Western Road Trip, Part Six: Phone Pictures - August 2016

A random smattering of photos from our trip that I took with my phone, most of which don't have "real" counterparts.  


Southestern Idaho...passed this T-bird just after crossing the border from Utah.  

Southestern Idaho.

Hope...view of Lake Pend Oreille from our rental.


Clark Fork...Deer jaw bones at my father-in-laws.  


West Yellowstone...the town just ends immediately.  

West Yellowstone...cool signs everywhere.  

West Yellowstone.

West Yellowstone...Volkswagen Fastback, huge dent in hood included free of charge.  

Browning (Blackfeet Indian Reservation)...roadside kitsch.

East Glacier Park Village (Blackfeet Indian Reservation).  

Hungry Horse...Jurassic Park Jeep replica.

Hungry Horse.

Libby...late sixties/early seventies Oldsmobile Cutlass.  


Livingston.  AMC Eagle, seemingly the basis for all modern SUV design.  

Glacier National Park

Columbian Ground Squirrel.  My presence barely registered with him.  

Panoramic shot of Saint Mary Lake & Wild Goose Island.  

Going-to-the-Sun Road.  

Going-to-the-Sun Road.  

The backroads driving through Montana might have been my favorite part of the trip.  

This was the view from some monument where they found a bunch of dinosaur fossils...not surprising, really.  


Jackson Hole...this might be the only family portrait from the trip.  

Jackson Hole...yep, those are real antlers.  The elk shed them every year.  

Jackson Hole...Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.  

Jackson Hole...couple of classics, Toyota MR2 and I can't help but take a photo of an El Camino
every time I see one.  

Jackson Hole...just reading this alligns the shit out of my shakras.  Namaste bitches.  

Grand Teton National Park...tourist pose Chelsea and fat baby Lola were feelin' it.  

Grand Teton National Park...Jenny Lake.  

Yellowstone National Park...this guy was just trotting down the road, not a care in the world.  It
never got old seeing them in person just wandering around.

Yellowstone National Park...Grand Prismatic Spring.  Will be cool to back and see it from the overlook you can see them building across the way.  The colors
don't make sense in person.  

Yellowstone National Park...rad touring bus.  

Yellowstone National Park...the building where the park engineers worked & lived while building

Yellowstone National Park...make america ride patriotic three wheelers again.

Yellowstone National Park...the old mail courrier's outpost.  

Yellowstone National Park...tiles from the visitor center bathroom that reminded of one of my all-
time favorite cartoons:

Yellowstone National Park...panorama of the lower area of Mammoth Hot Springs.

Yellowstone National Park...the north end of the park looks very different from the rest.  

From the plane

Maybe my favorite phone photo of the whole trip.  Cheesy, sure, but sweet.  

Somewhere over the midwest, run through about a million filters.  Looked better on the small
screen of the phone.  

Just after taking flight in Spokane.  

The giant open mine outside of Salt Lake City, just before landing at the start of the trip.