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***August Thirty First Two Thousand and Six*** lots of photos to post but still working on scanner issues and it is driving me insane and yadda
yadda yadda here is a picture I took from Epicly Later'd of The Gonz doing a wallride at the Brooklyn Banks
with a water bottle in his mouth.  Pretty much my favorite skate photo in ages.  

Anyways, here are some free musics to download.  Get it before this cat does.

Candy Bars - Violets.  One of my favorite records of the year so far, which is not something I can say often
        about bands from Florida.  Dig those sleigh bells kick in, makes me smile every time.

Hypatia Lake - Joseph And The Divine Intervention.  This album is kinda all over the place, but this track,
        expecially the guitars, always stands out to me.  

Oranger - Stoney Curtis In Reverse
.  Early Oranger action.  My love of their most recent album has prompted
        me to give their older material a second chance; not as good, but better than I remembered, and this is
        one of the highlights.

Rocky Votolato - Portland Is Leaving.  Rocker-turned-emoish-singer-songwriter, but fuck it he wrotes some
        good damn songs and has a great voice.  

The Beatings - Feel Good Ending
.  I find most of the output of this Beantown group to be hit-or-miss, but
        when it hits it kills.  Husker Du meets Pixies meets old Superchunk, it's like the good songs were custom
        designed to my tastes.

The Dreadful Yawns - You Sold The Farm
.  If it wasn't for the fact that it came out last year, this record would
        probably be a shoe-in for my favorite record of the year.  Folky country-tinged pop...The Byrds, CSNY,
        Beachwood Sparks, and Kingsbury Manx all serve as touchstones.

The Eagles Of Death Metal - Cherry Cola.  I think their new record is even better and more fun than the first.

The Penetrators - Life Stinks.  If it comes out on Swami, just buy it.  That label has never let me down.  This
        is a reissue of some late 70's party punk, lots of great tracks, this is one of many.  Makes me think of
        The Dictators.

***August Eleventh Two Thousand and Six***

Hola internets!  Long time no see!  I have no valid excuse other than laziness.  Um, and I got kidnapped, yeah
that is what happened...

a few flicks:

Oh look, I stood in exactly the same spot to take a bunch of photos of a one-man band!  Jesus I'm dumb
sometimes.  But I'll be damned if BBQ wasn't as awesome as ever.  You should really do yourself a favor
and buy his "Tie Your Noose" disc/vinyl, it's worth owning for "Waddlin' Around" alone.  

The Mothballs

How many damn photos have I taken of this band?  I've lost count.  Too bad they are always awesome,
and they play out a lot.  A match made in heaven.


Also: I've updated the final two parts of our vacation to Thailand, and it's the two best parts.

Also also:  I've started a new section up above to compile all the crappy music reviews I've written over the
years, just for shits-n-giggles I guess. The first chunk is now posted.


Sevin Sawngs Fur Listnin Two.
Just some shit I been digging lately...

André Ethier - Let Me Put My Suitcase Down.  This is the lead track off of his solo album that came out
            back in 2004.  He is probably best known for is work with the Deadly Snakes, but I guess since they
            just recently broke up this might be his new full-time thing?  I dunno, but it sounds like a good idea to
            me - while I've liked everything I've heard by the Snakes, I like this record a lot more.  Also worth
            noting: there is a rookie player for the hated Dodgers with the same name as this cat, which tripped
            me out the first time I saw it.  
Chris Brokaw - My Confidante.  Chris Brokaw was in Codeine, one of the greatest bands ever.  I can't
            say that I feel as strongly about all of his other work, but this track off of a same-titled EP is as good
            as anything he contributed to Codeine.
Criteria - Mainline Life.  Most musicians are lucky to be in one good band.  Stephen Pedersen has been in
            three - Cursive, The White Octave, and now Criteria.  Despite his having attended that pit of hatred
            known as Duke, I at least get ot claim him and his work as having a North Carolina connection.  This
            sounds like classic mid-90's guitar driven indie rock, the very material on which I formed so much of
            my musical mind.
Danielson - Two Sitting Ducks.  This is not the best song on his newish album "Ships" - that would be
            "Did I Step on Your Trumpet?", but everyone and their brother had put that up for download so I'm
            listing my second favorite track from the record.  I've been engrossed by Daniel Smith and his clan of
            merry religious freaks for years, but I'm still not aloud to play his music around the house when the old
            lady is there or she has a fit.
Sparrow - The Early Years.  This is the outfit of Jason Zumpano, formerly of the awesome pop group
            Zumpano.  No, I'm not sure how long that band spent thinking up that name, but it is a good question.  
            Anyways - more pop music.  When done right, you can never have too much of it; and while the album
            this is from ("The Early Years") isn't perfect there are plenty of highlights and it is well worth looking into
            if you like the catchy goodness.
The Red Onions - A New Direction.  This would be the best song of the bunch IMO; just good, catchy old-
            school style punk.  I don't know much about the band - they are from L.A., every song of the 5 track EP
            this is off of rules, and I'm guessing pretty girls like to touch their ding-dongs.  Really, that's all that you
            need to know anyways.
Tight Bros From Way Back When - Drop to My Knees.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that every
            review this band ever got in their short existence used the term "cock rock".  But I'm not sure what else
            to say about it - it just fuckin' rocks.  Thankfully Jared is still giving us the good tunes with Big Business,
            who bring more rippingness than any two piece ever should, yes even more than The Captain & Tenille
            if you can believe that.  

Also: Change yer drawers, cause in one month:

The new Mastodon record comes out.  I've already heard it, and it fucking kills, then resurrects, then kills again.  
Try not to pop too many boners while you are in line waiting to purchase it, cause the cover art is just goddamn
gorgeous.  Boners.


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