Trip to Virginia - October 2013

Had a long weekend in Fancy Gap, Virginia, with friends and family.  

On our way there we stopped at Pilot Mountain.  I've never been north of Winston-Salem so it was all new to me.  

The view from the mountain.  You can drive nearly to the top.  

Part of the crew for the weekend - pleasant wife and bratty dog.

You can hike up to and around the circular base of the mountain.  

You know, cliffs and shit.

The leaves are changing late this year, this was a rare splash of color.

Wild flower.  

Once we got to the campground, everyone else showed up and the Rash clan brought their pup Dolly.  Burt spent a lot of time humping her,
and she didn't much care.  They got along well all weekend.  

They also brought their child Rambo.  How come these digger things didn't exist when I was a kid?

Don't let his germaphobe father know he was using a dog toilet as a toy.  

Even outside, he just wants to be on the furniture.  

Please note the bull horns on this custom pimped out three wheeler.  Jealous.  

I call this triptych "Rash vs. Poop."  Here we have the subject picking up poop...

...then he realizes he has stepped in poop...

...and finally, cleaning poop out of the tread of his shoes with a stick.  The end.  

Around the campground...

We went into Mt. Airy for the Autumn Leaves Festival, which ended up being like a mini state fair minus the rides.  Also, Snappy Lunch!  
Well known to all fans of the Andy Griffith Show.  Didn't get to eat there though, too crowded.  

Coca Cola ghost sign.

Crowd shots...I could have taken hundreds.  

I would guess at least 25% if not more of the clientele at the event were wearing Duck Dynasty gear.

This giant pretzel was fuckin' delicious.  As was the giant donut I got from the same stand.  

Balloon animal vulgarity.  Scandalous.  

A dead factory in town.  Interesting building.

Ford Gran Torino.  Super duper jealous.  Fantastic color.  

We stopped at a fruit stand just over the border in Cana, VA, and there were all these old cars that I had to take some snaps of.  

Ford Ranchero.

On our way back home we took a trip to Mabry's Mill, supposedly the most photographed place on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I can see why.  

Alternate angle of the mill.

Duck groundskeeper.

The Parkway in front of the mill.  

Long distance mill power.  Somewhere out there is the end.