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***April Thirtieth Two Thousand and Eighteen***   

It's prom with the one what brung ya.


Instagram -

Toddler vs. giant Costco pizza.  Apex, NC.

Auction Thursday.  Marion, NC.  

Country store.  (Outside) Mocksville, NC.  

Sale on red paint.  Raleigh, NC.  


Links -

Quartersnacks put together a Bobby Worrest remix video...why?  No idea, but I'm always happy to watch Bobby.

Girl tour videos are always a ton of fun, and this one is no exception.  As always, never enough Rick Howard or Mike
Carroll, but thankfully plenty of Vincent Alvarez.  

Good reason to watch this Mark Frolich part?  He's damn talented.  
Better reason?  Not one but two Roky Erickson songs.  
Best reason?  That mustache.  

Not quite as many new I've now been working from an office for two months, my backlog of music I hadn't
listened to yet has diminished.  I've still put a few things up
here though.  Records of the month are the new ones from
Hot Snakes and Superchunk, and both will likely be fighting out to be my favorite of the year.      


Movies -

I missed my monthly quota by one!  That padding from January through March is starting to pay off.  29 out of 30 for
April, and 126 out of 120 for the first third of the year.  

Best of the month: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
Worst of the month: Lady Psycho Killer (2015)
Well, that was fucking depressing: I Am Evidence (2018)
Four hours of Elvis is probably too much Elvis: Elvis Presley: The Searcher (2018)
Hey, I get this joke!: Steve McQueen being a terrible driver in The Hunter (1980)
Even though it's a joke movie I legit love this song: "Beautiful Ride" from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)
Unsure if I can still have a crush on her in this role at this point in my life: Cherry Valence in The Outsiders (1983)
If he knocked up his mom could he have become his own father?: Back To The Future (1985)

Everything else: 
New Wave: Dare To Be Different (2018), Jasper Redd: Jazz Talk (2014), Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon
(1943), Gip (2016), The Secret Life Of Pets (2016), Murder On The Orient Express (2017), Pink Floyd: The Story Of
Wish You Were Here (2012), Time After Time (1979), Loving (2016), Fugitive Alien (1987), Andre The Giant (2018),
Girls Trip (2017), The Art Of The Shine (2018),  First Lady Of The Revolution (2016), Adore (2013), Okja (2017),
Geostorm (2017), GI Jews: Jewish Americans In WWII (2017),Operation Odessa (2018), Look & See: Wendell
Berry’s Kentucky (2016), King In The Wilderness (2018)


PRF South (Day Two)
With Wailin’ Storms, Spider Bags, and Maple Stave
The Pinhook

I’m still not entirely sure what PRF is (some sort of music forum I think?), but they put on a whole weekend of shows in
Durham under the name PRF South.  It had been a while since my lazy ass had left the house for some rock music,
and this seemed as good a time as any. 

There were bands scheduled all day at the Pinhook, but I'm rarely an “all day” sort of person, and instead got there in
the early evening to take in just a few sets.  First was Wailin’ Storms, a local group I’m always seeing listed on bills,
but I've never actually witnessed in person.  They’re a four piece of mostly tall dudes, which I only note because so
many musicians are short.  I don’t know why that is, but it felt noteworthy.  They had a smoke machine, and they had it
working overtime…not great for photos, but who doesn’t enjoying feeling like they’re watching a band inside of a bub-
bling cauldron?  They were pretty damn heavy, yet not what I consider metal – my first instinct was the punk of Drive
Like Jehu crossed with the sludge of Tar, maybe throw in some Unsane…I really need to update my references past
the early nineties probably.  I dug it for the most part, and since their set was only thirty minutes they never overstayed
their welcome.  Let me go on record that with only a few exceptions, I’m totally fine with thirty minute sets being the
norm for every band.

After all that rock and hard work of standing around losing my hearing, I was forced to go upstairs to Pie Pushers and
eat pizza.  That all rock clubs don’t have a pizza parlor directly above them is a goddamn traveshamockery, and it
makes me question their dedication to the craft of making me happy.  

Speaking of my desire for short sets, the next act I saw, Spider Bags – are maybe my favorite local, are definitely one
of the exceptions – they are always welcome to play as long as they want.  I haven’t seen them in what feels like for-
ever (actual elapsed time: a little less than three years) – they used to play constantly, but much to my chagrin they
have slowed way, WAY down.  There were new songs this evening, and a mention of an impending new record, so
hopefully the live appearances will again become more plentiful.  In fact, outside of starting their set with “Que Viva
Rock N’ Roll” and one other older track, they performed nothing but new songs.  And if those new tracks are indicative
of the rest of what is to come, their transformation from garage punk to a modern version of the James Gang is getting
closer and closer to completion.  You know who’s a-ok with that?  This guy right here.

The last band I caught this night was Maple Stave, the closest thing we have in this area to the late-nineties/early-
oughts math rock that used to dominate my listening habits.  I’m not sure if that once dominant style of music has
died out, or I’m just not tuned into the scene anymore, but it feels like you rarely hear math rock anymore.  Or maybe
it was never as popular as I thought it was back then, and it was my own listening habits that skewed my perception? 
Fuck, who knows.  They’re pretty damn good at it though, and even if I don’t listen to this kind of rock all that often now,
if you are in the mood Maple Stave is a pretty good option.  Double baritone guitars but no bass, a drummer that plays
so hard you’re afraid he might have a heart attack at any moment, exceptionally silly song titles…they check all the
boxes, and with aplomb.  Good on them. 


PRF South (Day Three)
With Five Eight, Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends, and 1970s Film Stock
The Pinhook

Like the day before, I headed back over to Durham to catch a few acts from the all day festivities that are PRF South. 
This day featured a special guest: a torrential storm!  I found their music a little redundant, to be honest.

No slight to the other performances this night, but the real excitement for me was Five Eight.  They were one of the first
bands I ever saw live, back in the early nineties as a 10th grader (I think).  The club was called the Squashpile - it was
in a bombed out, super dead part of Asheville that now is the home to breweries and high end lofts for rich people.  It
also doubled as a makeshift skatepark, which was actually the reason I was there, but I dug what Five Eight was offer-
ing and bought whatever cassette they had for sale (which is long since gone, apparently with all the rest of my tapes
that got lost in one of my many moves).  I saw them one other time a couple years later during college, but it had still
been nearly 25 years since this band was last in my life.  They’re a little older and greyer now (who isn’t), but honestly
not a thing had changed…equal parts punk and art rock and that jangle pop sound for which their hometown of Athens
is famous, their songs manage to be both weird and catchy at the same time.  My biggest surprise was learning this
show wasn’t part of a reunion – this band never stopped!  The output has been sporadic, but they’ve seemingly seem-
ingly remained a group throughout, including a new record last year that I need to make a point of hearing.

Next up was Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends, a loose musical collective featuring Conan and whichever of his
musician friends are free to record and/or play gigs with him at any particular time.  Collaborators have included former
and/or current members of Melvins, Big Business, Coliseum, and more; and on this particular evening, they employed
two-thirds of Maple Stave to round out their line-up.  Conan and I go way, WAY back - I met him pretty early on after I
moved to SF, and saw his old band Replicator tons of times.  This is very different – you’re much more likely to get a
Kiss comparison for this act rather than the constant Shellac comparisons Replicator always got.  They're going for a
very big, almost theatrical heavy rock n’ roll sound, and Conan has a stage presence that far outsizes a place with the
capacity of the Pinhook.  They’re definitely fun, and even though I’d never heard it before, their song “Chair Of Antlers”
wormed it’s way right into my head for the next few days.

I stuck around to hear some of 1970s Film Stock, knowing absolutely nothing about the act but having seen the name
on a number of show bills over the last couple of years.  Turns out it’s not a band, but just one dude playing guitar.  It
was mostly instrumental with the occasional sparse vocal, plus a shitload of pedals and samplers and god knows what
else at his disposal.  He did a lot of layering - playing notes/chords, looping the line, then adding a different part on top
of that, etc - it was at times spacy, swirly, psychedelic…insert like-minded adjective here.  It was somewhere loosely in
the realm of Umma Gumma-era Pink Floyd combined with Chuck Johnson in his Spatula days.  These are all things I
like, so I give 1970s Film Stock the proverbial thumbs up. 


“Sometimes when you make an omelet you’ve gotta break a few eggs. What’s the alternative? No omelets at all? Who
wants to live in that kind of world? Maybe birds. Then all their babies would live.”

Jenny Besetzt - Only.  This might be my favorite song of the year so far.  Too bad it's six years old.  
Hours We Could Have Spent Fucking With The TV On

Lee Hazlewood - Forget Marie.  There's like an 80% chance I've posted these Hazlewood songs before.
No Train To Stockholm
The Night Before

Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell.  So adams went from trying to be Uncle Tupelo with Whiskeytown to trying to be Radio-
head with his solo work.  Ok then.  
This House Is Not For Sale

Sturgill Simpson - In Bloom (Nirvana cover).  The only country thing about any Sturgill record are his covers of
non-country songs.  

All Around You
Keep It Between the Lines

Webb Pierce - In the Jailhouse Now.  OG honkeytonk.  Turns out the Soggy Bottom Boys didn't write this one after
There Stands The Glass

Wooden Shjips - Black Smoke Rise.  Tune in, turn it up, zone out.
Lazy Bones


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