Trip to Miami Beach - September 2014

Took a long weekend to thongland to clear our heads, celebrate our seventh anniversary, and most
importantly see Belle & Sebastian!

Our hotel - it was almost brand new and super swank, way fancier than we are.  Found a great deal
otherwise we never could have afforded this place.  

Rooftop lounge area and plunge pool, and location of the death of my phone
when I decided to go swimming with it.  There would actually be a lot more
mediocre photos to look at had this not happened.  And now I have a new phone.

The hotel had free cruiser bikes to use, which was great because this city is super flat and very easy to get around.  

I took a bunch of photos on our ride but only a couple of things to show for it...all the art deco
buildings are great.  

Not art deco, but still interesting.  

Pink Cadillac!  Dig those rocketship fins.  

Selfie from the wife's phone.  My apologies for my face.  

We passed the W on the way to the beach every day, so this was a common sight...

...but probably the coolest of the bunch was this Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series.  
Gullwing doors!  Carbon fiber construction!  Costs a fortune!

The water was gorgeous there.  

The surf was kinda rough both days, but there was no power behind it so it
was no big whoop wading around in it.  

This, however, is a big whoop.  And fairly common on this beach.

On the last night we saw Belle & Sebastian, our main reason for the trip.  

I've seen them a few times but always from far away in seated theaters...never before had we
been this close!

Great live show.  Would travel to see again A++++++.

And we out...a short but restful trip, I'd definitely go back there.