photo not mine, found randomly online.)


with Whatever Brains and Spray Paint

I missed Protomartyr at Hopscotch last year or the year before or whenever it was, but I remember people that I trust
giving them a big thumbs up and that was enough to get me out of the house and into Slims.  The place was packed,
probably sold out but I didn't poll the doorman or anything.  As I hadn't even listened to more than a song or two of their
music, I was forming most of my opinion on the band from this show.  You would definitely never know what you were
getting into from just looking at this pack from Detroit - singer Joe Casey looked like the doppelganger for Craig Finn
of the Hold Steady, the guitarist looked like a refugee from a frat jam band, and i don't recall the bassist or drummer
(insert rhythm section jokes here), but everyone looked like they were coming from something different.  More import-
antly though, the music - rad.  Super rad.  The overwhelming vibe was a protopunk/postpunk sound along the lines of
the Fall or Pere Ubu depending on the song, with moments of noise sludge like US Maple and pop punk like
Jawbreaker making occasional appearances.  Did I mention how rad they were?  So rad.  Radical.  Radiating rad-
icality. I can't recommend this band enough.

Saw Whatever Brains again, they had the middle slot,  Shocking, I know.  They were rad as per usual, equal parts
weird and rock, but the only thing particularly noteworthy here is it was their first gig with their new bassist, or at least
the first I had seen and the first for Slims.  Maybe because he is still being indoctrinated into the cult of WB, it was their
most "traditional" set I've seen in quite some long jams, no keyboard skronk offs, no weird covers.  But again,
rad nonetheless. 

The opener was a band called Spray Paint from Austin.  I had briefly listened to a couple of songs online and while it
didn't wow me, it was interesting enough to see what they were all about live.  It turns out they are one of those three
piece bands that features two guitarists and no bassist as seems to be popular these days.  All three band members
sang, and often it was two or even all three of them singing at once.  And while I never really got this vibe from my brief
foray into their recordings, I got a strong A-Frames vibe this night at Slims.  Anything that even slightly reminds me of
A-Frames is a very, very good thing. 

As a side note, someone obviously needs to set up a show where Charlotte's Paint Fumes follow Spray Paint. 


Doug Benson
with Graham Elwood
The Comedy Zone

You know you love a comedian when you're willing to drive all the way to Charlotte to see them.  I actually had a chance
to see Doug Benson a couple of days earlier in Raleigh, but Superchunk was playing the same night and I miss
Superchunk for no one.  He was performing at his favorite time, 4:20 in the afternoon, not only because he is a stoner
but mainly because having a comedy show in the afternoon usually insures the crowd is definitely there to see you, and
not just some drunk oafs who decide it might be fun to go to the comedy club at night and be annoying loud assholes.

First though - Graham Elwood opened the show, as he seems to often do with Doug on the road.  He is the Washington
Generals to Doug's Harlem Globetrotters, only in this case I'm betting both are terrible at basketball.  He is good at
comedy though - not as good as Doug, but I enjoyed his short set.  Outside of some comical karate talk I don't remember
much about it, but I definitely laughed. 

After a few minutes of Graham Doug came out.  He read some tweets and commented on them, did some crowd work,
and at the end of the set he brought Graham back out to play the Leonard Maltin game with an audience member (who
won when Graham couldn't name the movie, if I remember correctly). In between all of that though, Doug was working
on honing his material for a comedy special he would be recording a few days later (on 4/20, obviously).  Despite
having listened to hundreds of hours of the "Doug Loves Movies" podcast, I've actually not listened to a ton of his
stand-up.  He was hilarious.  I sometimes try to write down a few notes on some of the highlights from a comics set,
but all I wrote down after Doug was "carpet and anal sex" - I'm not sure if that means there were jokes about carpet and
jokes about anal sex, or jokes about the two of them together, but either way I felt the need to write it down because
I must have really had a good laugh over it. 

When it was all over we left the club and it was still light out and that was really weird.  Then we went to a Bobcats
game to make the trip to Charlotte complete.  The end.

(Photo not mine, found randomly online.)


You know when you hear girls say 'Ah man, I was so shit-faced last night, I shouldn't have fucked that guy?' We could
be that mistake! "

A few selections from the great comp "Behind Closed Doors: Where Country Meets Soul," which is exactly what it
sounds like.
Aaron Neville - The Grand Tour
Al Green - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Arthur Alexander - Detroit City
Joe Tex - Skip a Rope
Millie Jackson - If You're Not Back in Love By Monday
Percy Sledge - Take Time to Know Her

Console - By this River (Brian Eno cover).  I had no idea who Console was, picked up this release "Mono" at a
local thrift store.  Turns out it's one of the dudes from the Notwist!  And it's pretty great, especially this cover of Brian
Eno's best song.  
Bonus: Magnolia.  

Mikal Cronin - I'm Done Running From You.  His record "MCII" was one of my faves from last year, it is exceedingly
Bonus: Shout It Out.  
Bonus: Weight.  

Telekinesis - Dark to Light.  This is also exceedingly catchy, hence my posting it here.  I like catchy shit.  
Bonus: Empathetic People.  
Bonus: Power Lines.  

Tubeway Army - Listen To The Sirens.  This whole year I've been blasting this first Tubeway Army in my car like it's
1978 and I have an angular haircut.  
Bonus: My Shadow In Vain.  


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