Western Road Trip, Part Four: Glacier National Park - August 2016

It was a long drive to get here, we had one day, and it was super overcast.  We still enjoyed it, but I'm definitely coming back!

We were excited to finally make it to Yosemite.  

Range cattle - they don't give a fuck where you got to go.  

Two Medicine Lake.

The water was insanely clear, and this is what the bottom looked like everywhere.  It was like a fishtank, only I didn't see any fish.  

St Mary's Lake, and the island is called Wild Goose Island.  It was stunning even with the cloud cover, I can't imagine the view with the sun out.  

After years of hearing about it, we got caught in a bear jam!  This fella was just ambling down the road, cars backed up both ways taking his photo.  Then a
ranger came blaring in and chased him into the woods, but as we drove by he was only 20-30 yards away and I took this.  

There had recently been a fire in the area - all of the trees were scorched.  

Baring Falls, a short hike down the hill from the road.  

Uncle Skyler was given the task of babytote.  Lola the boss approves of his effort.  

Some of the new foliage growing in the wake of the fire...

Not a lot to say about views like these...

One of the tour buses you can take through the park.  Not cheap, but man are they awesome to look at.  

I'm not sure I've ever been as ecstatic about anything as Lola is here.  

Golden mantled ground squirrel, or so the internet tells me.  

A little bit of snow left, here and there.  It was only 54 degrees on this day that we visited.  Felt awesome.  

Note the thin waterfall.  

Down at the bottom of the mountains you have glacier fed rivers and pools that are a perfect shade of blue.  

Neon green...lichens I guess?  Some manner of brightly colored rock grower.

Lower Avalanche Gorge - water versus rock, water always wins.

I can't figure out what these white flowers are.  I'm already annoyed about how little time we spent in Glacier and itching to go back.