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***July Thirty First Two Thousand and Thirteen***


It's the dog days of summer people.  Chad knows what I'm talking about. 

Instagrams -

Stag beetle. 
Cary, NC.

Bumblebee in the garden. 
Cary, NC.

Burt lazing.  Cary, NC. 

Other photos -
A few more from the medium format film developed from our trip to Mexico back in November.

View of the other ruins from the top of the largest pyramid in Ek Balam, Mexico. 

Colorful buildings in Valladolid Mexico. 

Colorful buildings in Valladolid Mexico. 

Links -

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment
- apparently this is old as my wife scoffed at me for not having seen it before,
but in case other folks are equally in the dark they apparently located an apartment in Paris that had been left furnished
and untouched for over 70 years. 

NYC Subway Photos from the Seventies - I think the title sorta explains everything going on here.  Just try looking
at these and not thinking of "The Warriors."

A Dude’s Guide To Making Out With A Beer Bottle - I post this not because it's particularly funny or interesting, but
because Buzzfeed used a photo from this website of former columnist American Starship Eagle suckling beer from a
baby bottle.  Never have I been so proud, and never has the Eagle's political aspirations been more ruined. 

Major time was spent on the Photo journal entries from our trip to Quebec.  Three seperate entries for Montreal,
Quebec City, and Saguenay.

The Music reviews for this month are very sparse, but I dug new releases by Camera Obscura, Speedy Ortiz, Odonis
Odonis, Airstrip, Mikal Cronin, and a few others


Belle & Sebastian
Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

Sometimes, you just gotta get on an airplane and fly to a foreign country to see a twee Scottish band play.  Belle &
Sebastian were going on a North American tour but not coming anywhere near the wife and I, so we decided we
would have to go to them.  I love the band quite a bit but the wife is a super fan, and it had been a long time since we
had last seen Belle & Sebastian perform live.  The most interesting of the tour locations was Montreal, and hell we'd
always wanted to visit Quebec, so why not make a vacation out of it? 

After a few days of touristing around, we made our way to Place des Arts - specifically the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier theater -
to see the B&S.  The venue was pretty neat - it looked like what they thought the future would be like in the sixties. 
Imagine the sort of place they might have filmed scenes from "Logan's Run" in, or if the cast of Star Trek ever attended
a concert.  Our seats were pretty good for a venue this size, near the very front of the second level (there were four
levels if I remember correctly). 

After an opening act that was a little too close to jam band for my tastes, Belle & Sebastian took the stage.  There was
twelve of them at the most, though a couple would wander on and off the stage depending on the song.  They performed
with a small string section in addition to all their usual players, and of course Stuart Murdoch leading the charge, charm-
ing the pants off of all the ladies (and some of the men).  Since they had no new release to support, they played songs
from all across their catalog, including many of my favorites - "Stars of Track and Field," Dirty Dream Number Two,"
"Piazza, New York Catcher," "The Boy with the Arab Strap," "Judy and the dream of Horses," and their encore is my
all-time favorite B&S song, "Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying."  Even though it was a seated show there was a fair
amount of dancing in the aisles, not to mention the couple of times Stuart invited the crowd up on the stage with the
band.  The whole event was a delight, a goddamn delight, and I didn't regret traveling to see it in the least. 


Kyle Kinane
with Sean Patton and Nate Craig

Kyle Kinane came through town and even though it was at the comedy club, it was a one night stand more similar to
the type of comedy shows that usually happens at Kings.  The openers were all traveling with him, and it flt more like
one of those intimate nights than a typical evening at a comedy club.  As per usual this is more for documentation
reasons than actually reviewing the show, because I have no idea how you would even review a comedy show.  Kinane
was very, very funny, and if you've seen his specials and enjoyed him you definitely would not be disappointed with him
live.  Lots of tales of drunkenness and talk of aging hipsters, his usual fare. 

Sean Patton had the middle slot, and I wouldn't have had any idea who he was but he had a Comedy Central special
just the weekend before and that was hilarious so getting to see him was an added bonus.  He has a great rambling off
the cuff style, which may be very formulated, but it feels like he's just riffing on whatever random topic comes into his
head.  There was a fair amount of New Orleans talk, where he is from.  Id 'definitely see him again. 

The opener and MC was Nate Craig - I knew nothing of him but he turned out to be hilarious, even if I can't recall what
the hell he talked about.  I know there was a lot of discussion about him being broke, which I would expect as the opener
is an are he knows quite well.  It's not often I love even the opener, so it was noteworthy to me. 

(Photo not mine, found randomly online.)


Spider Bags
with Flesh Wounds
The Pinhook

Flesh Wounds may not be considered a side-project of Last Year's Men per se, but to dumb schmoes like me it's the
easiest way to categorize them.  Singer Montgomery Morris is the crossover member, but the other two Flesh Wounds
member have done time in well regarded local outfits.  Either way, the band is a good time and I was glad I finally got a
chance to see them after a number of close calls.  They set up on the floor in front of the stage and proceeded to rock
everyone's balls off in a very unlit fashion that made photography next to impossible.  Of course the band could give
two shits about such things, as it should be - they just play their grimy garage punk and everything else be damned. 
I picked up their cassette after the show, and it's a fine listen.  I'll definitely be seeing these guys again.

What can you really say about Spider Bags that wither I haven't already said or someone else said much better? 
Along with Whatever Brains, these two bands are the very essence of rock and roll locally.  And as great as their re-
cordings are, the live shows of both bands have played a huge part in bringing joy to my life many, many times these
last few years.  Much to the pleasure of my being able to use my camera, the band actually left the lights on for this
show, which was a change from the last few times I've seen them play this year.  They put on a raucous good show as
always, but i don't think it's even in their bones to put forth a subpar performance.  Oh, and the gig was a release party
for their collection of singles being released as a long player, which of course I picked up.  A much easier format to
listen to their non-album tracks than on seven inches. 


Man, that opening party was incredible. Check out the pictures on Myspace. There's one of me eating cheese off
some girl's titties."

JEFF the Brotherhood - Hypnotic Mind.  Their record from last year "Hypnotic Nights" was a sligh step back from
their previous couple of efforts in total, but not these songs.  These songs shred. 
Bonus: Sixpack

Lee Hazlewood - No Train to Stockholm.  My all-time favorite Hazlewood song, I've been listening to this single
track obsessively for years now. 
Bonus: Chico

Ralph Stanley - Daddy's Wildwood Flower.  Getting kind of eclectic in this group...I'm not entirely sure I have the
words to justify Ralph Stanley.  Legend. 
Bonus: Pretty Girls, City Lights

Stereolab - Margerine Rock.  There was a point in my life when Stereolab was more important than everything short
of air, water and shelter.  That time was 1995 to 1999 or thereabouts.  These songs are not from that period, but still
Bonus: Need To Be

Young People - Collection.  I think back on this first Young People demo more than I actually listen to it, but pretty
much every song is stellar, and I would point to this record as one of the more influential on the direction of my musical
Bonus: Dishwashing Song
Bonus: He Aims To Please

Here is a bunch of Papas Fritas songs.  This band should have been much, MUCH more popular. 
Let's Go Down To The Town Oasis
Passion Play


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