Wedding Photos - Digital Photos September 2007

And here we have the digital photos of the big event as taken by both our camera and my Moms (not to be confused
with the fancy digital photos that Andrew Paynter shot).

Chelsea had the camera with her in her hotel room so that she could document the "getting ready" portion of the day.
I've still not figured out why this is done, but at least you get to see her in her awesome Bartles & James ringer tee.

She had this professional make-up lady come over and spackle her face with various colors and thicknesses of...
well, make-up.

A close up of the fancy eye work.

Chelsea and her gang also spent a lot of time putting together flower arrangements and such, for table centerpieces
and what not.

The finished product, make-up wise. 

...and the final touches are being set in place before the big event. 

Meanwhile, over at the Piedmont Community Hall, lots of friends pitched in to help us get ready - Todd and Lauren
were the MVPs in this category and a huge asset, we probably couldn't have done it without them. 

The candy buffet!  This was a big hit, as you might imagine.  There wasn't very much left over, though I personally
took care of the crumbs...

The tasty fancy cake.  No, we didn't eat the flowers, we're not a bunch of damn hippies ya know.

The guests started arriving...Brian and Mamaw were early arrivers and also helped us get ready. 

Tim & Christy and Cathie & Aaron - I've been good friends with both of the ladies ever since the early nineties when
we went to high school together.  Now they both live out here, cause North Carolina 'bout to run up on this joint.

Rash and Brian and Brian's mom Janet.  Cold chillin'.

Lauren was the designated flower-pinner on all us dudes, cause I'll be damned if I know how to do it.

The camera around Drew's neck, which he used to take all the fancy digital photos, was too awesome.  Some day
when I have five grand to spare I'm totally getting one.  Tao and Zack don't give a shit about that camera though,
they're all "screw you fancy camera" and it totally hurt the fancy camera's feelings.

Chelsea's co-workers, past and present. 

I've had Todd tie many a tie for me over the years, and apparently I'm not the only one who needs help. 

Bob, Jim, and Brad wait patiently for this nonsense to be over, the beers a callin'.

All the ladies be wanting to get their picture taken with me in my costly sunglasses. 

My family, looking all posed and dapper and shit. 

As generally seems to be the case with most weddings I've attended, we were running late...but no biggie - I just
shot the shit with the Trott (who had said he couldn't make it but then ended up there last minute, which was cool).

Rash played reverend for us on this fine day, thanks to an internet license to marry folks and a strong belief in
the "good book", pictured next to him. 

Just waiting on a bride here folks, won't be much longer or full refunds will be available in the lobby.

Erin and Shanno played the role of the bridesgroomettes or ladies-in-waiting or whatever it you call it these days.

You can only imagine my relief when Chelsea actually appeared, being escorted by her dad Jim; turns out she didn't
skip town after all.  That's the last time I pay attention to THAT horoscope. 

An "action shot" of the wedding - catch the excitement!

Chelsea had Shannon read something...I don't recall exactly what it was, but I know for sure it wasn't a letter from the
Penthouse forum as I suggested.  No one ever goes for my awesome ideas. 

Those are grins of happiness that we are finally married!  Also, that no one was maimed or killed during the
ceremony, which is alway a concern. 

Not only is this proof that I am now officially married (back off ladies), but also to prove that I am definitely not a hand

Drew preparing to shoot the fancy posed medium format photos - it was super awesome of him to help us out, and
saved us a ton of money.

Just a sample of the posed photos...see the page specifically set up for the medium format snaps if you want more.

I don't know what the hell they are depressed about, they've know for a long time it was never going to work out
between me and them and have had plenty of time to come to terms with it.

The catering crew was awesome - they came all the way out to where we were shooting the photos with drinks and
treats and such, but sadly no puppies as I had requested.  I think puppies cost extra.

Erin may look all happy-go-lucky, but she is from Florida...she knows what pain feels like.

I picked out this beer specifically with my Mom and Bryan in mind, as it is one of their favorites.  I figured if they were
flying all the way across the country for this shindig, the least I could do is let them get drunk with quality suds. 

Chelsea's brother Skyler, his dad Jim and his girlfriend Rachelle all pose for their newest Myspace photo. 

Zack and Tao enjoying bags of candy and Mexican Cokes...honestly, I don't think it gets much better than that. 

Erin and her boyfriend Scott, our only guests from Alameda.  C'mon Alameda, you need to step your game up!

Dancefloor shenanigans.  The look on Todd's face in the photo on the right says it all.

Shit, I don't suppose I could pick a better ender than this one...Conan does his best impression of a roasted pig, and
with that, the journey os over and married life begins.