Trip to Yosemite Spring 2003

Along with Arches in Utah, one of the most mind-bogglingly unbelieveable places I have ever seen.

The famous view of the valley.  But photos cannot possibly do it justice.  

This is our little cabin we rented out for the weekend.  Yeah yeah yeah, we weren't roughing it,
who cares.  I did enough camping as a kid to last me for a while.

I'd be willing to go on record that I was the only person in the camp with a Jewdriver shirt on.

Feel free to create your own comical caption as to what it is exactly todd is doing with his jaw.

A squirrel!  A rare sighting indeed! And just outside our cabin, believe it or not.

Here's a half-ass shot of the fancy Ahwahnee Hotel.  Once I finally strike it rich on
the lottery I'm totally going back and staying in this pimp pad.  Fuck those thin
cardboard cabins, it's like gift wrapping for a hungry bear.  

But there may be a height/size requirement for staying there - I'll have to check on that.

I know it looks like I'm standing in this river, and that would explain my surly mug as that water
was ass-numbingly cold, but I wasn't.  Most likely that is the expression of milkshake withdrawal.

But we did dip our toes in there, and we're lucky we didn't all catch a mean case of the frostbites.

We made the long and winding drive up to Glacier Point, which had just opened up
that weekend we visited the park.  It was friggin' amazing up there.  

This was also taken at Glacier Point, and of particular interest because of the straight
creepin' Todd is pulling off.

Not a lot of photos of Chelsea in here, as she was generally the one behind the camera.  Here
she is sitting in the middle of a stream.

Here's a collection of waterfall pictures, and the last one is of the famous El Capitan.  Since
it was the spring, they were really jumping, and the mist would get you wet even from pretty
far away.  Definitely the time of year to visit.