Trip to San Francisco (Before Drew's Wedding) - August 2008 

Back in San Francisco!  Who turned up the goddamn thermostat???  I was hoping to cool my bones from this summer back in
the south.

This photo feels so very San Francisco to me.  It was taken while waiting for some friends at...

Gaspare's!  One of my most favorite places ever, and the best pizza in the Bay Area (better than anything here in NC also). 

A poorly lit photo of the interior...keeping it old school with Sinatra on the table top jukeboxes and fake grapes hanging from the
ceiling.  It's the way life is meant to be lived. 

Recently wed Brandy and Clay met up with us there, it was awesome to catch up with them...too bad we didn't get to see their
awesome dog Hula this time around.

I then split off from Chelsea and met up with the lads at Drew's bachelor party.  They were kicking it mafia-style in the side room
of some fancy pant steak house when I rolled in. 

Todd and Zack, eating desserts and drinking drank. 

Todd and Brett got a fancy "eagle" graphic printed out to go on the side of the enormous van that was rented for the evening. 
Here Drew does his best Japanese teenager impression in front of it. 

After the fancy steak house, we followed in the steps of my bachelor brouhaha and hit the Presidio for some bowling.  I really
should have shot a video of the infamous Drew "wind-up" throw (which always led to wildly random results).

Brett documenting the scene, and by "scene" I mean really, really bad bowling.  Gotta love the bowling pin-shaped beers though.

Todd and I really got the jukebox humming, which resulted in some ridicuous dancing.  Important to get this out of your system
before the yoke of marriage sucks out the fun of life.  It's also a good thing my wife never reads this nonsense....hahaha.

Zack admiring his handiwork.  I'm pretty sure it was a gutterball. 

I don't have any good explanation for why Drew took his shirt only hope is that someone with better photoshop skills than
me can turn this into an American Apparel-like ad. 

At some point one of the eagle graphics got torn, and then Todd decided to wear it like a shawl, the end result being some sort
of makeshift Native American headdress.

The next morning we ate at another all-time favorite SF spot...Eddies!  My first couple of years living in the city I lived close by
and spent a lot of weekend breakfasts in this joint.

This was also the first time we got to meet Todd's new special lady, Jamie.  She seems like good folks and we all hit it off.

Chelsea getting her best part of waking up, which is obviously folgers in your cup.

After Eddies we high-tailed it down the peninsula to the ranch where Drew was getting married, under the guise of helping out. 
Only all the work was already done so we just sat on our asses and shot the shit with friends and family for a bit. 

I puttered around the wedding site and documented the place a bit...get your scrollfinger ready, cause a whole lot of boring
photos are about to follow...

I found Chelsea hanging out in the tree.  And by that I mean to say I forced her to stand in the tree so I could take her photo.

This was my first trip to Los Gatos, but it worked out in my favor since I was hoping to buy a new Lambo and they just happen to
have a dealership there. 

I was going to buy this model, but I felt it might be a little too "pedestrian". 

Ray and Rachelle made it into town!  Todd wore t-shirt that looked like it had a bong on it to celebrate his arrival.

And downtown Los Gatos patrons celebrated the arrival of Ray by walking around with tiny dogs in their backpacks. 

Up next: the wedding we were all in town for...