Random Pictures - May to December 2016

When you realize you almost never take photos with your "big" camera unless it's for a specific reason.  Camera phones, amirite?!?

May - every year we have at least one nest ful of house wrens hatch...this was one of the little guys just afte they left the nest.  

June - trip home to the mountains, Lola's first visit to Lake James, wherein we rode in a boat, parked the boat, and then put her in a tiny boat.  

If anyone knows the owner if either one of these houses in the middle of this photo, ask them if I can have their house okay thanks.  

August - Walking from my car to Ponysaurus Brewing for the Bull City Records party.  This time next year this will probably be condos.  

And then walking back to the car after the show...

November - speaking of Durham, this rad mid-century hotel is being renovated near the Pinhook.  Hope they don't fuck it up.  

December - first Santa attempt with the Goose - it started out pure fear...

...and turned into scared bewilderment.  Maybe next year will go better.