A Quick Visit to Wrightsville Beach - May 2013

The title says it all...Wrightsville Beach.  Or at least I was standing on the beach when I took this photo of the Atlantic. 

Johnny Mercer's Pier.  Doesn't seem right that's it's concrete and not a rickety old death trap. 

Probably last through a few more storms than a wooden one though...

The dudes did a little surfing. 

What dudes?  Todd was here visiting from California...

...and of course local lad Brian, going sans wetsuit a little too early in the season.  I watched from the shore because I have no appetite
for drowning. 

I've definitely been known to wear some inappropriate beach wear from time to time, but never before have I been inclined to wade
through the surf shirtless in jeans and heavy boots. 

Ain't no party like a sand castle party...

Of course the adults take it the most seriously.

Until Booker T comes through and gets Godzilla on that ass.