Western Road Trip, Part Three: Driving Through Montana - August 2016

We spent a whole day driving north to Glacier National Park.  It's a big damn state.  I loved it.  

The area between Yellowstone and Bozeman looked pretty much like this...

Livingston.  Had an interesting downtown full of cool signs and a good thrift store.  

After a night in Bozeman, we headed north.  This is the Missouri River, the same one Lewis & Clark floated down aimlessly if not for the help of Sacagawea.  

The Junget clan celebrated the existence of the river and the concept of exploration by posing for a photo.  Oh yeah, Uncle Skyler flew in to Bozeman and met
us there to partake in the rest of the road trip.  

After a lunch layover in Helena (I quite enjoyed their quaint downtown!), you quickly leave civilization and it all looks like this for a while.  

Probably a prime location for cooking meth, the perfect cover.  

Augusta.  Blink and you'll miss it.  

This was a lot of the drive.  Big sky country indeed.  

I believe this was Choteau...the town where I took a pee break and also bought a 44 oz. drink.  I never claimed to be smart.  

I used Google street view to figure out this was the town of Bynum.  Ain't technology grand?

I believe this area was called Microsoft XP Screen Saverville.  

The next few were from Browning, the largest town we had seen in a while and seemingly the main city of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.  They apparently
have a great skatepark that Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam had a hand in getting built, but I didn't see it.  

Our destination the next day, Glacier National Park!