Western Road Trip, Part Five: Northwestern Montana & Northern Idaho - August 2016

The final leg - we spent the last few days in the greater Sandpoint/Lake Pend Oreille area of Idaho so Lola could meet her grandpa for the first time.  

This is what driving through this end of Montana looks like.  

There was a state fair of some sort happening in Kalispell.

I don't know what the green one is, but I want it very much.  

In Libby, apparently driving a four wheeler helmetless down a busy street is totally legal.  

Came upon this pack of longhorn sheep on the side of the road...they didn't really care that they were there.  Seemed to be pawing and eating something on
the side of the road - salt runoff maybe?

There were none of the males with the awesome curly horns present, but still rad.

Lake Pend Oreille from our rental.  I guess this view is acceptable.  

These two were feeling it.  

Yard flowers.  

The public city beach in Sandpoint.  Man that lake was cold, but these two ladies didn't care.  

Lola has now eaten sand in multiple states.  

Ladies, he's available!  Hope you like Pokemon and Star Trek.

Downtown and the former covered bridge that now houses shops and restaurants.  

The full Junget clan, and even Lola is behaving herself in this picture.  

Some snaps while driving to Spokane for our flight home...

An amusement park in the middle of goddamn nowhere?  Why not.  

Until next time...it was a fun trip, and I'd gladly do the whole thing over again right now.