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***June Thirtieth Two Thousand and Ten***


I hope you're ready to party, cause she is.  And by party I mean waiting until the last day of the month to get an update up. 
My apologies to all seven of you reading. 

I've always been fascinated with ghost signs, and these people decided to make a website about them.  Well worth a few
minutes of perusal.

Some photo journal shit above.  Reviews below.  My pants are around my ankles.  You know, party. 


Future Islands
with Lonnie Walker, Lower Dens and Whatever Brains
Berkeley Cafe

I couldn't tell you the last time I lasted through a four band night...probably Mergefest.  And like those nights, you with-
stood the discomfort of being fat, old and uncomfortable because the bands were so goddamn awesome. 

Right when I walked in Whatever Brains started playing.  I wasn't sure if they were going to be there, as they were
listed on the bill, and then they were removed, but luckily that information was incorrect.  As I've stated before, they
remind me a lot of the Fall, if the Fall had a fairly normal singer and not crazy-ass Mark E. Smith.  I was watching them
with my man Ivan and he seems to think they have a Gang Green thing going on, but I don't really see it.  But he's
actually a musician so maybe you should take his word for it over mine.  It was a short set, but good.  They manage to
sound tight and unhinged at the same time, a great trait in a band. 

I was kinda freaked out the entire time Baltimore's Lower Dens played - the singer was the spitting image of the cute
nerdy girl from "Real Genius" and I couldn't concentrate on the music as much as I should have.  Val Kilmer was no-
where to be seen though, so at least we had that going for us.  My best approximation of their sound is "what if Siouxsie
& the Banshees became a krautrock band?"  And then there was that one song that sounded exactly like Love &
Rockets.  They were definitely one of those bands that I was really neither here nor there about for the first few songs,
but they really grew on me and I was loving it by the end of their set. 

The non-organ version of Lonnie Walker was next on the slate.  It was great as always, but I'm really missing how that
organ softened out their sound in all the right places.  The set was very Lonnie Walker-y, catchy and excitable and the
crowd ate it up.  I see them so often it would be really easy to take them for granted, but they are still one of the best
bands going in the Triangle.   

Finally, the headliners Future Islands came on.  Have I mentioned that their newest record "In Evening Air" is easily
the best record of 2010?  Well, it is, and I love it so much I don't see that changing before the end of the year.  It is
brilliant from start to finish, and my only gripe is the run time is way too short.  then again, you always want to leave
them wanting more I guess. 

Despite the fact that Future Islands play here all the time, I'd somehow never managed to see them great
as their record is the live show is even better.  Shut off the house lights, place a few spots on the ground shining up at
the band, and let the party commence.  It was easily the most dancing I've ever seen at a show, and the best time I've
had the Berkeley Cafe since watching SCW wrestling there in the mid-nineties.  People were throwing glow sticks all
around the crowd, the band released some balloons, and it turned into a rave for the indie rock set.  If Joy Division were
reincarnated as a dance band, this would be it, only they sound like they got Al Johnson from U.S. Maple to do the
singing and maybe have some inclinations to sound like Erasure from time to time.  In other words, completely awe-
some through and through. 

I left covered in sweat from dancing too much, ears ringing from a lack of earplugs, and a huge smile on my face that
didn't leave for days.  Upon exit saw a dude sprawled out on the sidewalk - not sure if he was attacked by another per-
son or a gravity/booze combo.  I'm going to pretend he was floored by the amazing show that just happened to his face,
and his legs couldn't take any more. 

(photo ganked online from somewhere other than my camera)


The Rosebuds
with Schooner
Tir Na Nog

It was a bit of a last minute show at Tir Na Nog as the local leaders of sing-a-long pop, The Rosebuds, decided to play
a free gig.  I suppose it was to serve as a warm-up for their impending appearance at the Beaufort Music Festival
(which I attended, for the record...and I know you're keeping detailed notes so I want your record to be as accurate as

But first: Schooner!  Otherwise known as the opening band.  They were their typical catchy and enjoyable selves,
belting out their pleasant blend of timeless pop crossed with shoegaze.  They have a new EP out on Cytunes, and a
number of the songs they played this night was from that release.  OK, I'm kinda making an assumption there cause I
didn't recognize the new songs, and I haven't heard the new EP, so I put two and two together cause I got them kind of
top notch deductive skills.  I would imagine the bulk of local Rosebuds fans (most of the crowd) already are familiar
with the song stylings of Schooner, but hopefully they won over some new fans cause they surely deserve to be more

The Rosebuds had been meaning to play one of these free local showcases for a while, and on this pleasant spring
evening it finally went down.  The band has an ever-changing line-up, but this was one that I've seen a number of times
these last few years - Brad from Megafaun on bass, and Rob Lackey on drums.  I love it when they have a bassist with
the band, maybe it's because I (crappily) play bass myself, but music just doesn't sound complete without the low end...
as I've always said, you might never notice the bassist is there, but you'll definitely notice when he isn't.  I've said a lot of
really stupid things about music too, so let's call it a wash.

Anyways, the band played a great set, performing all the crowd favorites both old and new.  The nice thing about a local
crowd is not only do they know all the songs, but they give the group a lot of love and feedback in the form of dancing,
cheering and for the Rosebuds especially, singing along.  I'm often irritated by crowd sing-a-longs, but it really works for
these guys because they have very specific parts of their songs that beg for group participation. 

A great night out, and here's to hoping I don't have to wait long until I get to see the Rosebuds perform again... 


The Rosebuds
Beaufort Music Festival

So yeah, it wasn't long until I got to see The Rosebuds again...two days in fact.  The old lady and I decided it might be
fun to take a little road trip, see part of the coast we'd never been to before - Beaufort.  I used to live in Wilmington and
I've been to the Outer Banks a couple of times, but this middle portion of the state's seaside has always escaped me. 
We spent some time driving the back roads, hitting the depressing towns of Goldsboro and Kinston en route and
grabbing lunch in the town known as the birthplace of Pepsi, New Bern.  New Bern was mostly not depressing, for the

We got into Beaufort early and the festival was already going on, some reggae cover band playing...yup, Bob Marley! 
Least they could do is throw some Desmond Dekker or Skatalites in their mix.  We wandered around town looking at
all the old houses, and there are a shit ton of old houses.  We're talking we-weren't-even-a-country-yet old.  After a tasty
dinner, we strolled back to the festival site just a few minutes before the Rosebuds were to take the stage. 

Their set list was pretty typical of most of their shows, but the setting was obviously quite different from any other gig. 
Million dollar yachts and smaller sail boats surrounded the outdoor stage, and wide selection of humanity from small
kids to the elder set, working class stiffs to the idle rich (hence the million dollar yachts).  And let's not leave out the
salty sea men, leathery and wobbly legged, most likely from a combination of cheap liquor and not being accustom
to dry land. 

The band did their best to connect with a crowd mostly not familiar with their sound, and for the most part they suc-
ceeded.  There was a crowd of surly pre-teens standing near us that started out cracking wise and by the end of the
show they were on stage dancing during "Bow to the Middle" and asking Kelly Rosebud for her autograph after the
show ended.  It was a great night that could only have been better if the band had dressed in "yacht rock" costumes. 

(see more photos of the Rosebuds and this trip to Beaufort up in the Photo Journal section)


Cannibalism? Racism? Dee, that's not for us. You know? Those are the decisions that are best left to the suits in
Washington. Okay? We're just here to eat some dude."

Future Islands - Tin Man.  Hey, actual new music!  Their new album "In Evening Air" is the best record of the year,
easily.  THE VERY BEST.  I refuse to believe it will be topped. 
Bonus: Vireo's Eye
Also - A great locally made video of a live performance by the band at the Night Light.  Let's see if I can actually figure
out how to embed a damn video.

/AN APOLOGY/ from 521studies on Vimeo.

13th Floor Elevators - Baby Blue.  You can't have enough Roky.  Even Roky covers of Them and a song (Slip
Inside This House) that I had no idea was a cover when Primal Scream performed it.  I probably should have uploaded
the Primal Scream version, but I forgot. 
Bonus: Dear Dr. Doom
Bonus: Slip Inside This House

Belle & Sebastian - Judy And The Dream Of Horses.  The "BBC Session" version of some songs you probably
already have memrized, assuming you adore B&S like our household does. 
Bonus: Like Dylan In The Movies
Bonus: Sleep The Clock Around

Lambchop - Give It (Once In A Lifetime).  A few tracks from their live performance at last year's Mergefest, which
Merge smartly put up for sale on their website (no idea if it's available in stores).  One of the greatest live perform-
ances I've EVER seen, and I've seen a lot of goddamned shows.
Bonus: I Will Drive Slowly
Bonus: Up With People

Mogwai - Batcat.  Another year, another Mogwai record.  It's easy to sometimes take great bands for granted.
Bonus: The Sun Smells Too Loud

Wilco - Sunken Treasure (Live on KCRW).  I think the title of the songs say it versions of a couple of their
greatest tracks. 
Bonus: War On War (Live on KCRW)

A couple of selections from a random punk comp I was recently listening was documenting the scene in
Connecticut and Massachusetts in the late seventies and early eighties. 
8th Route Army - Record Burning Party Tonight
T.V. Neats - Pushing Buttons


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