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***January Twenty Fourth Two Thousand and Five***

Some friend's pics...

Drew and Todd...these kids are from the same town in NC and go way back; I've known them
since 94 or so and we've all been good friends ever since.  We came out here at pretty much
the same time, and they only live about 2 blocks from me to this day.  What I'm saying is, I hope 
you like pics of these guys cause I got lots of them.

Some various songs as requests for friends...
+++ Television Personalities - 14th Floor, Part-Time Punks, Where's Bill Grundy Now?
...more good classic lofi pop as requested from Ian, to go along with the track posted
down on January 9th.  I especially like the third track "Where's Bill Grundy Now?"...dig that
+++ Low - California, Step ...a couple of tracks from the new Low album out on Sub Pop
for Olivia.  In some ways the album is more upbeat, and the production seems crisper,
but it's not different enough to turn off any old-time fans of the band.  Upon first listen,
"California" was an instant all-time favorite by them.  You should go to the Low website
and download the live versions of some of their songs done in the style of The Misfits,
it nearly brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it.
+++ Ali G - Animal Rights, Supergrass ...if you don't know and love Ali G by now, I feel
for you.  The Trott asked for these, and although I actually burned him a disc of Ali G stuff,
since I had uploaded it to my computer I figured I would put some up.  The animal rights
skit is probably my favorite thing he's ever done, and the Supergrass "remix" is genius.
I'm still waiting patiently for the UK episodes to be released here in the states...

***January Ninteenth Two Thousand and Five***

I can't think of nor do I have time for a more worthwhile post, but here's some random pics...

From left to right:
Cathedral in NYC
Inside an Asheville warehouse
Ft Miley (pinhole camera)

Took these three pics while walking home along the train tracks from Cafe du Nord one night.
I like the "ghostiness" of them.

***January Ninth Two Thousand and Five***

Some random music pictures...

Thee More Shallows, at The Hotel Utah I believe.  Back in the Fall, when they were doing their
residency thing...good shows fer sure.

These are from MergeFest back during the summer.  My photo-taking skills, the little that I have,
really failed me at this event and nearly everything I took was crap.  This is the best of the worst...
Eric Bachman of Crooked Fingers on the left, two Radar Bros. shots in the middle, and Richard
Buckner on the right.

And I wanted to put up some MP3s too but couldn't think of any sort of theme, so here is just five
tracks from five of the last CDs I've uploaded to my computer.

Operation S - Existence Imposee - French synthy punk band with a really hott singer.  Comparisons
to Metal Urbain seem to be the "go to" choice, and I'm too dumb to think of anything better.  If you
like The Epoxies or Glass Candy, this is like that but better.

Television Personalities - Look Back In Anger - Classic lofi track from a classic lofi Britpop band.  
One listen shows you how obvious it is these cats influenced tons of folks, Guided By Voices and
Pavement being a couple that pop to my mind first.

The Dictators - Weekend - This band was fronted by a wrestler named Handsome Dick Manitoba
and were one of the best and most influential "proto-punk" bands of the 70's.  Fronted by a wrestler...
that pretty much says it all.

The Fall - Rowche Rumble - This has always been one of my favorite songs by The Fall, I'm constantly
getting it stuck in my head.  Mark E. Smith is not an attractive man but can write a helluva quirky song.

The Thrills - Faded Beauty Queens - I've been listening to this a ton lately, just pure catchy goodness.
No sophmore slump here, "Let's Bottle Bohemia" might even be better than the first (no easy feat).

***January Third Two Thousand and Five***

Here's a few pics from this past summer...skateboarding plus friends = good times.
  This is Drew.  He takes good rock photos.
  This is Paul.  He makes books.

Also, a gratuitous glamour shot of my cat...

You know what else?  I've been listening to the shit out of the first Black Crowes album.  Laugh it up if
you'd like, but that's just good bluesy rock music there.  And that Chris Robinson has one of the best
white-boy soul voices in the business.  I memorized this album when it first came out (when I wasn't
listening to something awesome like Warrant or Enuff Z'Nuff), and just recently revisited it.   Here's a
few tracks...

Jealous Again
Could I've Been So Blind
Seeing Things

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