Trip to Cherokee - May 2014

Weekend trip camping in Cherokee - I was excited about the photo possibilities, but it was overcast or raining almost the entire time.  
Oh well, every trip can't be perfect.  

Once we got to Asheville we drove the rest of the way there on the Parkway.  I'd never taken this part of the road.  Even overcast it was

The Parkway.  "You drive on a parkway and park in a driveway...what is the deal with that?"

Roadside stairway.  No idea where it goes.  Valhalla maybe.  

It's so wet up there all the time, lots of shit growing on the trees.  

This bald rock mountain probably has a name, but I don't know what it is.  Let's go with Penis Knob.  

High meadow and fog.

We happened upon this (seemingly) unnamed waterfall just off the side of the road as we got close to Cherokee.  

Got out and walked around the woods in this area, and this stoned dog joined us.  

Trilium.  Nature and shit.  

I have no idea what these are but I hope they are mini versions of the worms from "Tremors."

We tried to go visit the Great Smokies NP, and got a few minutes of rainlessness before it started coming down again.  

There was an old farm at the visitor's center.  We walked around and stared at it like you're supposed to do.  

Gourd birdfeeders, a must for all your country chic design needs.  

Note: it's this type of shit that led them to calling this area the Smokies.  True story.  

On our way out there was finally sunshine.

We took a brief detour to go see Mingo falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the southeast at 120 feet.  

Burt felt the falls needed a good barking at.  

Bracket fungi I'm guessing.  Nature!

A few phone snaps...


Gone fishin'.

Our neighbors at the campground gave us a mess of fish.  

Butterfly apparently drying it's wings.  

Stoic, regal, bratty.

The grist mill in the Great Smokies NP.  Didn't take my real camera because it was raining.