Mouse the Cat, 2002 - 2015.  

We don't really know how old she was - the San Francisco SPCA said four years old, but she was so small and
still had a lot of the playful kitten traits.  They actually gave her the name Mouse, but it fit her so well we didn't see
any need to change it.  She grew quite a bit right after we took her home to our illegal backyard cottage on 27th
and Guerrero, though she never got large - if she ever broke ten pounds, it was just barely.  I called her "kitten" a
lot because she never got that older cat face, and combined with her size she maintained a kitten-like appearance.  

In 2008 she had a big adventure, flying by herself from Oakland to Asheville where my mom picked her up.  I'm
pretty sure this stressed us out more than her, and she did fine.  We reunited with her a month later after driving
across this land, and she began her second life here in Cary, a true bi-coastal cat.

Life was good for pretty much the whole stretch, lots of lap time and purring.  Then she got kidney disease and
after things got too hard for her (and let's be honest, us), we had to say goodbye.  It might be the hardest thing I've
ever done, which may be a bigger comment on how easy my life has been, but it still hurt.  The hurt will lessen
over time though, but the good times will always be there.  

You were an awesome kitty and friend, Mouse, and we will always love you very much.  

We'll miss you lots, Mousey.