Thanksgiving Trip to L.A. November 2005

We decided to go spend Thanksgiving in L.A. with Chelsea's grandparents, and to see my homeslice Drew.

Skyler (Chelsea's bro), Todd, and Chelsea were along for the ride.  I have no idea why Skyler is wearing
that shit-eating grin, I guess maybe he gets his jollies from long, boring car rides.

6+ hours of this.  Yay.  It's like the drive from Raleigh to Wilmington only five times worse.

But we eventually got there, and Thanksgiving dinner was had.  Chelsea's grandma fixed a real feast and
everyone bloated their stomachs out to gargantuan proportions.  

While I ate a pizza.  I did eat some apple pie afterwards though, so I at least kept shit a little real.

Of course, following any sort of holiday feast, the only thing to reasonably do after is lie in a prone
position.  Here you have me and Chelsea's grandpa setting a good example.

Aftter recovering, we continued the holiday traditions by gambling.  

Where I won all the money!  Straight cash, baby girl!

The morning after...Skyler is in his most common pose, video gamus erectus.  I have no explanation
for Chelsea.

Um, yeah.

The next day we went ot Bob's Big Boy!  Man, that place is the coolest...this is the oldest
one still around, in Burbank - just down the street from the cartoon studios of DiC - best known
for such cartoon classics as Hulk Hogan's Rock N' Wrestling, The Littles, Captain Planet,
and the Animate Adventures of Alf.

Here is the classic "posed" shot of us dudes and the Big Boy.  That old woman is totally on my
shit list for sneaking into the photo.

Action shots of the innards of tha Boy.  The walls are lined with all sorts of great celeb pics
from back in the day.

The next day we went to the "farmer's market", which wasn't really a farmer's market but rather a
collection of outdoor restaurants and useless bric-a-brac stands.  But what they did have was an
ice cream stand, a donut shop, and a pizza place all in a row so I was a happy man.  The donut
shop, Bob's, had the above donuts in the shape of kitties with pink icing, and it was damn tasty!
It is almost awesome enough to make you believe there is a god.

This is the place.  Along with Bob's I'm going to try and go to this place every visit.

Here the crew is relaxing and enjoying their tasty treats, even if the rest of them were too
dumb to get a pink kitty donut.  

But we were really enjoying most of all was thid guy's coat - I'm not even sure how to explain
it, but the gist of the matter is that it was a short-sleeved thick leather coat that was very dis-
tressed and almost baggy in a cape-like style.  Your first reaction to thid is obviously "this man
is just some insane homeless cat", but no!  He was there with a family and otherwise dressed
fairly normally.  There's a good chance this coat will perplex me until my end of days.

This is the famous Canter's Deli, but the only reason I really took a photo of this is because it
is representative of my very favoritest thing about LA - all of the old signs and buildings that
are still around from the first half of the previous century.

The translation of these expressions roughly equates to "can we stop walking around so goddam
much now?".  We saw so much of the city this day, it was like a crash-course in LA-dom.

LAter that evening Chelsea and I went over to the Pasadena area to visit her friend Shannon
and her husband Brian and to try on our new festive holiday hats.

I find them to be quite fetching on us.

Here are Brian and Shannon with Chelsea.  Chels and Shannon met and became very close in
college, and she played a large part in putting this couple together.

On our way out of town on our last day there, we went and checked out the newish Gehry-designed
Walt Disney Concert Hall.  It was pretty awesome...very similar to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain
that we saw a few years back.  

Here is a close-up of some of the panels and the crew and I have no idea about the poses.  Drew
may have been farting.

And because of his gassy nature he was sent to the other side of the courtyard area.

So this is the beginning of the drive back home...I'm not sure what I'm smiling so much about, it
certainly wasn't a smile that was on my face we really got going on the freeway.  Or not going, as
was actually the case.

But first we had to make a detour and try to pick up some paintins for our friend Paul so he
could put them in a show up in the Bay Area.  Of course, the guy who had them was nowhere
to be found.  We passed the time but doing some sort of demonic pee-pee dance...

And working on our "Gleaming the Cube" poses.

Best thing seen on the whole trip:  probably this bumper sticker.  

Let me tell you, the drive back was exhilerating!  9 hours of this amazing scenery, traffic jams in the
middle of nowhere for no reason, and lots of bad drivers.  Happy fuckin' Thanksgiving you morons!