Trip to Cherokee - May 2015

We made this trip again this year, again on mother's day.  Thankfully it didn't rain constantly this time.  

It was overcast, but at least we weren't getting drenched.  Drove up to Clingman's Dome - you could still see for a little ways.  

Lots of dead trees up there.  

The observation tower on top of the mountain.  

Tried to convert this one to black and white - still not quite there.  

Ol' Dumdum enjoyed the hike to the top and the view.

Lots of these white wildflowers everywhere.  

Close-ups of some random plantlife:

A small river beside the road in the Smokies...

As good as it gets with blurring a waterfall by hand.  One day I'll remember to take a tripod.  

A few phone snaps...

My favorite horse animation ever.  Dat ass.

They don't call'em the smokies for nothing...

Panoramic from the phone.