July 4th Trip to Wilmington - July 2008

Decided to trek down to the coast for the holiday weekend...

Sea gull.  Sometimes you'll see these guys at the beach.

And sometimes you'll see Brian Weeks at the beach, trying to stand up on his surfboard. 

Brian's wife, Kathryn (hopefully I am spelling this correctly...by the way, where can I lodge a formal complaint about
there being too many damn variations in the spelling of one name?  It's damned ridiculous.)

Their offspring, Ben.  Ben likes to give high fives and sneer a lot.  He's a pretty cool kid. 

Chelsea enjoys the water, nearly warm as piss (I may have helped with that a little bit).  A vast change from the frigid
Pacific Ocean that we could only look at.

Please take note of the Grocery Outlet shopping bag - saving the earth, one ghetto grocery store bag at a time.

Ben shows off his sneering skills.  And his samurai impersonation. 

I know you might think from this photo that Ben is an adult-sized toddler, but no!  That, my friends, is a tiny chair.  What will
science think of next???

The Weeks' family cat lets everyone know what he thinks of house guests. 

Chelsea practices her baby pushing.  As you can see, she is still a novice as she is clearly pushing him right into the

The Cape Fear river in downtown Wilmington, made famous by Robert Mitchum stalking a lawyer and his family.

We closed out the night with some billiards, or more to the point, me whipping Brian's ass in billiards.