Weekend Trip to SF - June 2009

Tickets were cheap and I really wanted to see some A's games.  Done and done.

I was excited because when I woke up Friday morning Huell Howser was there on the TV, being "amazed" at fog.  The man is
a legend and an icon.

I celebrated him with a giant tasty doughnut.  we have good doughnuts in NC, but I wish we had giant yeasty Chinese doughnuts.

After spending the better part of a paycheck at Amoeba, I took a stroll through the panhandle of Golden Gate Park.

Afterthe Panhandle my stroll took me through Alamo Square, so of course I had to take a snap of the painted ladies...

A mellow bus ride through Chinatown.  There was another bus right in front of us to help thin out the pink bag mafia.

That night we went to an A's game.  There might have been 10K there, tops, but it was a load of fun - I ate a bunch of junk food
and the good guys won, what more could you ask for?

Todd, Todd's hot dog, Todd's mustard-covered hands, and his special lady Jamie joined me at the game. 

Oh frosted chocolate malt, how I've missed you. 

We went to the top of Noe Valley and picked up Drew the next morning for a day of skating.  Note to self: clean the damn lens of
the camera. 

Drew wrecking, then rocking a backside boneless in shallow end of the Meno Park bowl. 
(click on the small photos to see movie)

And here I am doing an incredibly unstylish noseslide to fakie.  For some reason I never lose this trick no matter how long I slack
off between skating.
(click on the small photo to see movie)

We tried to skate Redwood City next, but there was some grom skate contest going on...no bowl trolling for us. 

We watched the kids fly around for a little bit before hitting the road to our next destination, Pacifica. 

When you come all the way from Indiana for mobile pet grooming, you're really taking the "mobile" portion a little too seriously.

Todd getting his full-bore schralp on.
(click on the small photo to see movie)

Drew and then Todd taking turns carving up the small bowl at Pacifica. 
(click on the small photos to see movie)

The following day was another A's game; this time around I splurged and bought us really good tickets.  You could really see
movement on the ball, and Mazzaro was working wonders on the mound all day. 

My man Jack Cust warming up in the batters box.  No bombs by him on this day but he killed one at the game I attended up above.

Hot day = both of us indulged in some frozen lemonades. They  were worth every cent of the five bucks they set us back.

I have no idea how common this is this season, but there most definitely wasn't an old time ragtime band walking around the
stadium between innings when I used to live here and go to games all the time. 

It was brief, but awesome.  More live old time ragtime music at all baseball games please!

They've always had the dot race, a sure fire way to get the crowd pumped up; but it looks like this season they've gone above
and beyong with a LIVE dot race.  My pick, white dot, came through at the very end, thus cementing what was already a very
successful trip.