Visit to NC/Brian and Kathryn's Wedding October 2005

Any trip home means a lot of quality time spent with the kids.  And lots of photo opportunities.

This is Smithers the cat.  She has an extremely whiny meow and drives my mom crazy by sleeping on her feet.  She
randomly showed up at our house as a kitten, I think some dogs had her pinned up a tree.

This is Max the dog.  He is the inspiration for this website and gets babied by my mom.  He also just showed up at the
house one day, which is actually how we've gotten most of our pets.

Friday night was spent in Asheville...

The middle school mentality in me always felt the need to document these signs in front of two stores that are located
right next to each other.  I am easily entertained.

While in Asheville I met up with some friends at a smoky-ass bar for general merriment and what-have-you.  Oh, and lots
of foosball.  This is Jake and Lauren Rash, good friends from college - Lauren was my roommate and when they started
dating, Rash (everyone calls Jake by his last name) pretty much became one himself.  Also, two of the funniest people I

Here's Rash as we started our night on the town, and my what a lovely handbag he has!  

This car was parked next to us.  Sadly, that bumper sticker is all too true.

Action shot!  Foosball rules.  Even if it was one of those crappy tables without the banked corners.  

Later Brian and his future wife Kathryn and his bandmate Robert showed up to help us with the afore-mentioned merriment.

Just some photographic evidence that I was actually there, and not making all this shit up.

Group shot on our way out of the bar...posed in front of the spot where Todd got sick and puked pumpkin beer
a couple of years back. L-R: Kathryn, Brian, Matt, Lauren, Robert, and Rash.

The following day was the wedding of Brian and Kathryn.  I took film photos of the proceedings for the couple,
and tried to throw a few digi ones in there as well...

The couple in question.

Here was the cake - note the doll with an identical dress as the bride.  Kinda cool and kinda creepy at the same
time.  And then we have the after shot of them trying to make a mess of one another with the cake.

This is where the wedding occured - the Grove Park Inn.  This place is pretty amazing, I saw Dave Brubeck play here
about 10 years back...he totally ruled.

My mom joined me in the festivities, here she is putting her best foot forward.

Miscellaneous photos from the shindig...

Kathryn doing the meet-n-greet; Lauren and Brian and Robert and half of Matt cold chillin'.

Jake Rash doing what he does best - John Daly impressions.

Brian with his new haircut, and then again with his mom.

After that I spent the rest of the trip going to and fro, seeing folks, dicking around, the usual shit.

I spent a lot of time looking at this sign - the drive-thru menu of the Sonic Drive-In.  Dear god that place rules in so many ways.

This painting of a ground hog was banished from my home in California, so it took up new residence back in NC.  I love
this thing.

Any trip home involves  a trip to the local thrift stores, where I always find something great.  In this instance, I got this
coat.  The only crappy part of it all is it never gets cold enough out here in CA to wear it so I left it in NC for wearing
on visits.

Bryan seems to find quite a bit of humor in my cold weather garments.

While at the same time, Max finds himself rather non-plussed on the situation.

He also seems none-to-thrilled that mom likes to use him as a pillow.

Smithers can't even be bothered to turn around and see what's going on.  Damn disinterested cat.

My surly jackass friend Nathan stopped by.  He just lives about 12 feet away, he and his wife bought a house right
next to my mom and Bryan's house.  It's full of a lot of metal CDs and a bunch of cats and a baby in the near future.

This is where I spend a lot of time when I go home...the hot tub.  Sigh, how I miss you, hot tub.

These are a few pics from Marion, the town that my mom lives in now  - I actually grew up in the mountains
looming above this town.  That movie house on the top, I always have fantasies of reopening that place and
showing good movies, that is if the church that used to be in it didn't fuck it up too bad.

Speaking of home, I took a drive up to see my dad in the town of Busick, about 30 minutes away from Marion
up a very curvy road through some beautiful scenery.

The first thing you come to is Lake Tahoma and the lake house that sits out on it.  You can rent it for festivities
and what not I guess.  Well, maybe not satanic rituals, they're sensitive about that subject in the south for some

Further up the road - ooh look sun beams!  How unique!

More stuff you see on the way to dad's, down to the gravel road you take to get to the house.  Purty ain't it?

This is the old rock house on the way to dads...lots of rock houses in this area, which I've always liked.

This is the house I lived in for a good chunk of my childhood until I was 12 I think, and the folks split.  The
place is falling apart but it's still home.  And you can always tell it's the south if the back porch is covered
in shit.  We have the land pretty much all the way up the slope of the mountain running behind the house.

Dad's dog, Tucker.  This dog is all kinds of surly and bit me once.  He stays on the chain cause he runs off
like that dog Chevy Chase buys in "Funny Farm".  I think that qualifies him for the status of "asshole".

This is the spring house.  The water from the house came from here up until a few years ago - there is a natural
spring that comes from the ground just to the right of this, and the water was gravity pumped to this shack and
then into the house.  Super cold and tasty for drinking, but would freeze up every winter.

Meet the trash barrel, another popular sport in the south.  People love to burn their trash outside of their house
in a barrel for whatever reason.  I guess when you have to drive your garbage a few miles to the dump, you
try to avoid that trip as often as possible.

From there I took the long way back to Marion, via the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I think it's pretty obvious how they
got the name of the Smokey Mountains.

Dusk setting in...

All over the south you fing remnants of homes past.  God knows how old this shit is.

This is an old farm house I've always had my eye on, in case anyone is looking to buy me a christmas present.

Let's wrap this up the same way we started it - pictures of pets.  Here's Max after he just got done digging up the
bank next to the house with his new friend.  Troublemakers, the lot of them.