Virginia Weekend - April 2011

We took a weekend trip a few hours north to visit a few sights in Virginia.

Did almost the entire trip on the back roads.  If you're not in a hurry, this is the way to go. 
Lots of long, straight roads in Virginia. 

We stopped off in Farmville, VA on our way to Charlottesville.  Really neat town actually, with a fairly well preserved/restored old
downtown and warehouse district.  I'd never even heard of this town before. 

Had lunch at this little mom-n-pop diner that didn't appear to have changed since it was built (probably in the thirties or forties). 

Just one long counter, nothing more. 

We took a wrong turn and accidentally ended up visiting the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park.  I nice accident
that, as it was an interesting and beautiful spot to check out.  In case you didn't know, this is the location where the Civil War
officially ended, when Lee surrendered to Grant. 

The actual Appomattox Courthouse.  Not where the treaty was signed, mind you. 

Most of the buildings were set up in a historical fashion, as you might expect. 

A lot of outhouses on the property.  Everybody poops, even Civil War generals. 

Chelsea inside one of the jail cells. 

The house where the treaty was actually signed. 

One of the joys of heading north is meeting my good friend the 7/11 again.  and more importantly,
it's favorite child the Slurpee. 

We spent the night in Charlottesville but it rained nearly the whole damn time and this was the only cool place we visited. 
Spudnuts!  Potato doughnuts!  Very tasty. 

They were a little smaller than regular doughnuts, which just meant I had to eat more of them. 
What a problem to have. 

To this day, I claim this law firm to have the greatest name OF ALL TIME.

The main reason for our trip north was to visit Shenandoah National Park.  We're very very slowly working our way through all
of the National Parks, or at least that's the plan.  I have a feeling the list won't be completed before retirement though.

It was already leafy and spring at home, but up in the mountains the seasons hadn't changed yet.  Also, this is part of the
Appalacian Trail.  And now that I've walked a quarter mile on it I'm claiming I hiked the Appalacian Trail. 

Weird green leafy sprouts, part one.

Weird green leafy sprouts, part two. 

We hiked down to a waterfall.  This wasn't the waterfall, but would become the waterfall eventually. 

This is me trying to smile.  I always feel like I'm smiling and then the photos show otherwise.  So this is me awkwardly really
turning it on. 

View of the Shenandoah valley from the park. 

Take note of the differently colored ridges, growing light and lighter with each pass of the mountains.  Pretty easy to see where
"Blue Ridge Mountains" comes from. 

The end of the park, the view down to Front Royal.  It's a great park, well worth the visit. 

Back to NC.  Back to the land of no Slurpies.