Trip to San Francisco (After Drew's Wedding) - September 2008 

A few post-wedding snaps before we flew back to the comfy confimes of NC...

The day after the wedding we popped in for a visit with the newlyweds...this is the view from their amazing apartment. 

And this is the view of the awesome cat Lucy. 

You know, just kickin' it. 

A photo of my favorite nautical-themed gay bar in the Tenderloin, just for the sake of posterity.

Boogooloo's, a hipster brunch joint that I live near for years but never actually ate at.  But it is in a rad building, which I think
prompted this snapshot.

The last supper, taqueria style.

Not so lucky for the pig.

Since the clock was broken, it means it was only time to shop twice a day. 

After stuffing ourselves with Mexican food, we took a stroll down to Dolores Park to sit in the sun (and in my case, get sunburnt).

It would be an understatement to say the place was going off. 

While I have no idea what is actually happening here, it looks like Jamie might be trying to put gum into Todd's hair. 

The Portland prince, Adam. 

So jealous of his camera.  I've been saying it for years, but I gotta get me one of those Leicas. 

Walking down Mission street...

Our final stop before hitching a ride on the airplane was to see our pals Sharon...

...and Ian.  We spent the afternoon catching up with them and eating awesome burritos. 


Chelsea poses with the first porno Sharon ever bought...Dweezil Zappa!!!  Only Sharon would still have this. 

Finally, just as we were about down for the count Rich popped by at the last minute with a handful of mix club CDs for me.  Nothing
like going out with a stack of music, if only one of them would have helped put me to sleep on the damn redeye we flew shortly

Hope to see you again soon San Francisco!