Trip To Mexico January 2007

Chelsea had a work meeting down in Cabo, so why not tag along and make a long weekend trip out of it?

For some reason, I felt I might need evidence that we flew down there?  Anyways, here is an airplane wing.  
There was another that was the mirror image of this one on the other side.  

Here Chelsea demonstrates what happens when there is a sudden loss in cabin pressure.  

The Cabo airport was told it looks good in stripes...I think it was a Gap commercial that informed them.  

The airport is 30-45 minutes away from Cabo - on the way there the busdriver stopped at the joint on the
right in case anyone wanted a beer.  On the left is one of the many bus stops that line the highway.

We stayed at a place called Siesta Suites - affordable, clean, nice staff, quaint, and a nice little courtyard.
I'd recommend it.

The surrounding neighborhood - just past the "Husband For Rent" sign was this awesome homemade ice
cream stand that we ate at daily.  Just past the surly dog was a dirt lot that the dog was inexplicably guarding.  

Palm frond.  Just in case you wanted to know what one looks like close up.  

Here is the fat cat that lives in the hotel.  Very lazy and very cute with a really crazy meow.

Looking up the hill above our hotel at sunset at the rich folks' houses.  

The town has a big marina right in front of it.  Not surprisingly, the marina houses a number of boats.

These stork-egret-whatever birds were everywhere along the marina, slowly walking through the shallow
water looking for fish I would assume.  Or maybe it was looking for lost pirate treasure, who knows, I'm no
bird expert.

This stand wasn't open, but I just had to document that someone finally had the sense to combine the two
greatest inventions known to man into one location.  

Yes!  Cabo Wabo, home of one Mr. Sammy Hagar.   He was supposedly playing the night we got down there,
and I contemplated going until I remembered that pretty much everything musical he has ever played a part in
has sucked.  

Even street dog agrees, Hagar is horrible.  

Long-exposed night shot of the marina.  

The next day we trogged down to the beach for a little rest-n-relaxation in the sun.  The water was to chilly to
actually swim around in, but it felt good to wade around a bit in it.  

We bought food and drinks from this cheesy joint in exchange for using their lounge chairs.  You'll notice from
this photo that it is also the destination of choice for leather-skinned aligator ladies.


This fat bandito was wandering around giving folks free shots of tequila, if'n that was yer thing.

Oh, I forgot to mention, they had all these 2-for-1 drink specials and since I don't drink, Chelsea got wasted.
These photos are a pretty good indicator of how tipsy she was...

...but this one takes the cake for best "drunk girlfriend" photo of the trip.

Pelicans!  There were huge pelicans everywhere, just kinda hangin' out and being pelicanny.

Oh, and we found our next purchase.  Should have the money saved up any day now...

The following day we went on an adventurous four wheeler ride through the desert and to the beach.  It was
super fun.  Also, I think this might be my favorite portrait taken of us ever.  

A view of the beach from atop the hill, en route.

Some of the surrounding flora.

There were huge cactuses (or cacti if you prefer) everywhere, but this was the only one we saw on the whole
outing that was wearing a hat.

We made it ot the beach.  This was on the Pacific side, the water was gorgeously blue.

The next series of photos was me playing around with the macro setting on the camera taking in the
surrounding area...

And any visit to a rocky beack means you have yo document the waves crashing.

Chelsea in action.  She only drove a little bit (she'd never driven anything like this before), but she seemed to
dig it.  

The following day's adventure was to go on a whale-watching boat ride.  But on our way to find a boat, I happened
to spy a crab sunning itself on the rocks in the marina.  

On our way out ot sea, we passed the always-intimidating Mexican Navy.

There were a small handful of these older sailing vessels around the area - I think they were mostly used for
dinner and sunset cruises.

Gassin' up, we gonna catch us a whale.

Some of the sights as we sailed out to open sea.

Another of the tall ships, on some manner of sight-seeing adventure itself.

This sea arch is one of the more famous sights in Cabo, you can see it from miles away and it decorates
pretty much all of the postcards and trinkets you see for sale.

What isn't advertised is that just across the way from the arch are loud, boisterous sea lions!

The last rocky outcroppings as you hit open water.  It felt like you were sailing off the end of the earth.  

After being out for a while and sailing a ways out to sea, it turns out the whales were hanging out back close the
the beach!  This was the closest sighting, it felt like you could almost reach out and touch it.  

But after that first sighting we saw a bunch of 'em, surfacing for air and flopping their tails out of the water.
According to our guide these were in the 30-40 foot range, which I guess isn't very big for these guys but
it seemed goddamn gigantic to me.  

The next day I headed back to the Bay and Chelsea was off to her work meeting, but the trip was a real hoot.