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***January Thirty First Two Thousand and Thirteen***

The new year is upon us - it's time to get down to business.  Important business. 

Instagrammery of the month.

Burt in the snow.  Cary, NC. 

Lichen.  Cary, NC. 

Mouse, twisted.  Cary, NC. 

Linkery of the month. 

Lot's of great skote videos this go around...

Zoo York released a short promo video called "True East" which I didn't get too excited over until Brandon
part at the very end (starts around 6:10), and it is one of the best things I've seen in years.  So many big
ollies!  Travis Glover (starts at 5:13) is also pretty damn good, and also understands the ollie.  Not much from Suski

This Vans video set in Hawaii is noteworthy for multiple reasons: More Julian Stranger footage than has been re-
leased in years; John Cardiel skating; Wallos is apparently still skateable, but just barely; Seriously, did you see
where I mentioned Julian Stranger is skating in this...a lot?!?

A small Dennis Busenitz interview accompanied by a fantastic video.  Calling a Busenitz video fantastic  is a bit re-
dundant though. 

My one photo link - apparently the Ebony building never got updated from it's seventies glory days, and it is glorious
I'd pay a nice chunk of change to be able to tour & photograph this time capsule of a very different time. 

No Photo journal for the first time in ages, but I did upload new Burt and Mouse snaps.  I know you've all been waiting
patiently for those. 

HOLY SHIT I FINALLY FINISHED UPLOADING ALL MY OLD REVIEWS.  It certainly took me long enough.  As for
Music reviews this month - Fuzz, Rosebuds, Rites of Spring, Spider Bags, Starflyer 59,
and more. 


Marc Maron

Two comedy shows in one week!  It's like I've died and gone to laff heaven.  We're doing good to get two good comedy
shows in a year around here, and 2013 has provided two good ones in the first mind is dizzy just thinking
about it.  This time out we saw Marc Maron, and in the proper comedy club of Goodnights.  And let it be said that
Goodnights is perfectly fine, but I much prefer seeing comedians in rock clubs/non-traditional locations. 

Regardless of venue, Maron was great.  Unlike Hannibal Burress earlier in the week, Maron doesn't so much tell jokes
as relay humor-inflected stories from his own life.  Now how much is true and how much is embellished for the sake of
humor I have no idea, but it definitely feels more storyteller than stand-up.  My face and sides may not have hurt like they
often do after a comedy show, but I enjoyed it just as much.

(Photo ganked from the onlines - Marc did not perform with a cat.)


Hannibal Buress
Lincoln Theatre

Wherein I attempt to review a comedy show, even though I'm bad at not only reviews but especially at reviewing com-
edy.  The review: Hannibal Buress was really funny.  I laughed a lot. 

The thing is, live comedy is not the sort of thing I'm going to go into without already loving the comedian.  So barring
disaster, I'm always going to love whoever I go see perform.  With Hannibal, I've listened to his live comedy albums a
number of times (especially "My Name Is Hannibal" from 2010), and seeing him live very much measured up to those
recordings.  The first two-thirds of the show was a typical stand-up, he tells jokes and we laugh so much it makes your
mouth hurt.  The one different part of this gig is Hannibal had a DJ with him, which seemed dd and awkward him just
hanging out back there for the first part of the set.  But for that last piece, the DJ played an integral part, playing snip-
pets of hip hop songs while Hannibal made fun of the lyrics.  That might sound a little cheeseball but it worked really
well, and might have been the funniest part of the night. 

My review continued: Hannibal Buress A+++ comedian, would laugh again.


Whatever Brains

So there isn't really any reason for me to write another poorly worded Whatever Brains review, so I'm going to keep
this brief:  they were awesome as always.  Slims was packed, and the band was bleeding into the crowd off of the tiny
stage.  It was another two keyboardists performance giving a heavy carnival punk vibe, I have no idea if this is a perm-
anent arrangement and I doubt the band does either.  The highlight of the night was the final song, when they undertook
a very Whatever Brains-ish cover of the Turtles' "Happy Together" that they never let end - just when you thought the
song was dying down they would restart it again.  They must have played it three or four times in a row, getting sloppier
and more ridiculous with every pass.  It was glorious, and a perfect example of why I love this band. 


"One of these dogs clamped his jaws on her forearm, he wouldn't let go until the firemen showed up and had to stick
his finger in his ass."

Birds Of Avalon - Earthbound.  An older BoA track, but a keeper. 

Bon Iver - Calgary.  I may have posted some songs from the sophomore Bon Iver record already, but so what. 
Bonus: Perth

Bowerbirds - Sweet Moment.  "The Clearing" made my also-ran list of best records of the year, and it just gets better
with each listen.  Ask me in a year and it's likely to be even higher. 
Bonus: Tuck the Darkness In

Dead Boys - All This And More.  I didn't even bother including "Sonic Reducer" because everyone should have that
one memorized. 
Bonus: What Love Is

Some random older Daytrotter tracks, as I haven't downloaded any of their new sessions since they started charging.
Gayngs - By Your Side (Sade cover)
Spoon - The Ghost of You Lingers
The Fruit Bats - Singing Joy to the World
The Rosebuds - Border Guards

Pujol - Mayday.  I can never decide how I feel about Pujol overall, but I love these two songs. 
Bonus: Scully

Russian Circles - Mlàdek.  Post metal up your post ass.  Jesus that is stupid, ignore me please. 

Sloan - Worried Now.  A classic sloan track from my college years that I had totally forgotten about until recently. 

***January Eleventh Two Thousand and Thirteen***

(That I absolutely love making and reading but realize are mostly worthless...but so is everything else on this website.)

Top 7 records of 2012!!!
(Listed alphabetically, the way the cool kids do it.)

Gentleman Jesse - Leaving Atlanta (Douchemaster)
More power pop genius from one of the catchiest songwriters out there today.  No sophomore slump here. 
I'm Only Lonely
What Did I Do
Word Gets Around

Lambchop - Mr. M (Merge)
On their 4,653rd release, Lambchop produces yet another masterpiece. 
Gone Tomorrow
Kind Of

Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It (Matador)
If forced to give an answer of my very favorite record of theyear, I'd probably go with this one.  Haunting.  It sticks with
you for days after each listen.
No Tear
Take Me Home

Spider Bags - Shake My Head (Odessa)
This band is the very essence of rock and roll.
Friday Night
Keys to the City

Spiritualized - Sweet Heart, Sweet Light (Fat Possum)

More brilliant orchestral pop from the master - he sees music on a scale most can't fathom.
Life Is A Problem
So Long You Pretty Thing

Terry Malts - Killing Time (Slumberland)

I listened to this super obsessively for the first half of the year; not as much on the back end but it's still a great release.
I Do
Something About You
Waiting Room

Whatever Brains - Whatever Brains (Sorry State)

I always call this band unclassifiable, and never has that been more true than on their latest vaguely art-punk record.
Embedded In A Tree
I'm Going Martin

Honorable mentions of 2012
(Also in alphabetical order, and split into two parts - the "almost made it to the top" group and the "almost made it to
the group that almost made it to the top" group.)

Group One:
Allo Darlin' - Europe (Slumberland)
Chromatics - Kill for Love
(Italians Do It Better)
El-P - Cancer 4 Cure
(Fat Possum)
Hunx - Hairdresser Blues
(Hardly Art)
Jeff the Brotherhood - Hypnotic Nights (Warner Bros)
Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music (Williams Street)
King Tuff - King Tuff (Sub Pop)
La Sera - Sees the Light (Hardly Art)
Jason Lytle - Dept. of Disappearance (Anti)
The Sea and Cake - Runner (Thrill Jockey)
Group Two:
Aesop Rock - Skelethon (Rhymesayers)
Best Coast - The Only Place (Mexican Summer)
Bowerbirds - The Clearing (Dead Oceans)

Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Jazzmind (Load)
Gross Ghost – Brer Rabbit (Grip Tapes)
Hiss Golden Messenger - Poor Moon (Tompkins Square)
Nate Hall - A Great River (Neurot)
Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. City (Aftermath)

Mean Jeans - On Mars (Dirtnap)
Moonface (With Siinai) - Heartbreaking Bravery (Jagjaguwar)
Nada Surf - The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy (Barsuk)
OFF! - OFF! (Vice)
Spider Fever - Spider Fever (Windian)
Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse (In the Red)

Best Reissues of 2012
Lee Hazlewood – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes and Backsides (1966-71) (Light in the Attic)
Boyd Rivers - You Can't Make Me Doubt (Mississippi)
  (Not technically a reissue as the music had never been re-
leased, but it was recorded 30ish years ago.)
And of course all the Archers of Loaf and Superchunk stuff...

Top 5 Records That Might Have Made The List If I Had Gotten Around To Listening To Them Because
There Are Just Too Many Goddamn Records Out And I Only Have Two Ears:

Clinic - Free Reign (Domino)
The Evens - The Odds (Dischord)
Neil Halstead - Palindrome Hunches (Brushfire)
The Intelligence - Everybody's Got It Easy But Me (In the Red)
Oneida - A List of the Burning Mountains (Jagjaguwar)

Top 15 songs of 2012!!!
Allo Darlin' - Capricornia
Chromatics - These Streets Will Never Look the Same
El-P - Oh Hail No
Father John Misty - Nancy from Now On
Fucked Up - Year of the Tiger
Islands - This Is Not A Song
Jeff the Brotherhood - Sixpack
Killer Mike - Reagan
King Tuff - Bad Thing
La Sera - Break My Heart
Steve Moore - Enhanced Humanoid
Nada Surf - Waiting For Something
Perfume Genius - Hood
The Sea and Cake - On and On
Spiritualized - So Long You Pretty Thing

And as a bonus, even though it's a few decades old, the
song I listened to more than any other this year...
by a large margin:
Bobby Charles - I Must Be in a Good Place Now

All of these songs are sitting in a zip file you can download here.

Best Shows of 2012!!!

(Again, in alphabetical order, mostly out of laziness in not wanting to think about ranking them.)

The Afghan Whigs at the Cat's Cradle - 10/21/2012
.  The first of three "bucket list" shows I saw this year.  The
"light show" was sone blinding bullshit but they sounded amazing.

Allo Darlin' at Local 506 - 4/27/2012.  The best pure pop band I saw all year.  Maybe the best I've seen in a few
years...shame there was only a couple dozen people there to witness it.  Photos here

Archers of Loaf & Pipe at the Haw River Ballroom - 5/11/2012
.  Beautiful venue and great performances by both
bands, but way too many c-bag fans at this one. 
Photos here.

Chain and the Gang at Kings - 4/11/2012.  If I get to see Ian Svenonious perform live in whatever band he might be
on the road with at any given moment, that is an automatic entry into best shows if the year. 
Photos here

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Cat's Cradle - 10/4/2012
The second of three "bucket list" shows I saw this
year.  Epic and mesmerizing, but my old ass would have liked a seat.

Hopscotch Music Festival in downtown Raleigh - 9/6 to 9/8/2012 (reviews of day one here, day two here, and day
three here).  I'm just lumping this whole thing together as one entry because everything I saw was great, but the highlights
were Jon Mueller's Death Blues, Screaming Females, Built to Spill, The Mountain Goats death metal covers, Oneida,
and especially the combination of Nobunny and Danny Brown playing back-to-back.  Photos for
Day One, Day Two,
Day Three

Jeff the Brotherhood at Berkeley Cafe - 6/13/2012.  Maybe not as exciting as the packed Slims show during
Hopscotch the year before, but still excellent.  Photos here.

Lambchop & Crooked Fingers at Motorco - 4/14/2012.  Actually saw Lambchop twice and Crooked Fingers a
few times, but this was the best outing for both.  You could hear a pin drop while Lambchop played.  Photos here.

Spiritualized at the Cat's Cradle - 5/12/2012
The third of three "bucket list" shows I saw this year.  Finally achieved
a life goal of hearing "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in space" performed live.  Photos here.

Terry Malts & Spider Bags at the Pinhook - 4/17/2012.  Terry Malts was one of my favorite albums of the year, and
it was nice to hear those songs live after listening to the record so many times.  . 
Photos here.

Top 4 movies of 2012!!!

These are listed alphabetically because I can't even comprehend how to compare one film's awesomeness to another. 
"Beasts of the Southern Wild" had the best cinematography and incited the most emotion.  I also watched it in a the-
ater all by myself.  "Cabin in the Woods" had the biggest surprises and twists, and was the best written.  So glad I
managed not to spoil the ending for myself before watching.  "Django Unchained" was the love story of the year.  And
as an added bonus, asses got kicked.  But not nearly as many asses as in "The Raid: Redemption", which is nothing
but ass kicking from start to finish..."Die Hard" meets hyper-stylized kung-fu films. 

Top 10 honorable mentions of 2012
(in alphabetical order)

21 Jumpstreet
The Avengers
The Innkeepers
Miss Bala
Moonrise Kingdom
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Sleepwalk With Me

Best 5 movies I saw this year that came out in a different year

Cul-De-Sac (1966)
The House of the Devil (2009)
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983)
Take Shelter (2011)
Warrior (2011)


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