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***July Twenty Eighth Two Thousand and Five***

My jackass friend Nathan sent me the following photo:

All the email said was "Earl is down with the black metal" and I think he called me an asshole, as he usually
does.  Nothing special here really, but for some reason the photo makes me laugh.

More on the "nothing Special" front - my photos of M.O.T.O..  I'd been waiting to see these guys forever,
and they were just as awesome as expected.  Unfortunately, my photos of them are pretty "blah".  Whatever,
here's a couple purely for documentation's sake:

If you accomplish nothing else worthwhile with your life, you should at least download their track "Dance Dance
Dance Dance Dance to the Radio
".  I'm willing to go on the record as saying it is one of the most perfect pop
songs ever written - so simple, so catchy.

A couple of weeks ago I had a POOL PARTY, and here are a select few pictures from it that I took.  There
will be many more pics from this shindig posted soon in the photo journal section, in a couple of days or so.  

From left to right: Conan, Drew x2, Lomo x2, Tack, Todd-n-Susannah, Tanya, and the pool posse.

And just cause there is nowhere else this really belongs, here is a long shot of the Oakland Coliseum...The A's
are kicking ass and that is A-ok with me.  Go A's!

An interesting skateboarding snippet - NPR did an interview with long time ripper for Girl Skateboards,
Jeron Wilson.  Pretty interesting actually, and rad for this guy - one of those guys who's been killing for years
but never has gotten the recognition he deserves.  Go here to listen to the interview and watch one of his more
recent video parts.

Musics -

Hall and Oates - She's Gone...I'm pretty sure there's no need for me to say anything about these guys.  
    Except that, to this day, I still get the heeby-jeebies when i think of G.E. Smith.  Creepy dude.
Kai Winding - Time Is on My Side...According to 45 Blog, where I downloaded this track, this was the first
    version of this song recorded.  Every bit as good if not better than the better known version.  45 Blog always
    has amazing music and knowledge, you should check that site out.
The Sultans - Just a Fool (That's Down)...side project from some of the Rocket from the Crypt guys, and it
    sounds just like you would expect it to - like Rocket from the Crypt, but rocked out way more.  Everything I've
    heard by them has all been great.

***July Twenty Second Two Thousand and Five***


Some of my favorite shows have been free ones - this Devo show being one of them.  For some reason,
Nissan paid for them to come play on the back of a semi in front of City Hall, in the middle of the day on a
weekday.  Understandably, work took a backseat to seeing one of my favorite bands of all time.  I would
have taken more photos, but half way through the show these two ass clowns showed up and stood in
front of me, and thought it would be a good idea to hold their arms in the air for the duration of the show.

The A-Frames

I've managed to not see the A-Frames a ton of times, due to scheduling conflicts and being out of town
and god knows what else.  Well shit, I finally made it to a show and it was by god a damn good time.  
Their weird android rock never sounded sweeter.  It was so good, in fact, that I went and saw them two
nights in a row (these photos are from the second show at the Stork club).


I decided to start a Photo Journal, random crap Chelsea and I have taken with our digital camera.  It
will be a lot like that I Keep a Diary site, only with less drunkeness (which means it will probably be more

Some random tracks...

Mew  - Comforting Sounds...I've been listening to this song obsessively for the last couple of weeks.  
    when it hits that 4:21 mark, and the full symphonic goodness kicks in, oh!  It is glorious indeed.
Sufjan Stevens - The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts...Look, everyone else is posting MP3s of
    of everyone's newest favoritest jesus rock, why should I be left out of the party?
The Fabulous Poodles - Tit Photographer's Blues...Everything about this is pure brilliance.  Classic
    power-pop with a little punkish edge, and catchy as fuck.  And about porn!  All songs are better when
    they are about porn.

***July Eleventh Two Thousand and Five***

Say Hi To Your Mom

Saw these cats at the Makeout Room a few weeks ago.  I went in expecting a decent pop show, but ended
up with a rockin' good time.  They combined a great ear for Grandaddy-style downer pop with Mogwai-ish
sonic freakouts to end a lot of their songs.  They created a real wall of noise for a three piece that was only
using a small Korg keyboard for the bass.  You can download a bunch of their songs over at their website.

Spider Compass Good Crime Band

I had the good fortune of seeing this duo play some time back...demonic carnival rock with giant bird heads
always equals a good time in my book.  Featuring Andrew Poisoner (formerly of The Slow Poisoners and
currently playing solo as just The Slow Poisoner), these two don't play out very often so be sure and check it
out if you actually see a gig listed by them.  These pinholes were taken a few years back, probably the only
decent band shots I've ever gotten with that camera.

Random Crap

These pics were taken on the inside of Todd and Andrews house.  I find the manican head in the middle to
be particularly creepy no matter how many times I see it.

I needed to finish off a roll of film and decided to take some shots on the roof of my old house.  For some
reason I really dig these, but I dunno why.  



The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramania...I grew up listening to Alan Parsons Project.  A lot.  It seemed like
    my mom was always playing either them, Yes or Jackson Browne anytime she got a chance.  This song
    was on "Pyramid", whose album cover creeped me out to no end as a kid.  Of course, like all things you
    listen to a lot when you are young, you end up loving it as an adult.
Billy Bragg - A New England...I hadn't really listened to him much until the collaborations with Wilco on the
    unfinished Woody Guthrie material, and even then I wasn't that into it.  I've found that his songs, at least for
    me, is pretty hit or miss...but when it hits it's golden.  This is one of my favorites.
Howard Hello - More of the Same...Yet another in a long line of great groups by Kenseth Thibideau (of
    Tarentel/Rumah Sakit/Thingy), but this definitely isn't "more of the same" HAHAHA.  Um, yeah...good song.
    Kinda a mellow, atmospheric vibe with the deuling male/female vocals, off of their new EP.


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