Wedding Photos - Andrew Paynter (Digital) September 2007

Here are the snaps taken by the photo pro at the event, with minimal commentary.


I'd never really thought about those iPhones until I played with Brians...those things are awesome.  Totally jealous.

I'm pretty sure I was posing like this for this photo, but I'd like to pretend I really eat like this.

Please take note of Conan in the background.

Consider this photo to be Ray's appearance at the wedding...he couldn't make it so I had him on the phone here.  And then I got yelled at for being
on the phone.

I feel like I'm doing a Robert DeNiro impression here.

This photo will be used as blackmail with Mamaw when I threaten to show it to her church group.

Our neighbor Priya.  Cutest baby ever.

Chelsea might have been doing the chicken wing dance in this photo.

This is the state Todd is in after holding down the dance floor for a good portion of the afternoon.