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***August Thirty First Two Thousand and Thirteen***



Burt's many sleeping poses.  Cary, NC. 

Dodge Dart, seen better days but still rad. Raleigh, NC. 

O'er Photos:
A few more from the medium format film developed from our trip to Mexico back in November.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Caracol (Observatory), Chichen Itza, Mexico.

The flat Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. 


You've probably already seen it, but Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is very entertaining.
Some highlights are his chats with
Chris Rock, David Letterman, Seth Meyers, and Ricky Gervais.

A series of paintings titled Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings - I don't think you need any more information
than that. 

This cat Anthony Karen is doing great photojournalist work in some very sketchy places. 

In the Photo journal, you've got two new entries - one from a trip to Carolina Beach, and another of random shit.

The Music reviews for this month are very sparse which is the norm lately.  Just know the new Superchunk record is
amazing and then there is everything else.


Rob Delaney

I'm not really a twitter person, but Rob Delaney is a big deal on there.  One of the best comedians on the medium, or
so everyone says.  I'd never seen him perform live in any fashion though, so I was curious to see how his online short-
form snarkiness would translate to a packed Kings.  The gig was just him - no openers, he just walked out on stage
and started with the funny.  And it was pretty damn funny - maybe not the best I've ever seen, but definitely very enjoy-
able.  For the most part Delaney was more of a story-telling type of comedian as opposed to a straight-up joke
machine...there would be lulls in the laughs as he set up his scenarios, but pretty much all those stories paid off.  There
was no crowd work or audience interaction at all, which unless you're Todd Barry is mostly fine by me.  It was a fun night
out, I'd definitely see him again - he's definitely more than just a twitter savant.

(Photo not mine, but I really wish it was.)


Speedy Ortiz
with Organos
The Pinhook

I don't think I've ever made a trip to the Pinhook and not seen my friend Reid (from Schooner) there.  Sometimes he's
on stage, sometimes he's not, but he's always there.  Tonight he was on stage, as he is one of the members of
Organos, a band led by his special lady friend Maria Albani.  They were also joined by one of the kids from Hammer
No More the Fingers as guest drummer.  I would fully consider them a fey twee pop band if it weren't for Maria's big
voice & big personality - she has a stage demeanor most would kill for.  Their songs are sometimes a little too cutesy
and don't always work for me, but the ones that do work are powerful and catchy and nearly perfect.  I don't know any
of their song titles to weigh in further on this matter, but it's certainly a large enough percentage of their set list to keep
you interested for their whole show. 

No slight intended to the other bands, but my main motivation for driving to Durham this evening was Speedy Ortiz, on
tour from Massachusetts.  I was intrigued after hearing their debut full-length "Major Arcana," and even though they
were going to be back a few weeks later at Hopscotch seeing them now would help deal with potential scheduling
problems during the festival.  They've gotten comparisons, mostly because of the guitars, to Polvo, but the better com-
parison is Ash Bowie's other band, Helium.  They were more pop than Polvo, just as Speedy Ortiz are; and they Had
Mary Timony singing for them, whose voice is a little deeper than the singer for Speedy Ortiz, but the delivery is very
similar.  But I wonder how aware these kids are of Helium?  They had a popular phase in the mid-to-late nineties (when
the members of Speedy Ortiz were probably just starting elementary school), but no one seems to much talk about
them anymore.  Anyways, blah blah this is a live show review and not an album review, so how were they live?  Well...
they sounded a lot like Helium.  I'm not complaining.  the band had been on tour for a while and you could tell, they
were very tight.  Great guitar work, with the non-singing dude guitarist flailing around the stage, and a few times off
of it.  The bassist was rocking a UNC hat, and I was curious if it was something he always had and it was just a
coincidence they were in the Triangle, or just if he just bought the hat when he got to town.  Thumbs up for these kids,
definitely worth checking out at Hopscotch this year. 


Ed Schrader's Music Beat
with Lilac Shadows

Sunday fun-day, Ed Schrader's Music Beat was in town!  Based on attendance most people are not excited by this,
but I sure as hell was.  Sure, they basically play the same show every time, but it's a damn entertaining one.  Am I crazy
for thinking all the upbeat songs sound like a stripped-down Ministry and all the mellow songs sound like Joy Division? 
Probably just me, but who cares, the songs make me happy.  Their debut record "Jazz Mind" is a fantastic represent-
ation of their live sound if you've never seen them before.  They're not for everyone, but right now they are one of my
favorite live acts that come through town regularly. 

Lilac Shadows opened the show.  A year or so back it felt like they had a big buzz behind them and I wouldn't have
been surprised if they jumped up to that next level, but that doesn't seem to be happening.  Which is too bad because
they play some excellent Handsome Furs-style indie pop.  There seems to have been some personnel changes though
and maybe things are just on the back burner for now, and the band will rise from the ashes.  Well not ashes, as they
haven't been set on fire, but you get my drift.


Whatever Brains

I've proven time and time again that I can't write a decent review of the always amazing Whatever Brains, and yet I
persist, like Sisyphus and that damn rock.  This gig was actually the record release party for their third self-titled album
out on Sorry State.  I'm not sure what they have against giving their records specific titles, perhaps they just want people
to be confused when referring to their releases.  Anyways, they played old and new songs both, sounded great, much
fun was had as per usual.  Items of note:

1.  Musically they might be turning into the Fall, though luckily no one seems to be physically turning into Mark E. Smith. 
     I don't have a problem with this.

2.  The exception to this being the en of their set, wherein they played a 15 minute long electro-kraut jam that sounded
     like the Liars.  For large portions of the song there were playing with two drummers, two keyboardists, and the
     bassist kept bassing.  This song isn't on the new record, but I really hope they record it. 
3.  There were some attractive but drunk girls standing next to me who spent the entire show yelling "pizza party" at the
     band.  No idea if it was some inside joke or they were just being drunk.  These are the things you get away with when
     you are attractive, nobody murdered them though it would have been justified. 

As always, I'm already looking forward to seeing Whatever Brains play again.


"All I wanted was to eat the chicken that is smarter than other chickens and to absorb it's power."

Deaf Aids - Aren't People Strange.  One of the all-time great unknown punk songs.  Can't get enough of this. 

Hunx - Hairdresser Blues.  I think I already posted some of these songs when I made my "best of" list at the end of
last year, but I don't feel like double-checking so here they are again. 
Bonus: Let Me In
Bonus: Private Room

King Tuff - Baby Just Break.  What I said about Hunx may apply here too.  Catchy songs.  "Bad Thing" should have
been a much bigger hit than it was. 
Bonus: Bad Thing

Oneida - 50 Tea.  Kraut space jamz, shit be good.
Bonus: Caesar's Column

Pernice Brothers - Something for You.  Joe Pernice really knows his way around a pop hook.
Bonus: The Great Depression

Reverend Charlie Jackson - Fix It Jesus.  Well, we're waiting Jesus.  Fix it already. 

Rhye - Open.  It sounds like Sade, but it's a dude singing for the record. 

Sigur Rós - Varúđ.  I have nothing to say about this Sigur Rós song.  It's very Sigur Rós-y. 

Spiritualized - Lord Let It Rain On Me.  They get a lot of grief for this record, but even a mediocre Spiritualized album
has some great songs on it. 
Bonus: Oh Baby


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