Wedding Photos - Bachelor Party & Rehearsal Lunch September 2007

Chelsea confiscated the digital camera before my bachelor party, so all the photos I have from the night were taken with a
crappy disposable camera.  Nothing very exciting here, but documented nonetheless.

First stop on the night - the bowling alley in the Presidio.

The cast of characters for the night - Rash, Todd, Brian and Drew. 

Action shot!  Much to my chagrin, Drew has abandoned his road-tested between-the-legs style in favor of the more traditional roll,
after an unfortunate "injury". 

After I bowled a turkey to finish off the bowling alley and we nearly got lost in the Presidio, We made our way to the Richmond for
some of the very tastiest pizza in the Bay Area...Gaspares. 

Next stop was the Empress, Brian's favorite place in the whole world.  He even wrote a song about it. 

Only problem was, despite the sign's insistence that they were open, all entrances appeared to be locked.  Balls.

So we strolled through the neightborhood and made our way to The Summer Place.  Please note the look on Brian's face here...
I believe that is called "shit-faced".

Outside The Summer Place, Rash has something to show you. 

I honestly have no idea what is going on here.  Everyone was drunk except me and I was delirious off of too much coke and pizza. 
We finished the night with a scarring couple of minutes in the Lusty Lady, and at that the bachelor party night was over.

The next day was supposed to be the rehearsal and subsequent BBQ at our pool, but crappy weather intervened and
we went with plan B...

...Lunch at Lanesplitters. 

Folks arrived, as is generally the case when free food and beer are about to be consumed. 

A battle of the moms - mine works on getting tipsy while Chelsea's works on...well, I don't know, but I'd bet a lot
of money they are talking about wedding plans.

The Rash squad and myself, waiting to get our feed on.

Brian and Mamaw managed to make it to the show, and after the previous night that Brian had this is no small miracle.

Lauren patiently endulging in my constant photographic barage. 

The groomsdudes, Todd and Brian.

I'm pretty sure my mom was challenging me to a game of photographic chicken, and I lost. 

After numerous requests, here are the unnecessary body hair close-up shots that were asked for.

The happy couple.  No jitters.

Just looking at these photos of the food we had that day is making me hungry again.  I can eat their breadsticks until I literally

The bridesmaidettes, Erin and Shannon.

And here we have my gifts to Rash for him being the reverend at our wedding...a fine patriotic kittens-n-flag shirt...

...and of course, a fine "nice ass" garment. 

For lack of better place ot put these photos, here are a couple of other pics from the day that didn't really fit in
anywhere else. 

This photo serves two purposes - first it's a nice photo with Mamaw, and second it documents Chelsea's fake tan
just after she got it, which was hilarious.  I was afraid of touching her for fear of the gunk rubbing off on me.

This was our best attempt at getting a photo of Mamaw and Mouse.  Mamaw ain't exactly cat people but she was a
good sport about it.