A Long Weekend at Topsail Island - July 2014

Another summer, another trip to a North Carolina beach leaching off of my mom's rental.  

We were on the canal side - the view from the back of the house.  

Chelsea brought her paddleboard and...well, paddled.  

We also invited Chelsea's brother Skyler out from the Bay Area for a little sun and sand.  Except there wasn't much sun the entire time.  

Bees doing bee shit in a plant.  

That's not how you do it, fish.  

The relatives, Mamaw & Mom pose in pink.  

The only time we got to go to the beach for any period of time without getting rained on.  

The Weeks clan came for a visit and this is the only photo I took...looks like Booker T is screwing with Brian, as it should be.  

Hangin' tough.

Siblings, right?

SKyler decided to cannonball into the canal, and I decided to take a photo of it from the wrong side.  

We took a boat ride down to Surf City to go to the fishmonger, took a couple of snaps along the way...  

The "drawbridge" into Surf City, only it doesn't draw up it pivots.  I'm not sure if these have a specific name or not, I'm not a bridgologist.    

That seems like a weird place to park your loader.  

The skies were ominous that day my friend...

A few shots from the phone.

Small town sights on the drive down...this was Warsaw I think.

Also Warsaw.  

And I don't remember where the hell this was.  

This was the house next door and their Barbie-era Corvette.  

Weird plant.  

So many frogs everywhere around our house.

Chelsea and her pal cleavage.  

Well, time to put this trip "behind" us HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  HA.