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***January Twenty Fifth Two Thousand and Seven***

Jay Reatard
Got to see a glorious live show by this goofy kid at the Hemlock last Saturday - highly recommended if you
ever get a chance.  It was a "matinee" show at the Hemlock, and god knows I love a matinee show.  Nothing
better than getting to rock out and follow that up with a greasy diner mill at a decent hour.  

I took these pics with the new digital camera - still trying to figure out, but I think the lil' clicker shows a lot of

And though I generally hate these sort of blown out, too-much-flash flat photos, I thought I'd include a couple
that fit that description just to be a completist.

Tokyo Electron
These Arizona kids opened the show and some of my friends actually felt they were even better than Jay
Reatard.  I would have to disagree with that observation,  but nonetheless they were quite good - punk, sure,
but almost straight-forward hard rock as much as anything else.  the band was super-tight and very im-
pressive.  Certainly one of the best "openers" I've seen in quite some time.  

These, also, were taken with the new digi camera.  I also took film photos of both acts and just got the flicks
back, so I will hopefully be able to post them on here soon too.


Free Musics!

Beerzone - Ha Ha Ha.  I don't know dick about this band, but this was the only track on this recent new punk
        comp that I recieved that was worth a shit.  I'd be willing to guess that most of Beerzone's output is poor
        at best (from the write-up on Allmusic it looks like English meathead punk), but writing a rock song about
        Michael Jackson molesting kids is going to be a keeper no matter what.  

Boyracer - Her Fame Fades Quickly.  Entry #1 this go-around in the "college years" songs.  Fuzzy English
        pop-rock...I had a roommate who loved these guys, but I was never here nor there about them.  But I
        recently picked up their "In Full Colour" CD out of the bargain bin and I'll be damned if it isn't quite enjoable,
        and a nostalgia trip to boot.

Calla - Tijerina.  Calla have been one of my very favorite bands of the last few years (though I'm not fully sold in
        their new album "Strength In Numbers" just yet, but I'm giving it a chance).  This is a track off of their second
        album from 2001 called "Scavengers", probably my favorite song from that album but you could have hon-
        estly picked any of the tracks from the album and it would have been nearly as good.

Duster - Earth Moon Transit.  Entry #2 on the trip down college nostalgia friend Drew who is often
        pictured on this site taped me a copy of their debut record "Stratosphere" when it came out, he worked for
        Mammoth records at the time and was always getting promos from other labels.  Up records was just killing
        it in those days, and this is but one of many examples.  

River City Tanlines - Drag U Down 2 My Level.  I just realized this is my only "newer" track here...bluesy punk
        out of Memphis led by Alicja Trout, probably best known as a member of The Lost Sounds.  I could be mis-
        taken but I believe this is a cover, but I'm too lazy to go find the CD on my shelf and verify that.  

Stereolab - Pinball.  One track of the many, many songs that make up the box set "Oscillons from the Anti-Sun"
        that came out in 2005.  The whole thing is demos, B-sides, live tracks and so forth, and probably not for the
        casual fan but certainly of interest to those that are already fans of the band.  This could almost be entry #3
        of the college reminiscence, though not for this particular song but Stereolab in general - who I obsessed
        over for many years and still own god knows how many CDs by.  

***January Nineteenth Two Thousand and Seven***


Here are my big winners from my annual arbitrary list making shenanigans...

1.   The Exploding Hearts – Shattered
A compilation of unreleased tracks and alternate takes from the most perfect pop band of the last 10 years.  
(Making) Teenage Faces
Modern Kicks (Alternate Version)

2.   The Thermals – The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Having released two damn good records, I never would have guessed they had this in them.  Expanding their
sound, slowing things down and amping up their intensity all worked wonders for this troupe.
A Pillar Of Salt
Here's Your Future

3.   Ghostface Killah – Fishscale
Not just the best hip-hop album of the year, but probably the best hip-hop album of the last five years.  And
the next five years.
Back Like That

4.   Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies
If Dan Bejar releases a new Destroyer album, it's pretty much a forgone conclusion that it will be on my top
ten list.  The whole release is awesome, as usual.
European Oils
Painter In Your Pocket

5.   Brakes – Beatific Visions
They had a nice Pixies-influenced debut a year or two back, but this pop-country-punk hybrid is 18 light
years ahead of that album.  Definitely the album I've been the most obsessive about out of the bunch.
Beatific Visions
Mobile Communication
No Return

6.   Band of Horses – Everything All Of The Time
This made everyones top ten lists, and for good reason.  Beautiful stuff here from beginning to end from
some former Carissa's Wierd members.  That band never got its due, so at least people are paying
attention this time around.
The Funeral
A bunch of tracks from this album available here.

7.   TV On The Radio – Return To Cookie Mountain
Yet another fantastic sophmore album, and again probably better than the debut.  I'm beginning to think
that sophomore slump theory is pure urban myth.
Wolf Like Me

8.   My Morning Jacket – Okonokos
A live album shouldn't ordinarily make a top ten list, but this sounds as good if not better than the studio
versions of these songs.  An instant live album classic.
At Dawn
The Way That He Sings

9.   The King Khan & BBQ Show – What’s for Dinner?
A great album and one of the funnest live shows I've seen in years (along with the Eagles of Death Metal).  
Too bad they can't work their signature adlib songs about "teabagging" into their studio work.
Too Much In Love
Why Don't You Lie?

10. Eric Bachmann – To The Races
Bachmann never puts out a bad album, but this is one of the high water marks out of his entire catalogue.  
Carrboro Woman
You can also download the track "Lonesome Warrior" from the Saddle Creek website here.  

***January Fourth Two Thousand and Seven***


It's that time of year again, a time for pointless lists, my favorite time of the year.  Here ya got my favorites
ranked eleven through thirty.  Next go around I'll post the top ten and corresponding downloadables.  Enjoy
the free musics.

11. Morrissey – Ringleader of the Tormentors
He just keeps producing quality music year in and year out; I would rank this release as his best since
"Southpaw Grammar", and it might even be better than that.  
In The Future When All's Well
You Have Killed Me

12. The Nice Boys – S/T
This group is probably best known as the new band of the one surviving member of the Exploding Hearts,
but hopefully folks will look past that and see a band producing some top-notch glam/power pop songs.  
All Our Good Times
Avenue 29
Dugong Along

You can also download their song "Johnny Guitar" over on their label's website here.  

13. Mastodon – Blood Mountain
Not quite as good as their near-perfect sophomore effort from last year "Leviathan", but still a damn fine
effort from one of the best bands in metal.
Circle Of The Cysquatch
The Colony Of Birchmen

14. The Radio Dept. – Pet Grief
I know it doesn't make much sense but try and imagine Swedish twee pop run through a distortion pedal.  
It might sound goofy but it works fantastically.  
A Window
The Worst Taste In Music

15. Swan Lake – Beast Moans
Dan Bejar is the King Midas of the Vancouver music scene - everything he touches turns to gold.  Here
he joins forces with one Frog Eyeling and one Wolf Parader to produce a trio of awesomeness...comes
across very similar to his "Notorious Lightening" EP from last year.
All Fires
Are You Swimming In Her Pools
The Freedom

16. Sparklehorse - Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain
It sounds like Sparklehorse - nothing more, nothing less.  I love Sparklehorse so I got no problem with that.  
Mark Linkous has defined a sound that is uniquely his, instantly recognizable, and this newest batch of
songs is as fantastic as anything he has ever put out.
Ghost In The Sky
Morning Hollow

17. The Black Keys – Magic Potion
You wouldn't expect a couple of kids from Ohio to play fuzzy blues rock this well, but well, shit, here you have
it.  I burned a couple of their CDs for my mom and she even likes them, so it's got some multigenerationality-
ness going on.  Oh, and this is probably their best record yet.
Modern Times
Your Touch

18. Eagles of Death Metal – Death By Sexy
Not only did they put out one of the funnest records of the year, they also put on one of my favorite live shows
of the year too.  Singer Jesse Hughes is the best I've seen work a crowd since seeing Howlin' Pelle of The
Cherry Cola
Solid Gold

You can also grab the song "I Want You So Hard", another awesome track, here.

19. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Etiquette
I pretty good album overall, but more importantly, home to what was probably the greatest song of the year
in "Young Shields".  I've sorta overlooked this man/band up until now but I think it may be time to delve into
the back catalogue.  
I would have uploaded the necessary songs, but you can download "Young Shields" and some other
tracks here.

Mogwai – Mr. Beast
After a couple of mellow, almost orchestral records Mogwai returned to their roots and produced a rocker.  
And while I liked that mellower output just fine, this type of work is what they are best at.
Travel Is Dangerous

And just because I like to take lists too far, here are the also-rans as it were, or 21-30 if you prefer.
21. Thom Yorke – The Eraser.
22. Candy Bars – On Cutting Ti-gers…
23. Silversun Pickups - Carnavas.
24. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy – The Letting Go.
25. Most Serene Republic - Phages.
26. Grandaddy – Just Like The Fambly Cat.
27. Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped.
28. Built to Spill – You In Reverse.
29. Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Fur Coat.
30. Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit.

And now, a word from everyone's favorite wrestling color analyst...


Turnbuckle Talk with the American Starship Eagle

Mahatma Gandhi vs. Eddie Guerrero in a falls count anywhere, lunch lady match


Talk about a hypothetical clash for the ages: Mahatma "the Hindu Hustler" Gandhi versus Eddie Guerrero. 
At first, one immediately goes to the blood line and championship belt that Eddie sported – any resume with
a belt eliminates the humanoid element.  Plus, we all know that Eddie was hopped up on the steroids until
they blew up his heart.   Now, let's be honest here, Eddie's technical skills were shit and he would have to
"cheat to win."  However, if you're a Guerrero and eat steroids on your cornflakes … you're one tough
hombre that isn't scared of a 30-pound blanket.


Well, what about the other player on our stage.  Talk about tough, this dude once went without eating for
3 years.   In addition, our sources here at the institute have learned that Ghandi was an 8-time, king cobra
bite survivor; plus, we have learned that he twice rode an elephant through a village to trample children.  
Hell, he even showed up as Itzhak Stern in Shindler's List. 


In the end, I say it comes down to heart.  I hate to be Timmy Technical, but we saw the physiological response
put forth by Eddie's ticker.   Therefore, I take Gandhi in this one.  Unfortunately, we will never know the real
outcome, but if I will tell you this much, I wouldn't be surprised if Eddie hasn't already dropped a heavenly frog
splash on Mahatma – seconds after he told him to eat a god-damned hamburger.


What's next for the Eagle?  I suggested he expound on the topic of a zombie Owen Hart but he threatened my
life that I might besmirch that man's good name so I dropped the topic.


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