Topsail Island, and the Drive to Get There - July 2016

It's that time of year again, when we go leech off of my mom's beach house for a couple of days.  

As always, took some photos of the countryside and small towns on my way there...


Color detail of a Mexican market.  

Unlike last year, this thing was in our backseat.  Trips to the beach are very different now.  

Surf City pier from our house...we're pretty much right in town...or rather "town."

Like mother like daughter, passed out and covered in sand.  

Nice cloud day.  

Our house.  My Mamaw was probably parked under that umbrella smoking a cigarette as I took this.  

A few shots from the phone...

To quote Wayne's World for the sake of the wife - "Phil, you're partied out man!"  Milk drunk and passed out.