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***April Twenty Seventh Two Thousand and Five***

Vacation Photos (part two)

The lethargic look (a look that some might refer to as "lizardly") on Chelsea's face in the
first photo pretty well sums up the "peaceful, easy feeling" of life in the South Pacific.  This
is us on a boat ride to "Turtle Island", which was cool and depressing at the same time.  
And yes, the Eagles do suck, but I used the quote anyways.

I was particularly enamored with all of the Hindu statues, and took lots of photos of them.
One interesting item that I did not know beforehand is that in Hinduism, everything has a
soul or a spirit or whatever you want to call it; because of this, you'll often see statues that
have been dressed in clothing as they don't want the spirits to appear naked.

This joint is one of the most holy temples on the whole island, a water temple known as Sebatu.
There is a natural spring here and the water is considered holy and yadda yadda yadda it was
pretty damn beautiful but I had to wear a skirt to go in it.  The first three statue pictures are all
from this place.

I know it's hard to make out here, but this shot is from visiting the rim of the volcano Mt. Batur.  
It last erupted in the sixties if I recall correctly, and you could still see the lava flow inside of the
crater.  I think chelsea might have better pictures of this one, I'll post some of those at a later
date once I get off my ass and actually load them on my computer.  

The pictures I'm most looking forward to seeing/posting I haven't developed yet as I need to finish
off the roll of film, so a third installment will follow...soon hopefully.  Again, getting off of my ass will
be required, no small feat for me.

Also - note at the top of the page - photo archives are up and ready to go!  I'll be updating these
periodically as I post new photos on the site, but i may be a month behind or so generally.

I've religiously been listening ot the Wolfmother EP, this band of rockers from Australia who des-
perately need to both tour over here and put out more material.  Until someone yells at me, here is
the EP
- don't be surprised if these lads get huge.  The first two tracks are pure Black Sabbath-meets-
Blue Cheer genius, the third track is what the White Stripes would sound like if Jack had a bad ass
drum and bass combo behind him, and the final track is like Led Zepplin for the oughts.  Good god
I really love this.

***April Nineteenth Two Thousand and Five***

Vacation Photos (part one)

So we went to Bali a little less than a month ago, and these are a few pictures I took from
the trip.

During a day long tour we took as part of our package trip, our guide took us on a tour
through an actual Balinese home.  Rather than one large house with multiple rooms,
they instead had a walled-in compound with many one-room in this
building, bed in this other one, bathroom over in that one, etc.  These are some pic-
tures from within the compound.  

The compound was full of animals...the first pic is porcupines, which they eat over there;
the second pic is their chickens - cock fighting is still legal and very popular in Bali; third
pic is some random caged dove-like bird; and the final pic was the compound's cute kitty
kat, located here inside of the kitchen.  Not pictured were the pigs, the random chickens
wandering around, and the dogs.  There were so many dogs wandering around the island,
never chained, not a care in the world.

On that same tour we got to check out some terraced rice patties...pretty rad.  The foliage
on this island was so green and so dense, I felt as if I was on the set of a Vietnam war movie.
I kept waiting for Robert Duvall to come flying by blasting "Ride of the Valkyres" out of his heli-
coptor and then getting burned to death by napalm.  Well, not really.

More to come later...


Here's three songs I'm really digging right now with minimal explanation, I'm feeling much too
lazy to think too much about this.

Jacques lu Cont Featuring Cecile & General Degree - Na Na Na Na...I don't know jack about
this, but if I was the dancing sort this seems like it would be a good choice for that type of thing.
Paul Westerberg - As Far as I Know...It's the friggin' singer of The Replacements and a damn
catchy song, so there you go.  He was great live a few months back, as expected.  Also, he
was drunk.
TV on the Radio - New Health Rock...You know how sometimes you hear a song and think it's
great and keep telling yourself you're going to get the album, but you never end up buying it?  I
still need to buy this record.

***April Eleventh Two Thousand and Five***

Sweet mother of all that is holey (that includes doughnuts), my computer crapped out on
me while I was away on vacation.  Now that I have it up and running, back to the business
at hand - posting crappy photos!  These are all super random.  Hopefully this weekend will
include some free time cause I have some vacation photos printed and I really like some
of them actually.

Top row is the one and only Paul Shiek, bookmaker and skateboarder extraordinare.  The
first was taken ages ago at the Bezerkley park, the other two I took outside of the Needles +
Pins store where he was having a book release this past winter.  Drew is the second row,
founding member of the GC and who has graced these pages many times.  These were taken
forever ago one day skating at Wallenberg with my pinhole.  

A little more randomness...the first two shots are close-ups of some sandstone formations at Pt.
Reyes, formed from the wind that is blowing there at all times.  The third photo was taken at some
abandoned military whatnot in the MArin Headlands.  Finally, a shot of the swimming hole on the
Yuba River where we always end up during visits to Nevada City in the summer.

It must be said - I am really bummed that Mitch Hedberg is dead, easily one of my favorite com-
edians.  I lament never having seen him live, but at least he left us with some albums and taped
performances to enjoy.  Here is the audio from a Letterman appearance, and it is damn funny.
Mitch Hedberg - Late Show with David Letterman

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