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***February Twenty Fourth Two Thousand and Five***

Parchman Farm
Local rockers, purveyors of the boogie music that the kids like so much these days.  Their
live show is one of the best things around, not as good as a Mitchell's chocolate milkshake
but damn close.  Go read their bio over at the Jackpine website, it's pure comedy.  These
pics are from a live show they played on February 18th.

On this evening they were joined on their final song by Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer.  It
was fan-fucking-tastic.

Also: you know the Jeopardy! skit from SNL?  Sure, it's probably the best thing they've come
up with on that show in many moons.  Well, go here to download an asston of episodes.  Maybe
even all of them I think?  Whatever, they make me laughlike a retarded baboon.

Also Also: I made a mix for the old lady over the weekend, now that she drives all the time and
her new work-supplied minivan has a CD player, she wanted some new musics to listen to.  It's
all pretty pop friendly stuff, she doesn't shine so much on the heavier stuff.  I decided I would post
the 20-track CD here in 5 song increments...
1.  David Bowie - Queen Bitch...I've been listening to the shit out of "Hunky Dory" lately.  It's
      pretty much a perfect album from start to finish.
2.  Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance with You...Not a huge fan of these guys, but this is
      a damn catchy song.  Loads of downloads on this website.
3.  Sloan - The Rest of My Life...I've always found these Canucks very hit-or-miss, but this track
      gets stuck in my head constantly.
4.  20-20s - Remember the of the best pop songs ever written?  I think so.
5.  The Revelons - Brighter Side...largely unsung all-star group (featuring members of Television,
      Patti Smith's group) that never had an album out until this retrospective collected all of their
      random tracks onto one disc.

***February Fifteenth Two Thousand and Five***

Jeff Reeves

A fellow North Cackolakian, a hell of a skateboarder, and damn photogenic.  God only
knows how many photos of this guy I have.

A couple of pinhole shots from Ft. Miley.

Some skate shots.  I'm a terrible skate photographer but it's fun anyways.  The first is in
Palo Alto, and is the only photo I've ever had published in a magazine (Concussion).  The
next two are from the mini-ramp in Half Moon Bay, the fourth is Ripon, and the last one is on
the vert extension in Sunnyvale.

Other Random Tidbits...
Maybe I'm a sap, but these photographs of snowflakes are downright mesmerizing.  For
some reason I've always found their shape fascinating.

Somehow I came across this band Carrier on one of the internets a while back.  They have
a number of songs available for download on their website (look under downloads), and I
nicked them all and have really been enjoying it lately.  especially of interest is the song "The
Paper Trail", which sounds like Air backed by Swervedriver guitars.  Pretty fucking fantastic.

Speaking of Swervedriver, if you wander over to their site you can download a ton of live
tracks by them; they even have each of their albums as live tracks arranged in downloadable
fashion, and a collection of b-sides/rarities/what-have-you as well.  Certainly one of my favorite
bands of the nineties and still in my regular rotation (especially "Mezcal Head" and "99th

This is not only possibly my favorite Grandaddy song of all time, but the greatest christmas
song ever written (or ripped off, depending on your stance).  Plus, it makes me laugh.
Grandaddy - Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland

Although I don't listen to Built to Spill nearly as much as I used to, I still consider "Perfect from
Now On" to be one of those desert-island discs that I can't live without.  You just have to appre-
ciate that the band got signed to a major on the basis of writing short, catchy pop songs, and
decided that the appropriate way to use all that new money to channel their inner Neil Young
and release an album full of sprawling, epic guitar rock.  It is still an amazing album, and has
held up well as far as I'm concerned.  Here are a couple of favorites from the album.
Built to Spill - Stop the Show; Velvet Waltz

***February Sixth Two Thousand and Five***

Finally got the new scanner up-and-running, so I got some new photos to post.  Word.

The Mothballs...saw these guys play the other night at Thee Parkside.  They were sloppy
and fun, everything I was looking for in a good time that night (this description also works
for the drunk hooker I picked up after the show).  Below are some photos from the evening...

Here are a couple of songs from the new A-Frames record out on Sub Pop in a couple of
months or something like that.  It's fuckin' great.
Death Train

***February First Two Thousand and Five***

Shit, I have all these photos to upload and put up but I can't figure out how to work my new
scanner.  And the old lady, who should know where the manual is, is out of town.  So here
are photos of dogs!

These are from a trip to NYC last spring...the st. bernard is named Tonka and the french
bulldog is named Ladu, both fine dogs.  Taken with the sonar polaroid, time zero film, blah
blah blah.

Also:  Check out this band called The Spinto Band.  I don't know shit about them, but their
song "Oh Mandy" is some damn fine poppy goodness.

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