Thanksgiving Weekend in the Redwoods November 2007

Since we had no family plans. we decided to drive up the coast and do a little in-state tourist'n...

Right when we popped out onto Highway 1 (cutting over from the 101 at Santa Rosa), this is the first thing you encounter.

And if you looked closely down below, there was a huge pile of sea lions basking themselves in the sun. 

I had Chelsea pose with this homeless dock worker (or a "stevedore" for those in the biz).

This is pretty indicative of a lot of the drive up and down the coast...desolate, beautiful.

What can you say about a view like this?

That homeless dude just won't leave us alone.

I just want to know where the cops were - there was no "cow xing" sign here, so this asshole was clearly jaywalking.

And you just know these two are itchy to pull the trigger and hang out in the road like a bunch of rowdy teenagers. 

Later on down the road, we came to Point Arena Lighthouse.  The joint was like a damn picture postcard.

More sea lions basking on the neat striated rocks out in the ocean. 

This photo didn't come out as I'd hoped...I'm actually standing out on this point over the cliffs with Chelsea yelling at
me to get back from the edge while she took the photo, but you can't really tell. 

Macro'd flora around Point Arena.

So this time I tried to walk out towards the sea lions, but good goddamn those rocks were slippery plus they might
have eaten me so I didn't get any closer than this.

Snails in the tidepool, which is coincidentally my very favorite Grateful dead album.

What can I say, I thought it was a neat looking rock.

A close up of those striated rocks that this are is blanketed in.  At some point all of the accumulated layers got turned
on their side around here.

Some close shots of a big pile of seaweed.

Which then led us to goofing off.  Here chelsea pretends she is holding a seaweed firehose. 

Um, yeah.

Though I know it isn't indicative of most of the industry, out in this neck of the woods the cows really are living the
life like in those "happy cows" commercials that have recieved some flack.

Chelsea, straight creepin'.

The view from Glass Beach in Fort Bragg...

...And the view of what Glass Beach is made up of (and the obvious reason for it's name).

There were all these little birds on the beach eating god-knows-what, and it was fun to watch them run every time a
wave rolled in.

I think they call this "ice plant", but it ain't even cold or nothin'.

On our way up the coast, we drove through a tree.  The car just barely fit.

Here is what it looked like from the inside.  Pretty much what you might expect the inside of a tree to look like.

This gives you a scale of how big the tree opening is.  We're both two feet tall, by the way.

The town of Eureka greeted us with a complimentary giant cowboy boot (and also a manchild with a shovel in the
background, though he is hard to make out here).

We finally made it up to the Redwoods National Park.  I'm here to tell you - those are some damn tall trees, the
brochures weren't lying. 

Like I said - tall.

Lots of moss in the forest growing on trees, which I don't suppose is a big surprise given the park being so close
to the ocean.

Lots of burned out trees, or "hobbit houses" as Chelsea called them.  This coming from someone who refuses to
watch the "Lord of the Rings" flicks.

This mushroom may or may not have made me trip out, but I didn't test it out or nuthin'.

Ferns.  I got big ferns ya'll.

We went to this open area to look for elk...

And elk is what we got.  Just one lonely elk. 

Lokk at the set of horns on that bastard.

That was, we thought he was all alone until we drove just a few hundred yards down the road and saw a whole herd
of them.

Little known fact - elk are profficient vandalizers, especially adept at the art of tagging.

Then we drive a little farther and good god, the damn things are everywhere!  In people's yards, lolligagging in fields,
smoking pot, catcalling women...the place was littered with them.

On our way back to Eureka to spend the night, we stopped off at one of the many beaches to soak in the sunset.

Looking at this photo instantly causes me to get Christopher Cross' "Sailing" stuck in my head.  Thanks, nature.

Verdict: the north coast of California is damned pretty and also full of rogue wildlife.