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***April Twenty Ninth Two Thousand and Seven***




Some random shots from a visit to see Chelsea's dad last September.  He lives in and runs a small bike shop
in a tiny town on the Montana border called Clark Fork.  He built the bike you see in the last photo (click any to

It's crazily beautiful up in that neck of the nation, I recommend a visit there if you ever get a chance.  Plus, there
is an ice cream stand in the nearby town of Sandpoint called Dubs that serves the largest ice cream cones I've
ever seen in my life. 


Turnbuckle Talk with the American Starship Eagle

Well kiddos, your Uncle Starship Eagle is well on his way back to the stroke house, but I have to be honest, it
would not have been possible without support of the Starship-Eagle Maniacs out there.   Thus, I thought that I
would take a moment to share a few of the notes that I received, which helped your old pal wade past the corn
in the bowels of life.


Pierre Babaganush writes,


Dear Mr. Eagle: First let me start by saying that I share your pain.  In 2003, I had a testicle injury; well, it was
move of a removal.  I grew up in a small dairy town in southeast New Mexico, where my life was relegated to
teat squeezing and Sunday school (I was pretty proficient in both), so although Jesus was in my heart, the
Devil was tap dancing on my loins.   One night after vacation bible school, a couple us craft instructors went
out for supper and the next thing you know, we are all hopped up on the fire water.   Luckily, one of the guys
lived within walking distance, so we stumbled on over to his place.  Well, the drinks kept flowing and before
too long we had an elephant walk going that would make any fraternity jealous.   Suddenly, my friend began
to call himself Master Travis and us his slaves.  To make a long story short, he talked us slaves into do-
nating our testicles for "the last meal of the righteous few."   After a few box blade swipes, Master Travis had
a zip lock full of nards and a pound of hushpuppie mix.  Honestly, I look back on that day with nothing but
regret; however, I try to push those thoughts deep into the recesses of my brain to survive.   Thus, I just
wanted to let you know although you junk is mangled; you can still live on.  – Pierre Babaganush


Although this nardless fool had his balls bathed in hushpuppie mix, he has a point: balls don't make the man;
it's how he wields his dick throughout the rest of his life that matters.   True, so true, my friend you are so very


Here is another letter of inspiration – this one is from Lenny Poffo:


Dear American Starship Eagle, I just wanted to say that you provide the model of what is pure in humanity.  
Normally I find life to be an enigma wrapped in a riddle, shrouded in mystery, and stuffed inside a turkey,
but your tale has set it out so clearly for me.   Thank you for showing me that there are really no reasons to
stop fighting for what you love.  Damn it, I am going to get out of these shackles and back to Thailand.   
– Lenny


Well, Lenny is now tossing frisbees with the children of Heaven, and I know this much: I am proud to have
reached his soul.   I would just like to thank him, Pierre and all of the other great folks that helped your pal get
back on the horse(s) … diamonds are forever, and so is Uncle Starship Eagle.


Free Musics.

Kings Of Leon - Knocked Up.  Simply put, the new Kings of Leon record "Because of the Times" is not only
their best record to date, but it's probably the best album to come out this year.  These are my two favorite tracks.
Bonus: McFearless

La Peste - Better Off Dead. Criminally overlooked punk band from Boston in the late seventies.  They only
officially released one single but there were a shit-ton of bootlegs floating around and in the mid-nineties Matador
decided to put out a compilation.  This is one of the greatest punk songs of all time for my money, and the bonus
song kills as well. 
Bonus: Don't Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonite

Lambchop - Up With People (Live).  This live Lambchop track reminds me of the time a few years ago when
I got to see the band play a live score/soundtrack to accompany the
F.W. Murnau silent film "Sunrise".  I don't
suppose that really has anythind to do with this track, but it was pretty awesome anyways. 

Radar Bros. - Rock Of The Lake.  Greatest Pink Floyd cover band ever, and I mean that in the best possible

Rocket From The Crypt - Heads Are Gonna Roll.  One of my favorite RFTC songs ever.  Only thing that ranks
higher is probably "Dick on a Dog", which contains quite possibly the greatest lyrics of all time.

Teenage Fanclub - The Town And The City.  Teenage Fanclub is the greatest pop band of the last 20 years. 
If yo don't agree, you are a moron.  I'm not one who usually words things in such a strong manner, but facts are

The Monks - We Do Wie Du.  I've been listening to a lot of Monks lately, and I decided to bypass the obvious
go-to track that everyone always uploads, "Black Monk Time", and went with the second best song on this re-
tardedly awesome album.

***April Sixteenth Two Thousand and Seven***


Total B.S.


The truly great thing about living in an area with so many awesome musical acts, is eventually they get bored
writing new material and touring the world and decide they want to form a Bob Seger cover band.  It makes
total sense if you really think about it.  So ultimately you end up with some dudes from Comets on Fire and
Drunk Horse and Harold Ray: Live in Concert performing a bunch of early-era Bob Segar Sound System songs
and though this all probably started as a drunken idea it totally fuckin' rips.

Keep an eye on their myspace page for upcoming live dates, in the event you ever want to have a really good

(Click on the photos to enlarge; oh, and in that 5th picture, I know it looks a bit confusing but that's cause Ryan
from The Mothballs jumped on the stage and got all tangled up with Jason Morgan and I'm pretty sure the end
result was an unwanted pregnancy)

(Oh, and in case anyone cares, these were all shot with my half-frame camera, hence the verticality)


The comb-over of free music sites!

Deerhoof - The Perfect Me.  A couple of tracks off of their newer album "Friend Opportunity".  The second song
here might be the craziest thing they've ever done, a real Shaggs-inspired electro-masterpiece.
Bonus - Kids Are So Small.

Jeremy Enigk - Been Here Before.  I still think the former Sunny Day Real Estate's debut album "Return of the
Frog Queen" is his best work, but his newer release ain't nothing ot sneeze at.  My only real complaintis that it is
a little too overproduced. 
Bonus - Cannons.

My Morning Jacket - Heartbreakin' Man.  Despite my love of this band I've only recently spent much time
listening to their debut release "The Tennessee Fire".  It pretty much rules just like everything else that they have
released - big surprise, I know.
I Will Be There When You Die

Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.  Maybe my favorite Neil Young song.  Certainly top 5 at least.

***April Fourth Two Thousand and Seven***


My apologies to all four of my readers for the lack of updates - the screen on my old computer broke so I've been
purchasing and switching over to a new machine this past month.  Anyways...

I know I posted a few photo journal entries of digital photos taken on our trip to Thailand last summer, but I just re-
cently realized that I totally forgot to post the regular ol' film photos I took.  So here are a few of the highlights...
(click on images to enlarge)




Also: More to come soon from our favorite wrestling correspondent Anerican Starship Eagle once he gets back
from his tour of Burmese Cobra Pit Fighting tournaments.  And there may be some additional contributions from
my man Falfe Metal if he can put down the bong long enough to piece together a few sentences. 


I'll put a hundred bucks on "Free Musics" in the 5th race!

Dodo Bird - The Ball.  Everyone should really do themselves a favor, find the self-titled Dodo Bird album, and
listen to it obsessively. 

Jay Reatard - Fading All Away.  Since I've featured photos taken of this spazzy rocker twice in the last few
posts, I think it is easy to say that I'm quite into this music right now. 
Bonus Track: It's So Easy.

Lucero - I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight
.  I got real excited the other day when I found one of my Lucero
CDs that I had been looking everywhere for (it was in the Calla "Televise" case).  That is really neither here nor
there for this track, which rule, but I just felt like saying it. 

Mew - Why Are You Looking So Grave?
Your ears are not deceiving you - yes, that is J. Mascis contributing
vocals and "hot licks" to this track.  I'm a big Mew fan anyways, but add  someone as badass as Mascis and
you've spun gold.

Starflyer 59 - Mic The Mic
.  Year in, year out, these guys never let me down - every album they put out is great...
they never punch you in the face with greatness or wow you out of the gate, but you give the records a couple of
listens and it seeps into your skin.  Slow and steady win the race or something like that.
Bonus Track: The Frontman

The Ponys - Fall Inn
.  I was trying to think up something interesting to say about The Ponys, but nothing is
coming to me.  Good song though. 


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