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***June Thirtieth Two Thousand and Five***

Random Pics...

My good friend Ray was in town, the one in the upper left.  There was much skating and hanging
out and general shit-talking.  Also featured is Ashrita in the lower left, my new show-going partner...
girl has more energy in one day then I have in a month, and she knows everybody.

Also featured is Sharon, this is from hanging out at the Stork Club during the Lower Forty-Eight/
Darediablo show (pics to come of that later).  Take special note of her half-assed attempt at metal
fingers, here featured with Matthew of From Monument to Masses.  And at the end, although blurry,
is a self-portrait I actually like of myself.  Actually, I probably like it because it is blurry.

Here we have Saviours.  I knew nothing of these guys, and still don't know much, but they brought
some great metal fury opening for Big Business a while back.  Definitely worth checking out.  


Listen to Old Canes here and here...I highly recommend the track "Face It" in particular.  This is an off-
shoot of the singer of Appleseed Cast, a damn good band in their own right.  

***June Twentieth Two Thousand and Five***

These photos pretty well represent this past weekend...

Putting together Dick Butkus puzzles.  Chelsea napping with the cat.  Me hanging on the deck with the cat.
The cat trying to eat the plants.  Me looking retarded.  You know, good times all around.

Also, a bunch of random buildings from North Carolina - some Raleigh and some Asheville.  What is it
about urban decay that always attracts photographer's eyes?  It's pretty dumb, but then I take more photos
of it anyways.  


I always say it's a few random songs but this is about as random as you can get.
Lenny & the Squigtones - Night after know you love Laverne & Shirley, and these guys
are the reason why.
Operation Ivy - Missionary...every time I hear these guys I think of 9th grade.
Poison - Nothin' But a Good Time...every time I hear these guys I think of 6th grade.  And strip clubs.

***June Fourteenth Two Thousand and Five***

Three super-dope-uber-rad bands...

This is one of my very favoritest local bands, and finally more folks will find this out
when Absolutely Kosher releases their album sometime this summer (too lazy to
look up the date).  I took these photos eons ago at the Lipo lounge...with the record
coming out, more shows are scheduled and hopefully I can get some fresh photos
of these kool kats.

Full Moon Partisans
I mentioned before I had photos of these guys, well here they are.  They have a
record release part soon at Bottom of the Hill that everyone should go to.

The Rosebuds
Friends of mine from my North Carolina Days, Ivan & Kelly have really struck
gold as far as I'm concerned - they got an opening gig on Teenage Fanclub's
upcoming tour!  The Fanclub is one of the greatest bands of all time and this
is an undisputable fact.  Both bands will be in town around the first of August.
(photo on the end is Wes, their touring drummer)


A few random songs with some shitass descriptions...

Electric Light Orchestra - The Diary of Horace of the greatest pop
                                                bands ever.  Don't argue with me.
Judas Priest - Living After Midnight...just pretend you're watching Heavy Metal
                           Parking Lot while listening to this.
The Monks - Monk Time...more classic garage acts should have dressed as
                        religious icons as far as I'm concerned.
The Pipettes - Judy...I don't know shit about this band except that I thought they
                           were some classic girl group until I did a little research about
                           them...turns out they are a modern group of cute British ladies
                           who know how to write catchy songs.
Pavement  - The Killing Moon...I uploaded this for a friend the other day and fig-
                       ured I might as well list it here also - great Echo & the Bunnymen
                       cover by the central valley's finest sons.

***June Seventh Two Thousand and Five***

The Last of the Vacation Pics...
And Perhaps the most important ones - the monkeys!!!  Probably the best part
of the entire visit was the trip to Ulu Watu, this amazing Hindu Temple perched
on the side of some seriously tall cliffs, above some of the bluest water I've ever
seen.  The place was also covered in monkeys, and of course I spent all of my
time paying attention to's a couple of pics.

Also, I didn't take many photos in Singapore but here are a couple from their Little
India section of town...


Big Business!  I love this band...every time I see them they rock harder, even though
I don't think it's possible.  If they rock any harder the next time I see them there's a
good chance they might spontaneously combust on stage.  

A couple of notes - even though the third pic of the drummer Coady probably wouldn't
be considered the best photo out of the bunch, but something about the combination
of the face he's making and the Party Time t-shirt makes me love it.  Also, the last
couple of photos was their "guest singer" - they had a new song with no lyrics so this
smelly dude standing in front of me got on stage and went nuts - it was pretty spazzy
and good.


A few random songs that have really been buffing my marble floors lately...

13 & God: Perfect Speed - I listened to the Notwist's Neon Golden over and over
when it came out.  Then I saw them on tour for the album and they were playing the
shows with this Anticon hip-hop group called Themselves, and while they were a
little weird on their own the two groups performed some songs together and it was
brilliant.  Thankfully, they decided to make a whole album of collaborations under
the title 13 & God. And the whole album is fuckin' brilliant.
Crooked Fingers: You Must Build A Fire - Their new album is my favorite since the 
self-titled debut, and this is my favorite track.  Bachman seems to be drifting a little
more back to his Archers of Loaf voice, a little less Neil Diamond...I'd still like a
"Sweet Caroline cover" tho'...
Full Moon Partisans: Dictator Dance - One of my very favorite local bands right eclectic, so good, and an incredibly attractive girl in the band which doesn't
hurt things.  I have some photos of them I took a while back that I plan on posting soon.
M83: Don't Save Us From the Flames - Overall I'm not really crazy about this band,
but they have grown on me.  This song is particularly catchy, and probably the most
fitting of the My Bloody Valentine comparisons.
The dB's: Black And White
- This is the original North Carolina indie-pop.  Their
whole album "Stands for Decibels" is a real treasure in the realm of power pop.

As a side note - At the bequest of some friends I made a message board for the
leaving of comments and talking of shit.  In case you're interested in that sort of thing...

***June First Two Thousand and Five***

We here at Dog In A Sweater Industries are looking to expand into other markets...some poss-
ibilities include: or

or perhaps the best choice,  

As a totally unrelated note, I found this roll of B&W film I had shot god knows when and had it
developed.  Turns out it was a role of film I shot well over two years ago after I got laid off from
my previous job and decided to go home and go to the beach with my family.  There's nothing
terribly special in the roll, but here is a page I threw together so mom could check them out.  
Ain't technology grand?  Also, below are some pics that didn't really fit into the theme of that page
but were from the same roll - the first from SBC and the rest from my hometown of Spruce Pine.


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