Western Road Trip, Part One: Southeastern Idaho & Grand Teton National Park - August 2016

We needed a vacation.  The kid isn't even one yet.  Yes, let's do a 1500+ mile road trip around the west.  Terrific idea.  

After landing in SLC, we drove into Southeastern Idaho on our way to Driggs.  Nothing but hay or potato fields as far as the eye could see.  

I made Chelsea double back just so I could take a picture of this crazy house in Idaho Falls.  

One of the tiny, nearly dead towns along highway 33.  

An old Toyota Landcruiser truck dead behind the hotel we stayed at in Driggs.  *drooling*

So much of this.  Some might find it boring, I found it fascinating.  

An old barn, also behind our hotel in Driggs.  

Grand Teton National Park, from the Snake River Overlook.  Same place Ansel Adams took his famous shot...fine, his is a little better.  

Rafters on the river, which means I must quote the amazing SNL skit with Jim Carrey and say "RIDE THE SNAKE!"

Lady and child and child's amazing "what the fuck is this shit" face.  

Grand Teton is really just looking at the same mountains from different vantage points, but damn if they aren't impressive mountains.  

Glacier!  Taken with my mediocre zoom lens.  

Weird rock wall!  Taken with same lens.  

Jenny Lake.  Due to construction we did not get to explore this area as much as we would have liked.  Oh well, guess we gotta come back!

Jenny Lake in a different direction.  

If you decide to look opposite from the impressive mountains, this is what you see.  Still beautiful to me, but a different kind of beautiful.